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  • Wilson Ramos Is Home. Now What?
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 11/17/2011 -  39
    It's been a week since Wilson Ramos was kidnapped and rescued, in what was one of the most shocking baseball stories in a long time. In a certain sense, the Wilson Ramos kidnapping

  • Alex Chamberlain's 10 Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 3/18/2015 -  16
    is expected to miss the first month of the season, so Betances needs to wring the value out of Jansen's absence. 8. C.J. Wilson finds the strike zone Andrew Heaney produces more value than C.J. Wilson

  • Revisiting Alex Chamberlain's Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/7/2015 -  5
    of appearances for a relief man. Probability: 10% 8. Andrew Heaney produces more value than C.J. Wilson. Aside from a couple of brilliant starts in June, Wilson has been his typical

  • Checking In on Alex Chamberlain's Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/5/2016 -  5
    -- man, sometimes I wish I hadn't. Enough talk. Let's dig in. 1) Nicholas Tropeano, Tyler Skaggs and Matt Shoemaker generate more value than Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson and Hector Santiago

  • Reviewing Alex Chamberlain's 2015 Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/6/2015 -  11
    . Andrew Heaney produces more value than C.J. Wilson. I'll be honest, I thought I may have gotten this one right. Wilson ultimately had the playing time advantage over Heaney, and Heaney's first-half

  • Reviewing Alex Chamberlain's 2016 Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/4/2016 -  5
    , "Alex, you don't know how [to] use [brackets]." Pffffft, whatever, Justin. I would say I'm proud of these predictions, but honestly, I barely remember half of them. There are three I remember

  • Alex Chamberlain's 10 Bold Predictions for 2016
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 3/21/2016 -  22
    I won't bore you with introduction. You know how this works. 1) Nicholas Tropeano, Tyler Skaggs and Matt Shoemaker generate more value than Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson and Hector Santiago. My

  • Wilson Ramos and Alex Presley: Waiver Wire Help
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 7/20/2011 -  7
    at this point in time.  Here's a pair of guys that just might fit that description. Wilson Ramos |C|  Ownership:  ESPN - 12.4%   Yahoo - 14.0% While a guy like Yadier Molina is owned in more than

  • Fastball Velocity and Its Effect on Hitters
    in Community by Duncan Wilson - 1/19/2018 -  3

  • C.J. Wilson: Starting Pitcher
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 4/9/2010 -  4
    C.J. Wilson's debut as a starting pitcher against Toronto yesterday could not have gone much better. Wilson threw 7 shutout innings, only allowing 5 hits, while striking out a remarkable 9 batters

  • The Daily Grind: Fiers, Wright, Wilson
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 5/27/2015 -  9
    Agenda The Rake Daily DFS - Fiers, Collmenter GB / FB Splits Tomorrow's Targets - Wright, Wilson, Moreland, Burns Factor Grid 1. The Rake Let's continue talking about the future

  • Why Are the Yankees Cheap: Savvy or Remorse?
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 1/5/2012 -  90
    sent clear signs that they weren't interested in the prizes of this free agent market: Yu Darvish, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. Pujols and Fielder make sense, as the Yankees are set

  • Angels' Playing Time Battles: Pitchers
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 2/1/2016 -  8
    . Weaver would be an expensive reliever, but he will likely be more valuable (read: less detrimental) to the team in short bursts out of the bullpen. C.J. Wilson has thrown the lowest percentage

  • The Case for Alex Avila
    in Community by WAR Enthusiast - 11/17/2016 -  0
    and an injured Wilson Ramos. After that, you hear rumblings of the Athletics dangling Stephen Vogt and another exercise in how teams value pitch-framing with Jason Castro. There is a player, however, I feel

  • Predicted 2019 NFBC ADP
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/16/2018 -  17
    Scherzer 12 12.94 Bryce Harper 13 14.99 Paul Goldschmidt 14 18.09 Giancarlo Stanton 15 20.80 Clayton Kershaw 16 20.82 Freddie Freeman 17 21.45 Alex Bregman

