The Power and Glory of Baseball Advertising

Ever since “Mad Men” and, more relevantly, those Fred McGriff/Tom Emanski spots nudged their way into the Zeitgeist, I’ve been ruminating at length about baseball’s place in the culture of advertising. And by “ruminating at length about baseball’s place in the culture of advertising,” I mean, “contriving a way to post a couple of YouTube videos that I think are pretty funny.”

Anyhow, how has our beloved sport been best used in the service of selling crap? I would submit that the two spots that follow are examples of the sub-genre of baseball advertising at its most penetrating, its most hauntingly excellent. Come with me, won’t you?

First up, Mark Littell for the “Nutty Buddy” …

Money quote (among many): “You don’t feel it directly in the, uh, testi-cleez.” – Chris Sabo

And next up, Bronson Arroyo for some perhaps still-solvent Ford dealership trapped (shielded?) within the loving arms of greater Cincinnati …

Money quote: “!@#$, would you believe a double?” – Bronson Arroyo

Can these be topped? Your move, readers …

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The Bronson Arroyo commercial is the single best baseball-related commercial ever. It’s given me literally tens of minutes of enjoyment over the years. I submit that it cannot be topped.