Things Cheaper Than FanGraphs+

Over at the dad’s house, FanGraphs+ 2012 has been being touted as a “steal” or “deal”. The subscription includes over 1,100 player profiles written by the FanGraphs and RotoGraphs contributors, 11 in depth fantasy-themed articles — including the second annual Cistulli-Sarris faceoff, Mike Trout vs. Bryce Harper, and my new best friend “Ottoneu Strategies for Every Setting.” Oh, and it also includes 2-3 weekly articles written by FanGraphs staff for ESPN throughout this year, AND the FanGraphs+ archives from the last two years. Whew. That’s all for $4.99, which may lead you to believe that you would be hard pressed to find anything so awesome for such a small price tag. You’d be believing wrong. I present: Things Cheaper Than FanGraphs+:


This original Kenny Powers cross stitch pattern (PDF format) — Etsy, $4
A collection of miniature baseball caps made in polymer clay — Etsy, $2
Crochet baseball beer cozy pattern — Etsy, $3.50
“We interrupt this marriage for baseball season” digital embroidery machine pattern — Etsy, $4
Baseball and bat magnet – Etsty $1.50


Painted American baseball rock! – Etsy, $4
Boston Terrier wearing a Boston Red Sox hat magnet – Etsy, $4.25

Ephemera & Cards

Vintage baseball boy photo – Etsy, $2.50
Upcycled vintage baseball valentine – Etsy, $4.50
Tony Tiger HOLOGRAM Baseball Card – Ebay, $2.50
Schlitz sponsored Brewers beer coaster – Ebay, $1.49
1978 Unused All-Star Ballot – Ebay, $1
2006 Long Island Ducks pocket schedule – Ebay, $1
1988 Topps Roger Clemens baseball coin

Apparel and Accessories

Strike out Pog earrings – Etsy, $4
Baseball neck tie – Ebay, $4.95
Chicago Cubs fingernail tattoos – Ebay, $3.05
Baseball party hat! – Party City, $1.93

Movies, Music, and Games

Queer Eye for the Red Sox DVD – Ebay, $0.99
Baseball songs with Let’s Talk Puppy Dog – Ebay, $4.75
Major League II mini movie poster (for your cubicle?) – Ebay, $1.15
Tecmo Baseball for NES – Ebay, $1.81
Bo Jackson Baseball for NES – Ebay, $1


Juicy by Jessica Canseco – Ebay, $4
Dominate Your Fantasy Baseball League by David Sabino – Ebay, $3.49
1989 National League Rookies of the Year by Donald Honig – Ebay, $3
Nomo: The Inside Story on Baseball’s Hottest Sensation by Herb Fagen – Amazon, $4.35


Baseball cap for your pet ferret – $1.98 from Amazon Merchants
Christian baseball fish car decal – Ebay, $1.99
Fantasy baseball “playas” refillable lighters – Ebay, $4.95
Baseball million dollar novelty bill – Ebay, $1.25
Astros Suck Urinal Toilet Bowl Sticker – Ebay, $2.99

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Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

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