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  • Quick Looks: Peters & Junis
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 9/8/2017 -  1
    Dillon Peters • The 24-year-old, 5’9 lefty throws straight to home (no weird angles) from ¾ arm slot. I watched his last start from September 6th when he faced the Nationals. • Fastball: 88-92

  • Chris Cwik SuperChat - 12/22/11
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/22/2011 -  2
    Chris Cwik SuperChat

  • Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat - 8/17/11
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/17/2011 -  5
    Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat

  • Chris Cwik Winter Meetings Chat
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/6/2011 -  0
    Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat

  • The Chris Sale Conundrum
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/11/2011 -  44
    as both Bronson Arroyo and Chris Narveson. Even if Sale manages a season like Feliz's, he may produce the same value as a league average starter. Although Sale has experience as a starter

  • Chris Archer Conquers Lefties
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/17/2014 -  3
    Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer lived up to expectations in 2014. While Archer's performance during his rookie season was strong, there were still some questions about his ability moving forward

  • Chris Tillman: Sleeper
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/21/2013 -  11
    Chris Tillman is going to be a very popular pick at the end of most drafts this season. Every year, there are a couple of guys that get touted all offseason, causing other owners to make a fuss when

  • Chris Cwik: RotoGraphs Chat
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/19/2011 -  0

  • Chris Cwik RotoGraphs Chat
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/27/2012 -  1

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Chris Sale Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/7/2016 -  4
    The Red Sox acquired a second pitcher on Tuesday following their trade for reliever Tyler Thornburg -- in this case, receiving talented left-handed starter Chris Sale from the White Sox in exchange

  • Chris Cwik's Bold Predictions for 2014
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/12/2014 -  19

  • Chris Archer & Danny Hultzen: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/18/2013 -  3
    to consider adding Chris Archer and Danny Hultzen. Player Position Team CBSSports Yahoo ESPN Chris Archer Starting Pitcher Tampa Bay Rays 16% 2% 0% Owners should know

  • Chris Sale: More Than Just a Slider
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/19/2013 -  1
    Chris Sale was far from a polished pitcher by the time he was drafted by the White Sox. Armed with two above-average pitches, some analysts believed he was bound for the bullpen. But in his brief

  • Chris Cwik's 10 Bold Predictions For the 2013 Fantasy Season
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/27/2013 -  16

  • Chris Burke
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/15/2008 -  11
    On Friday, the Arizona Diamondbacks decided not to tender an offer of arbitration to Chris Burke. After coming over from the Astros in the Jose Valverde trade, Burke was a massive disappointment

  • Chris Davis is Not on Steroids
    in NotGraphs by Navin Vaswani - 7/1/2013 -  14
    @MichiganMagic1 No— Chris Davis (@ChrisDavis_19) June 30, 2013 When he's not quoting the Bible, Chris Davis takes time on Twitter to answer those who've been watching his incredible

  • Chris Heisey is Comparable to the 2009 Chris Heisey
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 5/16/2014 -  3
    Chris Heisey made his big-league debut with the Cincinnati Reds in 2010. A year earlier he put up a .900 OPS with 22 home runs and 21 stolen bases between Double-A and Triple-A. Following his break

  • FanGraphs Chat - 1/17/11
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/17/2011 -  6
    Chris Cwik and Zach Sanders are co-hosting a chat today, so bring either MLB or fantasy related questions to the party. FanGraphs Chat

  • Poor Chris Snyder
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 2/19/2013 -  9
    Chris Snyder who suffered an injury that can be considered "unfortunate."   You know what hurts? Getting a shot to the giggle beans. You know what really hurts? Getting hit in the giggle

  • The Two Faces of Chris Archer
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 12/10/2012 -  1
    Opinions™ on the matter. I feel no need to offer more of these, but I do feel a need to talk about Chris Archer's face. With the subtraction of James Shields and Wade Davis from the Rays’ rotation

  • Chris Sale and a Dominant June
    in Community by Stats All Folks - 7/11/2015 -  1
    Now that Chris Sale’s historic strikeout streak has ended, it seems an appropriate time to marvel at the dominance Sale has shown. Over an eight-game stretch from May 23 through June 30, Sale had

  • Chris Youngs and Occupying Extremes
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/6/2012 -  7
    are interesting. There are two Chris Youngs in baseball, and they're independent of one another, linked only by profession and coincidence. Still, it's fun to compare them on account of their names

  • FanGraphs Chat - 12/28/10
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/28/2010 -  1
    Chris Cwik will swing by at 3:00 pm eastern time for his inaugural chat here on FanGraphs. Come meet the new guy and talk baseball for an hour or so. FanGraphs Chat

  • Daily Graphing - Chris Carpenter
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 12/10/2005 -  0
    Today my faith in the Baseball Writers' Association of America was restored after they voted to give Chris Carpenter his first Cy Young award. Despite Dontrelle Willis' MLB high 22 wins

