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Win a Date With C.J. Wilson!

Swoon.  C.J. Wilson is a free agent, and although not the prettiest girl at the dance (figuratively of course!) he is sure to have his fair share of sugar daddies vying for his services.  Where’s he going to end up? Straight from the (work)horse’s mouth, in an interview with ESPN Dallas last week:

“At some point you need to be made to feel special. If you have a wife or a girlfriend – or both, some people like to party – and you don’t make them feel special, eventually they feel neglected and they feel left out and like they’re not part of the party. So Texas is going to have their chance to do that obviously after the World Series is over, and we’ll go from there.”

Okay, so he needs to feel it.  I dig – I mean, who doesn’t want to feel special?  Who doesn’t want to party?!  Now, if only there was a video of some sort where C.J. Wilson talks about his perfect suitor.  If only…

Cut to some Yankee’s intern getting sent to the New York public library to find out everything he can about film noir. “Did you know that The Killers is an adaptation of a Hemingway short story?  Isn’t Chinatown great?  What do you think of the Coens’ work is more a tribute or a challenge to the form?”

The Bachelor, starring C.J. Wilson, Monday’s at 8, on NBC.