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The Odd Couples


TV’s latest reality smash pairs modern-day stars of the diamond with their doppelgängers from a bygone era (as determined by Baseball-Reference’s Similarity Scores). Sparks fly and hijinks ensue as these unlikely partners must overcome their off-the-field differences to compete together for prizes galore!

Ichiro Suzuki and Lloyd Waner

What happens when a sheltered Oklahoma farm-boy has to share his space with a cosmopolitan Japanese superstar? Cultures clash and slap-singles fall like rain as “Wizard” and “Little Poison” join forces in a pairing for the ages. Episode 1 finds the two pint-sized dynamos struggling to communicate, but ultimately bonding over the lack of stepladders in the Odd Couples clubhouse.

Roy Halladay and Urban Shocker

The studious and taciturn “Doc” meets his inscrutable match when paired with fellow hurler Shocker, notorious himself for his dugout reserve. Although the pair gets off to a bumpy start when Urban’s well-meaning attempt to teach Roy the art of spitballing meets with chilly disapproval, things soon take a turn for the poignant as the older pitcher is diagnosed with heart disease — and must fall back on his bunkmate for emotional support.

Nyjer Morgan and Buttercup Dickerson

The show’s most unpredictable pairing matches the mercurial “Tony Plush” with his 19th-century counterpart, a hard-drinking Italian with a Napoleon complex and a taste for triples. Tensions flare in Episode 1 when Nyjer’s cat “Slick Willie” sets off Buttercup’s allergies. But once Nyjer introduces his partner to Twitter, all bets are off!

Melky Cabrera and Barry Bonnell

Barry has a Midwesterner’s conservatism and a Mormon’s piety. Melky speaks no English and brings porn stars home. On the surface, these .300-hitting outfielders look like a match made in heck. But when aspiring pilot Barry gets his partner airborne for a tour of his native Ohio, the two forge a connection that transcends language.