  • Mustache Watch: Chris Iannetta
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 4/1/2011 -  14
    . In this inaugural (and maybe only ever) edition of Mustache Watch, we present Chris Iannetta, sporting a handlebar situation. Iannetta, as you're well aware, is competing with new Texas Ranger Mike Napoli

  • Chris Davis Scouting Report
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/7/2012 -  33
    Baltimore's Chris Davis made his major-league pitching debut against Boston on Sunday, earning the win with two innings of scoreless work while striking out two, walking one, and allowing two hits

  • The Two Chris Youngs
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 6/6/2012 -  12
    We all know there's the absurdly tall Chris Young, the talented pitcher who refuses to stay healthy and then there's also the absurdly athletic Chris Young who patrols center field in Arizona and has

  • The Curious Case of Chris Coghlan
    in Community by byrnsiey330 - 8/12/2014 -  6
    pick up came from a minor league contract and has been undervalued by the Cubs fan all season. I’m here to talk about the Curious Case of Chris Coghlan. Chris Coghlan was the Rookie of the Year

  • FanGraphs Audio: Chris "Cwik"
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 11/10/2011 -  2
    Episode Ninety-Seven Contributor Chris Cwik elaborates on his post from Thursday regarding the Marlins' free-agent spending power and also gives his expert opinion on whether or not Arizona's recent

  • Daily Graphing - Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 12/21/2005 -  0
    In what was a surprise move to me, the Rangers sent Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez, and Terrmel Sledge to the Padres for Adam Eaton, Akinori Otsuka, and a minor leaguer. In Chris Young's first

  • The Chris Sale Diet
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 5/21/2013 -  4
    The Wall Street Journal writes about "historically skinny" Chris Sale and his amazing feats of culinary indulgence: In a four-hour masterpiece, Sale packed two ice cream sundaes and, by one

  • Hot Pickup: Chris Coghlan
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 4/1/2013 -  14
    Gotta pick him up. Chris Coghlan won a rookie of the year, y'all. And he's got a job. Sort of -- a platoon with Justin Ruggiano -- but he's got a job in center field in Florida and he's a former ROY

  • Daily Graphing - Chris Ray
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 2/14/2006 -  0
    With B.J. Ryan and Jorge Julio's departure from the Orioles, it looks like Chris Ray will get a shot at closing games. Ryan saved 36 games last year, blowing only 5 saves with an 2.43 ERA. Those

  • Chris Johnson and Great Players
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/1/2013 -  63
    that people hardly notice. The leader in the National League right now is Chris Johnson, batting .342. Johnson didn't even begin the year as an everyday player. Johnson went from the Diamondbacks

  • Introducing Chris Owings, Again
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 3/29/2017 -  7
    The first time we met Chris Owings, he was a top prospect. Going into the 2014 season, he had just been named the 66th-best prospect by Baseball America and the team's third best. He was slated

  • Chris Sale's Rarest of Mistakes
    in Community by davehecht - 6/16/2016 -  0
    Chris Sale is unusually skilled at throwing a baseball left-handed. This process is not generally viewed as aesthetically pleasing, but it is generally effective. It is particularly so against left

  • A League of Chris Davis' Own
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 7/1/2013 -  66
    , then, one has to be careful not to be too casual about drawing comparisons. There is no more flattering offensive comp, so few will ever exceed the threshold of acceptability. But Chris Davis

  • Chris Young and Dropping the Fastball
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 7/22/2014 -  6
    a look at that for 2014, inspired by something I've noticed about Chris Young. I've had a note to write about this for a week or two. I guess now I've waited long enough. The idea: We're going

  • Chris Tillman Ain't Right
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 6/2/2017 -  7
    like to compare those two rates. Votto has a swing-rate difference of 51 percentage points. It's enormous. Joey Votto swings mostly at strikes. Chris Tillman has started five games since coming

  • The New Chris Capuano
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 6/14/2011 -  10
    There was some grumbling in Milwaukee when Chris Capuano signed with the New York Mets. After all, the 32-year-old lefty was a popular Brewer who had just survived his second Tommy John surgery

  • Chris Tillman Finally Arrives?
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 7/5/2012 -  36
    The trade that sent Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners is famous for bringing Adam Jones to Camden Yards. Jones wasn't the only big talent included in the infamous deal, though -- Chris Tillman, a 6

  • The Other Chris Carter
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 8/26/2009 -  6
    When you share a name with perhaps the most powerful man in the minor leagues (Oakland's Chris Carter), and you have been toiling away for the past three years in one of the deepest organizations

  • Meet Chris Davis
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/27/2008 -  6
    just .225/.309/.339 as a group. From Ben Broussard to Chris Shelton, they simply haven't been able to find a hitter who could provide legitimate offense, and so now their search has taken them to Chris

