Video: Brett Lawrie is Probably Superman

Based on the above evidence, I think it’s safe to say that Lawrie is, in fact, Big Blue.

This one comes to us via the fine, hard-working Canadian folks at theScore’s Getting Blanked, and I love it for a number of reasons:

1. The camera angle is perfect. I mean, just perfect. Watching Ron Gardenhire watch it all go so wrong is so very pleasing.
2. This is what deserves to happen when you try to bunt in a run. God is great, sometimes.
3. It has everything to do with the Toronto Blue Jays, which means I had no choice, really, but to post it. Sorry, Chairman Cistulli.
4. It’s a pleasant reminder that the days of watching Edwin Encarnacion at the hot corner are long gone, never to return. Brett Lawrie is very, very good. (And only 22!) Not many guys make that play. Seriously, just imagine how Enarnacion — God love him — would have butchered that play.

H/Ts: @BlueJaysChirps, for putting the video together. And follow @GettingBlanked. Do it. Please?

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Before Lawrie was Canadian Superman, my man Tadahito Iguchi was Japanese Superman.