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The Author’s Personal Hall of Fame Ballot


Owing to the generosity and/or oversight of the BBWAA, the present author — provided he doesn’t make a mess of everything, like his family’s always saying he makes a mess of everything — might very well have a vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame 10 years thence. It will be a privilege, at that time, to have the opportunity not only to (a) help decide which players receive one of the game’s great honors, but also (b) receive pointed threats from every corner of the internet while so doing.

In the meantime, I’d like to share my ballot for a Hall of Fame by which I’ve already been granted voting privileges — namely, my own Personal Hall of Fame.

Here are my votes this year for same, with a focus on ages 7-11:

Sears Wish Book
Provided very strong reading material while staying at my grandparents’ house. Long length. Lots of beds shaped like cars, if I remember correctly.

Junior Mints
Candy of choice when rewarded for behaving myself while grocery shopping with mother at a Concord-area DeMoulas.

My Dog, Cricket
Got from local SPCA shortly after my parents divorced. Very loving, if largely incontinent. Died on Valentine’s Day in 1994. RIP Cricket.

British Knights
Strong shoe. Mother’s boyfriend Kenny bought me a pair in, like, 1989. Woke up no fewer than three times during night just to look at them.

NHL 91 for Sega Genesis
Played season after season, recording stats by hand. Pavel Bure in your face, unwitting Sega Genesis AI.

Image stolen without conscience from flickr user onlynina.