  • Chris "K" Young
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 7/21/2009 -  14
    I talked briefly about Chris Young last night, but I wanted to cover him in more depth this morning. He’s an odd case. His peripheral numbers are essentially equal to B.J. Upton – 11% walks, 29

  • Chris Carpenter: 2012 Debut
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 9/24/2012 -  4
    Chris Carpenter debuted on Friday night. He came away with decent results, 5 IP, 2 Runs allowed, 0 HR. Chris is usually a fantasy workhorse, but shoulder surgery has all but eliminated his 2012

  • Is There Room for Chris Young?
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 2/18/2015 -  15
    . This is the season of minor-league contracts, as the pool of available free agents has been reduced to a puddle on an otherwise dry concrete foundation. But of those names still out there, Chris Young has

  • Chris Sale for MVP
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 8/14/2017 -  69
    be a pretty clear choice for the American League's Most Valuable Player, and it would be Chris Sale. Sale pitched again last night, facing the Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball. It was a typical Chris

  • The Apparent Price for Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/6/2016 -  24
    As I write this, Chris Sale is still a member of the White Sox organization. Based on the rumors from the last 24 hours, though, that might not be true much longer. Sources: Legitimate chance

  • Chris Iannetta's Peculiar Season
    in Community by Ben Cermak - 9/23/2014 -  1
    The BABIP gods are a most fickle bunch. They come and go as they please, gracing the bats of some while abandoning others altogether. Take Chris Johnson, for example. Aided by a .394 BABIP (roughly

  • Jim Edmonds for Chris Dickerson
    in FanGraphs by Pat Andriola - 8/9/2010 -  23
    The Cincinnati Reds attempted to strengthen their postseason chances by acquiring OF Jim Edmonds from the Brewers today for OF Chris Dickerson. Edmonds was apparently a decently hot commodity

  • Chris Coghlan Takes Flight
    in FanGraphs by Nicolas Stellini - 4/26/2017 -  30
    fly with mechanical aid. But we'll never truly join the birds. At least not for more than a few seconds. It's a small stroke of genius that the gods put Chris Coghlan on a team named after a bird

  • Chris Young the Outfielder
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 12/25/2009 -  5
    the problems that lineup would normally entail. With that strategy in mind, is Chris Young a viable option in 2010? If Bill James is to be believed, Youngs' power and speed could return and answer

  • Chris Davis and His Pillars
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 10/17/2012 -  3
    Chris Davis was the bane of my fantasy teams for a couple of years. After breaking out in 2008 with 17 home runs in 80 games, he was my ace-in-the-hole of draft/auction day. The results were horrible

  • Why Chris Tillman Will Disappoint
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 1/22/2013 -  13
    Yesterday, fellow RotoGrapher Chris Cwik outlined why he considered Orioles starter Chris Tillman a sleeper. He made some valid points and even sprinkled in some of the negatives that make my

  • On the Surging Chris Carter
    in FanGraphs by David G. Temple - 8/13/2014 -  9
    Chris Carter, as of this writing, has hit 28 home runs this season. That's more than Mike Trout, Josh Donaldson, David Ortiz and Jose Bautista. Only Nelson Cruz, Jose Abreu, and Giancarlo Stanton

  • Be Excited about Chris Davis
    in RotoGraphs by Peter Bendix - 11/17/2008 -  8
    Power hitters playing in Texas are a fantasy player’s dream. Chris Davis certainly fits the bill. Throughout his minor league career, all Davis has done is mash. Despite being young for his level

  • Chris Sale the Starter?
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/16/2011 -  6
    Hot off the presses, White Sox GM Kenny Williams has announced that Chris Sale, who has not started a game since college, will be in their starting rotation next season. So what might we expect from

  • Picking Up Chris Taylor
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 8/18/2014 -  11
    With Hanley Ramirez out another week with his oblique injury, picking up and starting Chris Taylor as the Mariners play in Philadelphia and Boston looks like a decent replacement option in weekly

  • Chris Coghlan Promoted
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 5/8/2009 -  2
    recalled top prospect Chris Coghlan from Triple-A, where he was hitting .348/.425/.565 with a 12/10 BB/K ratio to go along with 12 extra base hits. The power was the nice surprise so far, as no one

  • Pirates Lift Chris Snyder
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 7/31/2010 -  14
    Nobody expected the Pittsburgh Pirates to be buyers at the deadline, but here we are. Today the Pirates finalized a deal to acquire Chris Snyder (and minor league shortstop Pedro Ciriaco) from

  • Pitcher Spotlight: Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Drew Sheppard - 6/28/2013 -  37
    . This week’s subject is 24-year-old Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale, who is fresh off a dominating 13 strikeout performance in his last start.  Sale is a deceptive low arm-slot lefty who fully utilizes

