The Pete Rose Art Gallery

While I am personally not a fan of Pete Rose and think he has as much business being in the Hall of Fame as does an unassuming cheese curd, there’s no denying his popularity among the Joe Fan types. An outgrowth of that popularity is a truly bizarre menu of photos and artistic renderings.

So come with me, won’t you, as we stroll through the Pete Rose Wing of the Museum of Questionable Aesthetic Decisions …

You’ve heard of “Christ Figures” in cinema? Above we have unassailable proof that Anton Chigurh was a “Pete Figure.”

That’s a tattoo. “Tribal armband? Nah, give me a Charlie Hustle head shot. Oh, and give him corpse lips and set him against a phosphorescent background.”

A dignity-boosting WWE appearance. “Just let the guy in the vinyl suit choke you and then act like you’re trying to remember the safe word.”

The guy who got that tattoo approves.

There are prints the wife won’t let you hang in the living room, and then there are prints the wife won’t let you hang in the garage even if it’s behind the utility shelving and facing the wall.

And finally, the, ahem, (cod) piece de resistance.

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Pete Rose is the bees knees.