Three Photos by the Author’s Actually Talented Wife

There’s no reason to believe — even though it’s true — that the present author has a wife who’s beautiful both in the face part and mind part of her body.

Below are three photos by that same wife-lady from a trip the author and said wife took to a pair of High-A California League games in Lake Elsinore and then Rancho Cucamonga in 2009, I think it was.

All images are both (a) embiggenable via clicking and (b) stolen directly from the aforementioned wife’s very poorly maintained website.



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God bless a woman who uses film (120 at that!), and develops and scans her own! Except for that color image. That’s pretty clean. Might want to clean the lens, dust the scanner, and check that soup!

The top image looks Zeiss-like. Standard lens (75-80mm). Fuji Acros, or Kodak TMAX?