  • Explaining the Chris Capuano Bargain
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 1/31/2014 -  47
    in seemingly every FanGraphs chat I either run or read, and my automatic answer has long been Chris Capuano. I don't even think about it anymore. It's Capuano, and then it's on to the next question. I don't

  • The Unhittable Chris Archer
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/8/2015 -  22
    A little over a month ago, Owen Watson wrote a piece here entitled "Chris Archer and His Elite Slider, and in the piece, he noted that Archer had ramped up the usage of his off-speed stuff this year

  • Chris Sale: New and Improved?
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 5/10/2016 -  17
    -fielding and weak-hitting Chisox of 2015 are a distant memory. A fine starting staff, led by perennial Cy Young candidate Chris Sale and his wingmen Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon and Mat Latos, are thrilled

  • Chris Coghlan and the Future Marlins
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 3/15/2011 -  25
    Chris Coghlan the starting center fielder. While Coghlan has experience in the outfield, he has never played center as a professional, and his defensive numbers in left field have been below average

  • Chris Davis Is Hitting Everything
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 4/5/2013 -  32
    The Orioles scored 20 runs in their 2-1 series victory over the Rays this week. Chris Davis drove in 11 himself and scored four more. His .971 wOBA -- 7-for-11, three home runs, three doubles, a walk

  • Chris Carter: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 5/14/2013 -  11
    Chris Carter (ESPN: 21.7 percent owned; Yahoo!: 23 percent owned) In the minor leagues, he never had a full season OPS under .800, nor has he hit fewer than 10 home runs in a season, yet Chris

  • Valuing Chris Carter
    in RotoGraphs by Brett Talley - 10/13/2014 -  4
    Just in case you didn't know, Chris Carter finished the season tied for second in home runs with Giancarlo Stanton. Also in the top five were Nelson Cruz, Mike Trout and Jose Abreu. One

  • Chris Young's Fatal Flaw
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/28/2009 -  27
    keeping Fowler out of the line-up. However, this post isn't about Fowler. This post is about Chris Young. The tall pitching one, not the hack-at-everything center field version. See, Young

  • Chris Sale to the Majors
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 8/4/2010 -  12
    and, by extension, not many would have benefited from his performances to date. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that the White Sox have called up their first round pick, Chris Sale, to work out

  • Chris Coghlan Gets the Call
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 5/9/2009 -  1
    The Florida Marlins club has recalled its top middle infield prospect. Second baseman Chris Coghlan, who can also play third base, was brought up when right-hander Anibal Sanchez was placed

  • In Celebration of Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/8/2014 -  41
    as the AL's premier starting pitcher. But the more I watch him pitch, the more I think I might just pick Chris Sale. Let's start off with some numbers. Here's the AL leaderboard since Sale

  • Chris Young Challenges the Data
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 5/29/2014 -  50
    "You should go look at the research again and see what the charts say," Chris Young, the Seattle Mariners pitcher, emphatically told me one afternoon this season. We were talking about high fastballs

  • Chris Sale and Death by Diversity
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 6/9/2015 -  40
    We tend to take the greatest players for granted, so it ought to tell you something when even one of the established elites is raising eyebrows. Chris Sale's one of the very best starting pitchers

  • Chris Archer Produces a Masterpiece
    in FanGraphs by Owen Watson - 8/21/2015 -  11
    Amid the ever-increasing dominance of pitching this season, Chris Archer has been a singular figure among the leaderboard of best pitchers during 2015: he's not only a newcomer to the best handful

  • Chris Young: Is It Real, Or Is It Safeco?
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 7/1/2014 -  16
    the vagaries of context. This just in, though - FIP is far from perfect itself. Case in point - Chris Young, the NBA-sized righty now plying his trade for the Seattle Mariners, currently possesses

  • Chris Carpenter is Back
    in FanGraphs by Dave Allen - 8/13/2009 -  8
    be a good time to mention it. Chris Carpenter effectively lost the last two years to injury, so coming into this year it was a question if he could stay healthy, and, if so, how effective he would

  • Chris Tillman Throws No-No in AAA
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 4/29/2010 -  4
    -league door, yet again. Chris Tillman, once the club's top pitching prospect, made 12 starts in the Majors last season at the age of 21. The pitching depth in the organization allowed the club to send

  • The Fascinating Story of Chris Resop
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/11/2010 -  17
    Chris Resop knew that last night was going to be his last in Triple-A. Signed to a minor league contract by the Braves this spring, his agent included an unusual out clause in the deal; if he

  • Digging Into Chris Sale's Slider
    in FanGraphs by Ben Duronio - 9/4/2012 -  8
    Samardzija has relied heavily on his split-fingered fastball and has had a solid season; Lance Lynn was an all-star; and then there's Chris Sale — the player who made the most seamless transition