  • Cubs Win Justin Wilson Bidding War
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 7/31/2017 -  35
    While Zach Britton is the big name, and Brad Hand has been priced like an even bigger name, Justin Wilson might have actually been the most sought after reliever on the market this week. Basically

  • 2019 xADP, New and Improved
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 11/19/2018 -  29
    Stanton 14 15 Clayton Kershaw 15 14 Charlie Blackmon 16 17 Chris Sale 17 18 Alex Bregman 18 20 Freddie Freeman 19 16 Corey Kluber 20 19 Jacob deGrom 21

  • Worst of the Worst
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 10/21/2010 -  35
    in 2006 and 2007, six were out of the majors in 2010: Jermaine Dye, Ray Durham, Craig Biggio, Angel Berroa, Preston Wilson, and Shawn Green. And Jason Kendall's career surely isn't long for the world

  • Dr. Lewis Yocum, 1947-2013
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 5/29/2013 -  5
    Morales, Ted Lilly, Robb Nen, John Lackey, Randy Wolf, C.J. Wilson, Francisco Liriano, Billy Wagner, Joakim Soria, Jake Westbrook, Cal Eldred, Scott Erickson, Daniel Hudson Others: Chris Narveson, Cory

  • Seven Consistent xFIP Improvers
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 6/24/2015 -  12
    asset should net him a strong ret-- huh? What's that? Oh, never mind. C.J. Wilson, LAA April / May / June: 4.65 / 3.85 / 2.88 ESPN / Yahoo!: 61.4% / 56% As an Angels fan, Wilson's remarkable

  • Alex Rodriguez: Mass Murderer
    in NotGraphs by Mike Bates - 7/24/2013 -  12
    I assume the one-armed man is Johnny Damon. According to Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, Alex Rodriguez “is the Whitey Bulger of baseball, the most wanted criminal in the game’s history

  • Reflecting on Alex Avila
    in RotoGraphs by Scott Spratt - 2/1/2018 -  0
    A quiet January of free agency came to a close when Alex Avila reportedly agreed to a deal to join the Diamondbacks on Tuesday. Avila is not enough to ease the pain D-Backs fans will feel

  • The #2Early Mock Draft: One Man's Review
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 11/15/2016 -  16
    bench; otherwise standard format. Snake draft. Team Alex Chamberlain landed the No. 10 slot. 1.10 Max Scherzer SP #2 I don't think I'd ever take a pitcher not named Clayton Kershaw in the first round

  • The #2Early Mock Draft: Reaches and Steals
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 11/17/2016 -  14
    . Catcher Reaches: Salvador Perez (6th), Wilson Ramos (5th) Steals: Evan Gattis (8th), Devin Mesoraco (22nd) I didn't own any shares of Gattis, nor did I watch much Houston Astros baseball, so

  • Jose Bautista and the Meaning of the Word "Fluke"
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 9/23/2010 -  59
    , including Maris's 61, Bonds's 73, Adrian Beltre's 48, and Hack Williams Wilson's 56. Many of these flukes occurred during the Steroid Era, and in retrospect the word "fluke" seems misguided. But many

  • Why the Pirates Always Limp to the Finish
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 9/20/2012 -  39
    , getting rid of Aramis Ramirez and Brian Giles in 2003, Kris Benson in 2004, Oliver Perez in 2006, Jason Bay and Xavier Nady in 2008, Ian Snell and Jack Wilson and Adam LaRoche and Nate McLouth

  • 2015 Visualized: Catchers
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/19/2015 -  5
    and Wilson Ramos probably shouldn't count -- they combined for 36 home runs -- but both their plate disciplines are atrocious, with sub-5% walk rates and, thus, sub-.300 on-base percentages (OBPs). I'd

  • David Wright: Greatest Met Ever?
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 4/26/2012 -  113
    . This excludes likeable role players like Mookie Wilson and Steady Eddie Kranepool, as well as superstars who just passed through, like Gary Carter and Eddie Murray. Those eight players, and their stats

