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The Return of Cody Ross

With Cody Ross set to return to the San Francisco Giants lineup tonight, it’s a toss up between Giants fans and Aubrey Huff as to who’s more excited.

Upon learning that Ross was ready to make his debut, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Huff texted Ross the following:

Thank God you’re back. I can go back to first base.

After Huff’s adventures in the outfield, I think that’s something we can all get behind. At the same time, what about Brandon Belt, Aubrey? It’s Belt’s birthday, for crying out loud! And what about my Belt-owned fantasy team, Aubrey? So selfish.

In all honesty, I find Ross’s return mostly meaningful because it finally gives me the opportunity to post the photo above, a play on rapper Rick Ross’ “Rise to Power” album cover. A pretty damn good play, too, if I must say so myself, courtesy of the folks at The City Graphics.

Ross’ rise to power in last year’s postseason was something else. From zero to hero. It’s one thing to homer off robot Roy Halladay. But to do it twice, in the NLCS? My word. And that beard. What a beard. I had the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team confirm my suspicions: Even the beard is Boss.

In San Francisco, Ross is Boss. Actually, Ross remains Boss. And the Boss is back.

ADDENDUM: Brandon Belt’s been sent down. Blame the Boss, if you must. I blame Aubrey.