  • Chris Iannetta's Transformation
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 4/29/2015 -  6
    By framing runs above average on StatCorner, Chris Iannetta was 54th of 78 catchers that caught at least 1000 pitches last year. This year, he's first. All it took was a little studying. After

  • Valuing Chris Davis in 2010
    in RotoGraphs by Zach Sanders - 11/10/2009 -  12
    After an outstanding half season in 2008, Texas Rangers first baseman Chris Davis generated quite a bit of buzz leading into fantasy drafts in 2009. Davis hit .285/.331/.549 with 17 homers and 55 RBI

  • Chris Coghlan: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 4/28/2011 -  17
    - more often than not he's dumped when the hot hitting ends. A lot of fluky things can happen over the course of ~100PA. It's up to you to decide what is legitimate and what isn't. Take Chris Coghlan

  • Chris Will No Longer Be On Sale
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/14/2012 -  10
    What a season for Chris Sale. I was a huge fan of his before the year began, going as far as predicting that he would outearn every White Sox and Diamondbacks starting pitcher. Although I ended up

  • Chris Sale Keeps on Sailing
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/30/2013 -  1
    , then the following year I will switch gears and suggest that same player won't be worth his price. This is precisely what happened with Chris Sale. In 2012, he transitioned into the White Sox rotation and I

  • Ticking Up: Chris Tillman
    in RotoGraphs by Josh Shepardson - 4/15/2016 -  8
    players who are disabled-list eligible in my leagues so that that I can speculate on players who flash something intriguing in the season's first few weeks. Chris Tillman is just the type of player

  • The Plays Behind Chris Heston
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 6/10/2015 -  16
    the theory up, and without doubt, there are easier plays made, and more difficult plays made, every single time. One of the interesting things about Chris Heston's no-hitter is that no defensive plays

  • Chris Sale and Leverage
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 7/25/2016 -  48
    Over the weekend, Chris Sale decided that he really didn't want to wear the White Sox' throwback uniforms, believing they were too heavy to pitch in and might impact the team's performance. Unhappy

  • The Case for Starting Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 10/9/2017 -  26
    on the line again, John Farrell will hand the ball to Rick Porcello, saving Chris Sale for a potential Game 5 rematch with Justin Verlander. And the logic behind that decision is pretty straight forward

  • The Legend of Chris Sale Grows
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 12/28/2015 -  8
    I wrote last week about Max Scherzer, who, in 2015, reached new heights. It was, is, painfully cliché, but it's true. The same could be said for Chris Sale, who also (1) reached new heights and (2

  • Chris Coghlan and Brett Carroll
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/20/2009 -  10
    The Florida Marlins’ left fielder Chris Coghlan has received rookie of the year consideration from quite a few sources this year, on the wings of his impressive .372 wOBA rookie season. This puts

  • Promotion: Chris Carter
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Axisa - 8/10/2010 -  7
    One of the six players they received from the Diamondbacks in the Dan Haren trade, the Athletics are actually Chris Carter's third organization. He was originally a 15th round pick by the White Sox

  • Chris Johnson Heads to Arizona
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 7/30/2012 -  7
    for third baseman Chris Johnson. While the move gives the Diamondbacks and improved situation at the hot corner, it may not be so great for fantasy owners. First of all, let's establish the fact

  • Chris Young the Athletic
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/8/2012 -  0
    No, I'm not alluding to Alexander the Great or commenting on Chris Young's agility, which I'm sure he possesses boatloads of. Back on October 20, Young came to the Beane, as he was traded to Oakland

  • Chris Coghlan: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 6/4/2013 -  9
    . Others, like Bobby Crosby, Dontrelle Willis, and Angel Berroa collect their trophy and promptly crater. It’s too early in Chris Coghlan’s career to unceremoniously drop him in that second category just yet

  • Q&A: Chris Sale on the Draft
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 6/6/2011 -  6
    One year ago tomorrow, Chris Sale nervously awaited word on where he would begin his professional career. The Florida Gulf Coast left-hander didn’t have to wait long to find out, as the White Sox

  • Chris Coghlan on Hitting
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 7/7/2015 -  2
    Chris Coghlan isn't the same hitter he was when he captured NL Rookie of the Year honors in 2009. His numbers aren't quite as good, but the Marlin-turned-Cub nonetheless feels he's better. At age 30

  • Chris Young Against the Core
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 10/20/2015 -  1
    . So there's some discomfort there, some uncertainty, and now in a short while the Royals are going to throw Chris Young at the best offense in the league in the center of a homer-happy ballpark

  • Chris Tillman's Travails
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 7/20/2010 -  1
    Right-hander Chris Tillman is expected to play a prominent role in the Baltimore Orioles' attempt to climb from the depths of the AL East standings. The 22-year-old, picked up as part of the February

