Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage: Puig’s First Official Home Run

Puig Flip 2 real

Celebrated Dodgers prospect Yasiel Puig has, like 15 minutes ago, officially hit his first official major-league home run. Because many of his previous home runs have been accompanied by what late New Yorker editor William Shakespeare would have described as “dramatic flourish,” the prospect of Puig’s first major-league home run has served as a matter of some interest.

Indeed, there’s little drama here. So far as the author can detect, there’s a suggestion of flip — much in the way that there’s a suggestion of red fruit in this delicious Malbec right here — although it’s also the case that Puig’s swing generally possesses recoil like this.

Are we disappointed? Perhaps. But not nearly as much as we’ll one day be in our children. Or in our children’s children. Or (especially) in our children’s children’s children.

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