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“We Have Players!”


The Royals announced their 2013 slogan on Monday: “Come to Play.” Inspiring. SB Nation has a post that collects some of the most ridiculous slogans over the past 15 years. “Come to Play” was also used by the 2004 Rangers, who actually didn’t play so badly. The historically bad ’03 Tigers: “We Come to Play.” Okay then. The 2002 Orioles: “Give us an O!” The 2001 Brewers: “It’s All Here Under One Roof.”

Made me want to try and invent some of my own. Add yours in the comments and we’ll vote on the best later in the week!

“We Have Players!”

“There Will Be Games!”

“Here Is A Field.”

“Come on, There’s Food Here.”

“The Time May Be Coming.”

“Playing A Sport.”

“Baseball– It’s A Thing!”

“Catch A Virus.”


“You Could Use A Plastic Seat.”

“Our Vendors Sell Beer.”

“This Is Our Exclusive Television Region.”

“Where People Get Older.”

“Being Here Is Possible.”

“The Weather Is Something.”

“New Day. New Game. New Coke.”

“Insert Us Into Yourselves.”

“This Is The Time The Game Is Scheduled To Start.”

“We’re Trying!”

“Watch Us. If You Want.”