  • Chris Archer's Luck Turns
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 5/22/2014 -  13
    Heading into the season, Chris Archer was a pretty popular starting pitcher target in fantasy leagues. He was one of those non-sleeper sleepers, if such a term exists. You know, the guy everyone

  • Chris Davis, Swallowed By the Shift
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 10/15/2014 -  16
    heart sink. Chris Davis ranked 20th among first basemen and amazingly was outearned by the likes of teammate Steve Pearce and power-starved James Loney. This was not the follow-up we expected

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Dustin Ackley Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/30/2015 -  9
    8 1.07 F.P. Santangelo 580 4.4 9 1.07 Jaff Decker* 53 0.0 10 1.07 Chris Carter 1,898 2.1 11 1.09 Hank Conger* 907 2.4 12 1.11 Mitch Moreland 1,744 1.6

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Chase Utley Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/20/2015 -  1
    nearest and dearest to Sweeney's, ranked from most to least similar. Rank Mah Dist Age PA thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 0.40 Chris Latham 238 0.0 2 0.64 David Newhan 97 0.0

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Andrelton Simmons Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/13/2015 -  11
    The Angels and Braves swung a trade last night that sent Andrelton Simmons and catching prospect Jose Briceno to LA in exchange for Erick Aybar and pitching prospects Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis

  • Yankees Call Up Powerful Catcher Gary Sanchez
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/13/2016 -  15
    1 Victor Martinez 8.3 17.0 2 Humberto Cota 6.5 0.9 3 Chris Snyder 7.1 5.1 4 Javier Cardona 6.0 0.4 5 Josh Phelps 7.3 3.5 6 Chris Widger 5.3 2.0 7

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Dee Gordon Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/7/2017 -  7
    field for Seattle, and (b) $1 million in international slot money. In exchange, the Marlins receive three lower-tier prospects: righties Robert Dugger and Nick Neidert, plus infielder Chris Torres

  • Why Haven't the A's had Any Good Pitch-Framers?
    in Community by Chris Mitchell - 8/29/2014 -  4
    , Chris Stewart, and of course, Jose Molina. MLB front offices have taken notice. Several teams, including the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Pirates, Padres, and Brewers have begun hoarding good-framing

  • Mets Sign a Pair of Tommy John Survivors
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/5/2011 -  15
    surgery. While both Chris Capuano and Taylor Buchholz pitched in the majors last season, they were only able to accumulate 78 innings combined. The Mets realized the risks involved, however, signing

  • Rockies Relying on Draftees
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/3/2011 -  25
    will need strong seasons from Dexter Fowler, Chris Iannetta, Seth Smith and Ian Stewart in order to make another run at Rocktober. Based on the Rockies' recent history in the draft, counting

  • Angels Acquire Iannetta
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/30/2011 -  57
    Chris Iannetta is finally free. After employing the worst starting catcher in baseball last season (min 250 plate appearances), the Los Angeles Angels decided to seek out an upgrade. Despite some

  • Waiver Wire: Borbon and Tillman
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/3/2011 -  11
    , and there aren't any performances we can fully trust, it's risky to fully commit to these types of players. That said, Julio Borbon and Chris Tillman are two players that aren't owned in many leagues that could

  • Tony Cingrani, Shelby Miller and the Two-Pitch Approach
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/29/2013 -  17
    that sticks out is Chris Young. Young has able to get by with a middling fastball due to the deception in his size and delivery. The term "deception" is often mentioned with both Cingrani and Miller

  • Astros Throw Lance McCullers into the Fire
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/18/2015 -  23
    players whose performances were nearest and dearest to McCullers', ranked from most to least similar. Rank Name IP thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 Chris Withrow* 56 0.2 2 Doug Million 0 0.0

  • The Present and Future of Rob Refsnyder
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/13/2015 -  25
    to least similar. Rank Mah Name PA thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 0.37 Callix Crabbe 39 0.0 2 0.57 Chris Clapinski 121 0.3 3 0.74 Johnny Giavotella* 770 0.0 4 0.89

  • Daric Barton Returns, Brandon Allen Free Again
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/10/2012 -  17
    rated as a passable first baseman. The problem is that Oakland's current first basemen are a bit of a motley crew. The team already had Barton, Allen and Chris Carter last season; but the team chose

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Ben Zobrist Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/29/2015 -  0
    Doug Davis 663 9.5 3 0.50 Mike Judd 75 0.0 4 0.66 Everett Stull 47 0.0 5 0.70 Chris Dwyer* 3 0.0 6 0.83 Kip Wells 983 9.4 7 0.88 Donnie Elliott 35 0.0

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Adam Eaton Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/8/2016 -  3
    Just one day after they dealt away Chris Sale for an impressive crop of young talent, the White Sox continued their tear-down yesterday by flipping Adam Eaton for another nice haul. This time