  • Stolen Base Streamers: April 16-19
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 4/15/2015 -  7
    Harper and Michael Taylor at your own risk. Same game, different spectrum: Doug Fister is stingy with baserunners, and Wilson Ramos has an above-average CS%. It's not that you were considering

  • Birchwood Derby Midseason Re-Draft Recap
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/14/2015 -  13
    been picked and I'm left to dig through the scrap heap. Rosario simply doesn't see enough playing time to make him relevant, let alone productive. Why I didn't pick Yadier Molina (197th) or Wilson Ramos

  • Midseason Review of Alex Chamberlain's Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/17/2018 -  4
    olson hype post not the other way around— Alex Chamberlain (@DolphHauldhagen) July 11, 2018 The Matts at roughly the same number of career games and plate appearances

  • Alex Chamberlain's 10 Bold Predictions for 2017
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 3/21/2017 -  7
    keeping score at home: five predictions apiece for hitters and pitchers, in alternating order. 1) Alex Dickerson is a top-30 outfielder. Original post from September. The premise is simple: keep

  • Alex Liddi and the Greatest European Players Ever
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 5/24/2012 -  85
    Yesterday, Alex Liddi hit a grand slam, which the AP noted was "the first major league grand slam by an Italian-born player in half-century." That actually understates the true rarity of Liddi's

  • Meet Alex Dickerson, Early 2017 Sleeper
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 9/20/2016 -  5
    I'm an Alex Dickerson fan, but I don't know if anyone else is. He at least appears to have gone largely without fanfare thus far, as evidenced by his lowly ownership rates (4.7 percent at ESPN, 5

  • Alex Chamberlain's 2017 Bold Predictions - A Review
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/4/2017 -  11
    July before finally reaching a verdict. I don't remember half the predictions and I honestly have no idea how I'll do until I reach the end. 1) Alex Dickerson is a top-30 outfielder. (Midseason

  • Alex Chamberlain's Five Bold Predictions for 2018
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 4/10/2018 -  6
    prediction) well before the season started: hard-hitting investigative journalism while i think about how matt chapman might have a better year than matt olson— Alex Chamberlain

  • Alex Chamberlain's 2018 Bold Predictions - A Review
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 10/17/2018 -  7
    . (Think Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig, Yu Darvish, Kenta Maeda, Hyun-jin Ryu, Jose Abreu, Yuli Gurriel, Jung-ho Kang... I'm sure I'm missing a couple. Only Alex Guerrero and Byung-ho Park come to mind

  • Jack Hannahan and Wilson Betemit as Stopgap Measures at Third Base
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 5/7/2011 -  7
    Third base has just been a minefield of excrement recently. Yes, I said excrement. Jose Bautista has a bum neck, Ryan Zimmerman is out for another 6 weeks, Alex Rodriguez is on again off again

  • Wilson On the Move?
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 12/17/2008 -  7
    Jack Wilson of the Pittsburgh Pirates has been linked to numerous teams this offseason. It seemed for a bit as though a deal shipping him to the Tigers had been completed. Reports then surfaced

  • Alex Chamberlain's 10 Bold Predictions (Mid-Season Review)
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/7/2017 -  8
    not sure they've held up spiritually, either. Here goes: 1) Alex Dickerson is a top-30 outfielder. Pre-injury, and definitely pre-season-ending surgery. This prediction is kaput. I'll

  • Waiver Wire: Ryan Hanigan and Alex Avila
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/10/2011 -  10
    Hanigan and Alex Avila fit the mold perfectly, as both have low ownership rates despite their strong starts. It's only been one week, but let's take a look at how these players should perform going

  • Projecting Alex Jackson, Max Povse and Rob Whalen
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/29/2016 -  2
    in the majors and includes said player's Baseball America's ranking as a variable. ***** Alex Jackson, RF, Atlanta Jackson has struggled to make contact ever since the Mariners popped him sixth

