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Three Incredibly Rare Error Cards

Earlier today, Patrick Dubuque considered the particular charm of the error card. Here are three notable, and incredibly rare, examples of the genre.

1984 Topps Ron Guidry Card, Featuring Madison Bumgarner
This card of Ron Guidry is most unusual, owing largely to how it was printed five years before Madison Bumgarner was even born.

Error Card Madison Guidry

1991 Donruss Nolan Ryan Card, Covered in Blood
Industry experts believe this Nolan Ryan card, covered in what very much appears to be human blood, was responsible for Donruss losing its share of the market.

Error Card Nolan Blood

1987 Topps Casey Candaele Card, With Sensitive Information
It’s true that Casey Candaele‘s mother never loved him, but Topps wasn’t supposed to print that.

Error Card Casey Mother