  • The Mets' Prospect Debuting Tonight Might Be Sneaky Good
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/27/2017 -  5
    With Zack Wheeler joining the Mets' small army of pitchers on the disabled list, the team will turn to 23-year-old Chris Flexen tonight against the Padres. Unless you're a Mets fan with a deep

  • NL Starter Tiers -- August 2014
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/20/2014 -  33
    at the position? Let's find out. Before we start, you’ll notice this is the NL post, so you won’t see Chris Sale ranked. Despite this, someone in the comments will say “where’s Chris Sale, you

  • Is Josh Harrison's Approach a Concern?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/24/2014 -  5
    % Salvador Perez45.800%68.100%55.600%78.100%93.200%86.200%43.800% Chris Johnson44.200%71.200%56.200%51.600%88.300%72.300%44.500% Marlon Byrd42.900%76.900%57.900%55.700%81.600%70.900%44.00% Matt

  • Starlin Castro Turns it All Around
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/5/2014 -  16
    Starlin Castro31865.200%15.600%0.2840.3250.4100.32118.911.2 Robin Yount31715.200%9.800%0.2780.3150.3980.31959.916.4 Chris Speier252210.500%12.500%0.2500.3340.3590.31949.212.7 Matt Williams14115.00

  • Another Year of Yordano Ventura
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/10/2014 -  2
    DeLeon192.119.300%11.600%3.743.333.2 Chris Carpenter17518.300%8.200%4.374.053.1 Yordano Ventura18320.300%8.800% Dave Righetti18320.300%13.400%3.793.592.8 Brian Matusz175.218.800%8.300

  • Using low-A Stats to Predict Future Performance
    in Community by Chris Mitchell - 7/18/2014 -  0
    performance, but isn't entirely guilty of "scouting the stat line." It's come to my attention that Chris St. John of Beyond the Boxscore is doing something very similar with his JAVIER projection

  • KATOH Projects Pittsburgh's Return for Andrew McCutchen
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 1/15/2018 -  7
    3 Choo Freeman 1.1 0.2 4 Steve Moss 1.1 0.0 5 Vic Buttler 1.8 0.0 6 Dan McKinley 1.1 0.0 7 Chris Durbin 1.1 0.0 8 Benny Agbayani 1.0 3.2 9 McKay

  • Brandon Moss has Become a Little Too Patient
    in Community by Chris Mitchell - 9/4/2014 -  0
    , placing him third in baseball behind Chris Davis and Miguel Cabrera over that span. Moss kept up the hot hitting to start the 2014 season, as well. The 30-year-old 1B/OF/DH posted a 162 wRC

  • Steven Souza: The 26-year-old Rookie
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/27/2015 -  11
    WAR/600 2003 Bobby Crosby 23 623 2.6 2.5 1994 Marty Cordova 24 579 3.6 3.7 2007 Ben Francisco 25 499 1.7 2.0 2008 Chris Dickerson 26 299 1.7 3.4 2005 B.J.

  • KATOH Projects: San Francisco Giants Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/28/2016 -  0
    Chris Stratton RHP 1.0 35+ 12 DJ Snelten LHP 1.0 Cistulli's Guy 13 Ty Blach LHP 1.0 40 14 Chase Johnson RHP 1.0 45 Once a top Rays prospect, Hak-ju Lee's

  • The White Sox Rotation: Can the Top Make Up for the Bottom?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/11/2015 -  1
    %0.2970.400%38.00%12.700%4.754.834.290.5 6Carlos Rodon2212.034.0%15.1%0.34677.8%N/AN/A3.002.61N/AN/A Chris Sale There's very little to say about Sale at this point. Sure, there are always going

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Aroldis Chapman Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/30/2015 -  8
    Hallberg 2.41 0 0.0 7 Ryan Theriot 2.57 3,615 7.2 8 Chris Getz 2.61 1,574 1.2 9 Tom Sergio 2.73 0 0.0 10 Jesus Azuaje 2.93 0 0.0 11 F.P. Santangelo 2.95

  • Jorge de la Rosa Stays in Colorado
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/1/2010 -  20
    We're excited to be debuting two new writers today, of which Chris is the first. We think he'll be a great addition to the site and think you'll enjoy his writings on a regular basis here. While

  • Is Matt Dominguez the Answer?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/18/2011 -  22
    with Omar Infante and Chris Coghlan. As Joe Pawlikowski recently explained, the Marlins could choose to alter their lineup due to the versatility of Coghlan and Infante. Both players have limited

  • The White Sox Can't Close the Deal
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/14/2011 -  44
    velocity appears fine, which could mean that a bullpen session will fix these early struggles. Chris Sale emerged as a potential candidate for saves this season as well, but he's also experienced some