  • Dallas Braden Attacks Alex Rodriguez Again. Is Baseball's "Code" Really Still Relevant?
    in FanGraphs by Alex Remington - 5/6/2010 -  114
    Every time Alex Rodriguez does anything -- poses in Details Magazine, slaps a ball out of a glove, shouts to distract a fielder from a pop-up, admits to taking banned drugs, runs across the pitcher's

  • Brian Wilson's Fantastic Offseason
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 3/26/2010 -  25
    On January 30 of this year Brian Wilson and the Giants came to an agreement on a one year deal for $4.4 million to avoid Wilson's first year of arbitration. Based on our standard expectation

  • CJ Wilson Is a Pranking Fool
    in NotGraphs by Eno Sarris - 3/20/2012 -  2
    Somehow this one slipped between the cracks -- C.J. Wilson pranked Mike Napoli... by putting the catcher's phone number on twitter. He wasn't particularly contrite about it afterwards either

  • C.J. Wilson the Starter
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 7/13/2010 -  0
    After enjoying a career year pitching out of the 'pen for the Rangers in 2009, C.J. Wilson was shifted to the starting rotation this past spring. Prior to April 8th, 2010, the 29-year-old hadn't

  • Daily Notes: Regarding Alex Wood's Resume, Thus Far
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 8/10/2013 -  18
    Table of Contents Here's the table of contents for today's edition of the Daily Notes. 1. Regarding Alex Wood's Resume, Thus Far 2. Today’s MLB.TV Free Game 3. Today's Complete Schedule

  • C.J. Wilson: Starting Pitcher?
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 3/19/2010 -  9
    The Texas Rangers are considering moving reliever C.J. Wilson into their starting rotation, and he has done nothing but impress them this spring. Of course, one shouldn't put undue (i.e., any) weight

  • Trade Me C.J. Wilson
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/10/2012 -  26
    Just four short days ago, Jeff Zimmerman inspired anger and vitriol from the loyal readers of this blog by suggesting that it was time to sell C.J. Wilson. Well, I am nothing if not a man

  • I Am Not Brian Wilson
    in NotGraphs by Bradley Woodrum - 6/4/2012 -  6
    chanting: "Brian. Wilson." Clapclap, clapclapclap. This is why: But I am not, in fact, Brian Wilson, though my face proteins may resemble his. Let us examine the differences: 1) Though

  • Remembering Jack Wilson
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 9/26/2012 -  15
    Likely waiting tastefully until the Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrations were in the rear view mirror, longtime Pittsburgh (and short-time Seattle and Atlanta) shortstop Jack Wilson, who was released

  • Brian Wilson's Two-Seamer
    in FanGraphs by Dave Allen - 7/14/2011 -  20
    Early in the season Eno Sarris introduced us to Brian Wilson's flithy two-seam fastball, a pitch Wilson claims to have added this year. Sarris's GIF showed Jamey Carroll flailing wildly at Wilson's

  • Brian Wilson Gets to Hit
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 9/13/2010 -  16
    To the best of my knowledge, nobody has appointed me as president of label assignments, but I think calling Brian Wilson a great reliever is a worthwhile argument. He holds a 3.04 FIP over his

  • Win a Date With C.J. Wilson!
    in NotGraphs by Cody Wiewandt - 10/31/2011 -  3
    Swoon.  C.J. Wilson is a free agent, and although not the prettiest girl at the dance (figuratively of course!) he is sure to have his fair share of sugar daddies vying for his services.  Where's

  • Take My C.J. Wilson
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 7/6/2012 -  48
    C.J. Wilson was paid $77.5M this off season to come in and be a front line starter for the Angels. With Jered Weaver and Dan Haren already on the team, he wasn't going to be the only ace of the staff

  • C.J. Wilson Rebounds
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 12/31/2013 -  1
    C.J. Wilson put together an altogether terrific 2011 season, even garnering a good deal of votes for the Cy Young award that year. He posted a 2.94 ERA with 16 wins and a 23% strikeout rate

