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Weekend Wrap: Chen/Blackley Morph, Braun, Pagan

Here I go again, doting on some things from the weekend:

1. GIF-Morph: Travis Blackley & Wei-Yin Chen
2. Ryan Braun Gives Up
3. Ángel Pagán Makes Great Catch on Ball Thrown Back by Fan?


GIF-Morph: Travis Blackley & Wei-Yin Chen

Yesterday, the Orioles’ Wei-Yin Chen and the Athletics’ Travis Blackley — both southpaws — squared off in Baltimore. PitchFx suggests (see links above) that they are very different pitchers in terms of repertoire, pitch movement, and even release point. The GIF below, however, provides an at least anecdotal kinship.

Ryan Braun Concedes

Ryan Braun scored a run yesterday, then he gave up. “I’m done,” said Braun. “I have finished scoring this run, and now I will walk back to the dugout, ok? Is that ok with you?”

It was ok with Brewers fans, but not ok enough, as they went on to lose to the Nationals, 11-10, in eleven innings.


Ángel Pagán Makes Great Catch on Ball Thrown Back by Fan?

What are the possible narratives to explain this image? I did not watch this game, nor did I see any corresponding “highlight” video, so I don’t know what actually happened, and I’m not so sure that I’m interested in what actually happened, as it’s surely not as exciting as any number of explanations we could come up with using our well-exercised baseball imaginations. Feel free to brainstorm in the comments.

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