  • The Kids Will Play
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/4/2011 -  25
    . While Gordon Beckham and Chris Sale reached the majors shortly after being drafted, it's tough to get too excited about their performances. After two seasons of regression, it looks like Beckham may

  • Harrison Over Holland?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/27/2011 -  6
    to throw Chris Carpenter, will Washington try and go with his higher upside starter? If the Cardinals elect to throw Kyle Lohse, will Washington be more comfortable knowing Holland can enter the game

  • Volstad Heads to Chicago
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/4/2012 -  37
    Chris Volstad. While Volstad hasn't established himself as a top of the line pitcher in the majors, this deal might just work out in the Cubs' favor. Chicago had lots of reasons to deal Zambrano

  • Marlins Make Offer to Cespedes
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/11/2012 -  37
    , $30.25 million contract from the Cincinnati Reds. Signing Cespedes would be a huge gain for the Marlins, who currently lack a true center fielder on their roster. The Chris Coghlan experiment

  • Projecting the Prospects the Angels Traded for Outfielders
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/29/2015 -  2
    players. Rank Mah Dist Name PA thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 0.24 John Barnes 64 0.0 2 0.62 Fausto Solano 0 0.0 3 0.69 Chris Demetral 0 0.0 4 0.75 Dan Masteller 219

  • Projecting Boog Powell
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/6/2015 -  6
    Romine 447 0.2 0.90 10 Evan Frey 0 0.0 0.92 11 Darin Erstad 4,190 22.4 0.97 12 Chris Nowak 0 0.0 1.08 13 Kevin Young 1,351 2.4 1.10 14 Paco Figueroa 0 0.0

  • Projecting Derek Fisher, Part of the Return for Ken Giles
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/11/2015 -  4
    0.0 10 Chris Bostick* 1.37 0 0.0 11 Ryan Lane 1.38 0 0.0 12 Rickey Cradle 1.39 8 0.0 13 Michael Crouse* 1.47 0 0.0 14 Ezequiel Carrera 1.49 670 0.8 15

  • Projecting Cubs Call-Up Jeimer Candelario
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/5/2016 -  0
    Over the weekend, the Cubs called up third baseman Jeimer Candelario to replace the injured Chris Coghlan on the roster. Candelario enjoyed a breakout season last year, when he hit .277/.339/.431

  • Projecting Rockies Power-Speed Threat David Dahl
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/26/2016 -  2
    there for fun. David Dahl's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Mah Dist Name KATOH+ Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 2.05 Chris Young 14.6 14.9 2 2.05 David Dellucci 6.1 3.4 3 2.56 Adam Jones

  • Projecting Orioles Call-Up Trey Mancini
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/22/2016 -  5
    4 Ron Witmeyer 2.03 2.6 0.0 5 Chris Duncan 2.08 1.5 4.0 6 Dan Johnson 2.14 3.2 2.7 7 Tagg Bozied 2.14 1.6 0.0 8 Joe Koshansky 2.15 1.4 0.0 9 Kevin

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Tyler Thornburg Deal
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/6/2016 -  0
    3 Mark Hills 3.6 0.2 0.0 4 Bryan Hallberg 3.8 0.3 0.0 5 Jorge DePaula 3.9 0.6 0.3 6 Chris Moore 4.0 0.5 0.0 7 Juan Bazan 4.0 0.4 0.0 8 Monty Ward 4.0

  • Projecting Josh Tobias, Boston's Return for Clay Buchholz
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/20/2016 -  14
    0.0 5 Ramon Zapata 1.4 0.2 0.0 6 Rick Short 1.6 0.2 0.3 7 Chris Lemonis 1.8 0.3 0.0 8 Brad Beanblossom 1.9 0.3 0.0 9 Joe Kerrigan 2.1 0.3 0.0 10

  • Projecting Zack Littel and Dietrich Enns
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/30/2017 -  2
    Ryan Jensen 1.3 1.3 5 Charlie Haeger 1.0 0.0 6 John Koronka 1.1 0.9 7 Dan Meyer 1.7 0.5 8 Chris George 1.0 0.0 9 Luis Mendoza 1.2 1.8 10 Tobi Stoner

  • Projecting Rhys Hoskins
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/11/2017 -  7
    feel spot-on, but they’re mostly just there for fun. Rhys Hoskins Mahalanobis Comps Rank Name KATOH+ Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 Tino Martinez 9.5 16.8 2 Chris Carter 8.4

  • Projecting Dominic Smith
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/11/2017 -  14
    Derrek Lee 6.9 11.5 8 Steve Cox 4.7 1.4 9 David Ortiz 4.2 14.8 10 Chris Carter 8.4 0.0 Smith is a good prospect, but it isn't entirely clear that he's ready

  • New Opportunities: Brandon Allen & Jerry Hairston Jr.
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/1/2011 -  2
    , but we can't be certain at this point. Jackson will be a free-agent at season's end and Barton will n