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The Found Poems of Bob Uecker

Today’s edition of The Found Poems comes from WTMJ’s April 20th broadcast of Colorado at Milwaukee. All words courtesy Mr. Bob Uecker.

Robin Yount

Great Brewers shortstop
and center fielder.
A Hall of Famer
who’s listening
to our broadcast tonight,
I know he is.
He and his little
transistor radio,
sitting in the driveway,
locked out again.


Usinger’s Great-Tasting Sausage

Usinger’s and baseball:
it’s just not summer without them.
Or spring. Or fall.
Anytime’s a great time
for Usinger’s sausage.
Zesty Italians, spicy chorizos,
great-tasting Polish
with some of that crisp kraut.
One man out and here is Tyler Colvin.

The Found Poems of Bob Uecker is informed most immediately by the excellent Spoken Word of Ray Hudson at Must Read Soccer.