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Thinking of Yu, on Near-Perfection


Nearly perfect.

Eager to hear from Yu Darvish in the wake of his dalliance with one of the greatest feats in sports, I naturally turned to his official blog, Thoughts of Yu. I was rewarded with this entry, just posted this morning (and helpfully translated by Google):

1 win

Astros game has been able to increase the win without conceding a goal two hits 1/3 1 8 times. It may be some of you know, was a perfect game with one more person. It was a hit in the end, is not so much chagrin “and no walks was good” “They continued three up, three down well so far” as their own. Was funny to see how rising around rather chagrined as I say I’m from a long time ago, one win is also the perfect game one victory. It does not become three wins, to 5 wins. There is no interest so far. I feel that it is said that the last hit is “too early to you” and “please try harder” I was free. It is still more. Support of everyone has become a force. Thank you for your support!

I find Mr. Darvish’s stoicism refreshing, especially in the face of so much disinterest and rising chagrin. But the most notable thing here is his startlingly frank admission that he is “from a long time ago.” Many of us, of course, have long suspected that he was delivered here from some older, nobler time, some age without pretense or irony, in which gods and heroes played freely amongst men. The events of Tuesday night, in my mind, only confirmed this: clearly he could have thrown the perfect game, but at the expense of his hard-won credibility as a mortal of this world. But now that his identity as a cosmic interloper has been laid bare, the obvious question for you, readers, is this: from whence exactly did Yu come — and for what purpose?

Bonus Content: Below is the actual Wikipedia summary of Marwin Gonzalez, dream-crusher and enemy of all things pure, as it appeared late Tuesday night.