Twitter Mourns the Kid

The forever smile went into the hereafter yesterday. Even with preparation, it was difficult. A picture and then some lamentations for our service today.

@RichSandomir According to his daughter, Gary Carter has died
@HardballTalk Gary Carter’s Hall of Fame induction speech
@BobLeyESPN may we all achieve as much joy from our endeavors as Gary Carter did from his. R.I.P. Kid. Jouons deux a Parc Jarry, ce soir.
@MacTriber_11 RIP Gary Carter “The Kid”. Always with a smile, he represented Les Expos and baseball with class. #RipKid
@MLB The Kid has his moment: Gary Carter’s walk-off homer in @Mets home debut
@edsbs RIP, Gary Carter. My RBI Baseball memories include far too many late game homers by you. Even in 8-bit, you were clutch.
@commnman You probably already know this, but Gary Carter is still the Expos/Nats career leader in WAR. And awesomeness. Sorry, Tim Raines.
@Buster_ESPN The phrase ‘carpe diem’ always applied to Gary Carter. He drew the marrow from life, his whole life.
@jasoncollette Close your eyes and pull up a mental image of Gary Carter right now. He’s smiling in it, isn’t he?
@Montreal_Expos Gary Carter est décédé. The Kid has passed away. Rest in peace. 1954-2012.
@JasonRomano SNY showing Gary Carter’s first home game as a Met. Walk-off HR vs Cards. I faked sick that day in 6th grade so I could watch the game.
@DeadJournalist This is what I’ll always remember Gary Carter for: 19 innings, 19 innings caught.
@JohnCanzanoBFT Bill Gullickson on Gary Carter as an 18-yr old: “Gary gave me a pair of spikes that were two sizes too small… I wore them for two years.”
@DeeJayCar Gary Carter’s 10th inning, two out single in 1986 started the magic for my Mets. He was a class act and a fierce competitor.
@LeeInVan I had a love/hate thing with Gary Carter. Loved him as a kid and he made me a Mets fan. Hated…. well, because he made me a Mets fan #RIP
@DSzymborski Dammit, Gary Carter died.

Thanks to SI Vault for the picture and Gary Carter, for all sorts of things, but mostly the smile.

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That is the creepiest smile I have ever seen.


Is it also the only smile you’ve ever seen? Because ain’t nothing creepy ’bout that.