  • The NotGraphs Roast of Brian Wilson
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 10/4/2013 -  13
    I'd like to thank you all for attending this roast of the man of the hour, Brian Wilson. This, of course, is not the Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys -- the drug-addled man child who famously spent

  • Wilson Betemit Goes to Detroit
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/20/2011 -  54
    Though they currently lead the wide-open AL Central by just a half game, the Detroit Tigers showed Wednesday that they aren't willing to stand pat by acquiring Wilson Betemit from the Kansas City

  • Negative Differences in K-BB% with Men on Base: Alex Cobb
    in RotoGraphs by Nicholas Minnix - 7/24/2014 -  21
    -BB% TBF HR/9 K% BB% K-BB% Alex Cobb 225 0.68 26.2% 5.8% 20.4% 148 1.25 14.2% 8.8% 5.4% -15.0% Marco Estrada 314 1.95 22.9% 6.7% 16.2% 168 2.41 13.7% 10.1% 3.6

  • Wilson Ramos Progressing at the Plate
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 5/24/2011 -  6
    Entering the 2011 season, Wilson Ramos had three main obstacles standing between him and the Washington Nationals' starting catcher job. One was Ivan Rodriguez. Though Pudge hasn't possessed

  • Replacing Wilson Ramos
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 5/15/2012 -  17
    Talk about your run of bad luck... Wilson Ramos signs with the Twins, forever to be blocked from a starting gig with Joe Mauer already in-house.  He gets traded to the Nationals who then decide

  • Playing Roulette with Wilson Ramos
    in RotoGraphs by Nicholas Minnix - 10/9/2014 -  9
    Wilson Ramos did enough in 2014 to tease fantasy baseball players again. He batted .267/.299/.399, with 11 home runs, in 361 plate appearances (88 games). He missed time, of course, wasting little

  • Wilson Ramos Disappoints
    in RotoGraphs by Steven Shumansky - 10/22/2015 -  2
    Frankly, the best thing we can say about Wilson Ramo’s 2015 season is that he stayed healthy and managed over 500 PAs. He ended the season with a .231/.260/.360 line with 16 doubles and 15 home runs

  • Alex Gordon is...
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 8/27/2012 -  9
    It's like a mad lib! Alex Gordon is... sexy? Misunderstood? Pretty good with a chance of more? Not as good as last year? Better than this year? Let's try something else. Let's try to answer

  • Your Move, Brian Wilson's Beard
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 4/19/2011 -  9
    Yeah, Brian Wilson's two-seamer (featured below!) is impressive enough, and I can forgive his reluctance to brawl with randomly outraged A's fans. What I shall not abide is if Mr. Wilson and his

  • The ALEX RIOShootthat'sagiantpastramisandwich
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 5/21/2014 -  10
    and will not collapse under the weight of their fans. I propose a few new Rangers-player-themed concessions to add to the menu: 1. The ALEX RIOShootthat'sagiantpastramisandwich, a two-foot-long pastrami sandwich

  • On the Unintended Consequences of Hack Wilson's Gut
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 9/30/2013 -  9
    I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Mickey Kefauver's forthcoming biography of Hack Wilson, The Aching Beauty of an American Sot. Kefauver's work contains multitudes, and among those

  • Justin Wilson's Old New Pitch
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 7/28/2017 -  1
    Justin Wilson used to throw more than a modicum of curveballs, but that was when he was a starter. The Detroit Tigers closer largely shelved the pitch a few years ago, as it had been serving

  • Brian Wilson's Cavalcade of Sex Metaphors
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 1/31/2011 -  2
    Internet computers everywhere are no doubt aware of Brian Wilson's championship appearance on something called "Lopez Tonight," but we'd be remiss if we didn't post it anyway. As you'll soon see

  • Is Phil Coke The Next C.J. Wilson?
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Axisa - 2/10/2011 -  21
    The Rangers made a pretty bold move last year when they moved long-time reliever and sometimes closer C.J. Wilson into the rotation, and he rewarded them with 4.4 WAR season and four pretty good

