Walking Around Nápoles

I was stuck for an idea. I’ve got a folder on my desktop called NotGraphs Stuff, with a bunch of half-finished/half-arsed ideas that may or may not end up being used now that NotGraphs is in the Baseball Internet Hospice, but nothing in that folder was really jumping out at me, wanting to be done. So I went for a drink in my neighbourhood. Had a couple of beers, then went to another place and had tacos and more beer. Then it struck me: do a post about this Mexico City neighbourhood and its incredibly-tenuous link to your Major League Baseball. So that’s what I did.

My neighbourhood has lots of streets named after American places. So I took some photos and played a game. A game that plays out in the following 33 minutes of audio.

I took photos of nearly all of the places mentioned in the audio. First there’s a map of my route, starting in the southwest. Every street corner marked on the map has a photo to go with it. There’s a couple I forgot to take photos of, so I screengrabbed images of those intersections from Google Street View.















Below is a photo in which you can just about see a silhouette of the knife sharpening guy mentioned in the audio


And if you started listening to the audio, realised you couldn’t be bothered to waste half an hour on it, and just wanna know the W-L records of the teams that played, here you go:

Arizona 4-0
Boston 3-1
Chicago N 1-0
Chicago A 1-0
Cleveland 1-0
Texas 1-1
New York A 1-2
Philadelphia 1-2
Atlanta 0-1
Baltimore 0-1
Cincinnati 0-1
Minnesota 0-1
New York N 0-1
Miami 0-2

And, finally, here’s a link to Google Maps if you wanna have a closer look at the neighbourhood.

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Craig, this is terrific. Can you please start narrating things for NotGraphs in your dry, monotone british accent? Let’s start with this: A verbatim account of love-making in the Cistulli household.

“As a man of questionable moral fiber and an unquestionable lack of muscle fiber, I will now insert my slightly below average (in both length and girth) penis into you, my loving wife.”

“I am now thrusting. Thrust number three was almost at replacement level. And pleasure is being had. Please reciprocate thrusts and corresponding wheezes. We shall both wheeze as only fat children with asthma can wheeze, my loving wife.”

“Completion, my loving wife.”

“tap tap tap tap tap, I am now checking my email. I have received 3 emails, my loving wife”

“Upon further reflection, if it is below average in both length and girth, would that make it well below average in total volume? <> … Dave Cameron is good at math, I will ask him.”

You should be able to reuse most of the sound effects to denote the passing of time.

AC of DC

Your relentless cruelty in the face of this tragedy has made it all a little easier to bear.


..and I am doing it under my real name on an uneditable messageboard. I think this, more than anything, shows my dedication to the cause.

I did however accidentally like a post on cistulli’s blog and I cannot figure out how to unlike it. Which, I would like him to know, isn’t an endorsement of him as a person, but rather an endorsement of me as a better person.

I believe it was Nietzsche who offered up the following advice, “Beware that, when fighting MONSTERS, you yourself do not become a MONSTER. yadda yadda FOR WHEN YOU GAZE INTO THE ABYSS, THE ABYSS GAZES INTO YOU”

Translated to French, Ukranian, Cebuano, then Korean
Translated to French, Ukranian, Cebuano, then Korean

“Doubt the moral fiber of the muscle fibers and the lack of notable people, and now your in my small (length and width), on average, have a complex under my love.”

“I am. Place by pressing it three times. Pushing, and fun., And that it might be seven axes. Asthma among children in our province and one thousand people, wheeze, my beloved wife.”

“The completion of my beloved wife.”

“Tab tab tab tab tab, check my e-mail you, I have three letters, my dear wife,” he said.

It is the height and width, but also the cause of less than average total cost is less than average? “After careful consideration, , Dave Cameron is good in math, I ask him.”