  • Why I'm Down on C.J. Wilson
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 3/31/2012 -  49
    was C.J. Wilson landing in the third tier, ranking 16th among all AL starters. This ranking was behind guys like Brandon Morrow, Colby Lewis and Max Scherzer, who it is likely that the vast majority

  • For C.J. Wilson, Regarding His Dilemma
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 4/28/2011 -  5
    Texas Ranger starter C.J. Wilson suggested today via Twitter not only that (a) he's occasionally frustrated by the questions he's asked by reporters but that (b) he'd entertain the possibility

  • Who Might Replace Brian Wilson?
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Axisa - 5/1/2010 -  4
    happened to closer to Brian Wilson as well. Romo recorded two quick outs before giving up a double to Melvin Mora, then was replaced by Jeremy Affeldt who got the lefty swinging Seth Smith to ground

  • Cabrera, Wilson and Schafer: Mining the Minors
    in RotoGraphs by Jason Catania - 6/28/2012 -  2
    12-team leagues Justin Wilson, Pirates SP TALENT: 6 OPPORTUNITY: 8 DOB: 8/18/1987 CURRENT LEVEL: Triple-A MILB STATS: 6-4 W-L, 3.57 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 7 HRs, 89:40 K:BB over 85.2 IPs ON 40-MAN

  • Michael Lorenzen Is the New Brian Wilson
    in Community by The Kudzu Kid - 11/29/2016 -  2
    , and that was the way-ahead-of-his-time Brian Wilson.  He and the Giants rode his slider and fastball and beard to the World Series a few times, if I recall correctly. In 2016, however, the even-year nonsense

  • Phillies Catch an Upgrade in Wilson Ramos
    in FanGraphs by Jay Jaffe - 7/31/2018 -  18
    Weeks ago, Wilson Ramos appeared to be the ideal trade target for the catching-deficient Nationals given his previous experience with the team (2010-16) and their current Replacement-Level Killer

  • Wilson Ramos’ Power Seems to Be Returning
    in RotoGraphs by Nicholas Minnix - 8/19/2014 -  3
    Perhaps, more accurately, Wilson Ramos’ brand of power is returning. The Washington Nationals’ backstop has slashed .333/.347/.563, with three home runs and two doubles for a .229 ISO, in 49 plate

  • Wilson Ramos Heads to The Big Apple
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/19/2018 -  1
    Yesterday, Wilson Ramos officially signed a two-year contract with the Mets, marking the end of the "Travis d'Arnaud, breakout candidate" hopes. Ramos will now join his third team in two seasons

  • Wilson Ramos' Home Run Surge
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 10/15/2013 -  14
    He didn't accumulate enough plate appearances to qualify for the end of season rankings, but Wilson Ramos still finished 16th in overall fantasy value according to CBS, despite just 287 at-bats

  • Wilson Ramos and the Prejudice of Injury Expectations
    in RotoGraphs by Karl de Vries - 3/27/2014 -  18
    One might think, given the value of 20 home runs in fantasy -- from a catcher, no less -- that Wilson Ramos would be a man in demand. After all, he put up 16 dingers last year, good for 10th among

  • Why Did C.J. Wilson Sign for Cheap?
    in FanGraphs by Jesse Wolfersberger - 12/8/2011 -  59
    Thursday morning C.J. Wilson, the consensus top free agent starting pitcher, signed a five-year, $77.5 million contract with the Angels. His new contract has an average annual value of $15.5 million

  • What if Russell Wilson had Stuck with Baseball?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/20/2015 -  29
    Four weeks after he hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy at MetLife Staduim in February of 2014, Russell Wilson reported to Surprise Arizona to participate in spring training with the Texas Rangers

  • C.J. Wilson, Mark Buehrle, and The Manic Marlins
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 12/7/2011 -  21
    As of this writing  -- and the way news is breaking right now, this could be outdated in anywhere from twelve hours to twelve seconds -- the market for C.J. Wilson still stands at two teams