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  • Chad Young's 10 Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/12/2014 -  42
    . Chris Tillman will prove to be a draft day steal (but not in most ottoneu leagues) You can call him the Matt Dominguez of pitchers, if you want. Check out the second half: 3.42 ERA, more than 8.5 K/9

  • Chad Young's Ten Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/24/2016 -  10
    , as well. 10. Pedro Alvarez leads the AL in HR. Going out with a bang! His new teammate, Chris Davis, paced the AL with 47 last year and is projected (based on depth charts) to do the same

  • Chad Young's Ten Bold Predictions for 2013
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/26/2013 -  24
    of the season. 6) Chris Tillman will be a top-20 AL SP. His velocity faded last year, his ERA was far healthier than his peripherals would suggest it should have been, and he had some elbow soreness

  • Chad Young's Ten Bold Predictions Revisited
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/29/2014 -  11
    - Salazar was the #3 Indians SP in fantasy. 1-2. 4. Chris Tillman will prove to be a draft day steal (but not in most ottoneu leagues). Like Dominguez, I saw a solid second half and hoped for good things

  • Chad Young's Ten Bold 2015 Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/18/2015 -  13
    him: Brett Lawrie Jedd Gyorko Marcus Semien Scooter Gennett Arismendy Alcantara Chris Owings Jose Ramirez Brad Miller Micah Johnson Alright, I am bored. So, yeah if you drafted

  • Is There Room for Chris Young?
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 2/18/2015 -  15
    . This is the season of minor-league contracts, as the pool of available free agents has been reduced to a puddle on an otherwise dry concrete foundation. But of those names still out there, Chris Young has

  • Chris "K" Young
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 7/21/2009 -  14
    I talked briefly about Chris Young last night, but I wanted to cover him in more depth this morning. He’s an odd case. His peripheral numbers are essentially equal to B.J. Upton – 11% walks, 29

  • Chris Young and Dropping the Fastball
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 7/22/2014 -  6
    a look at that for 2014, inspired by something I've noticed about Chris Young. I've had a note to write about this for a week or two. I guess now I've waited long enough. The idea: We're going

  • Chris Young's Fatal Flaw
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/28/2009 -  27
    keeping Fowler out of the line-up. However, this post isn't about Fowler. This post is about Chris Young. The tall pitching one, not the hack-at-everything center field version. See, Young

  • Chris Young Against the Core
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 10/20/2015 -  1
    . So there's some discomfort there, some uncertainty, and now in a short while the Royals are going to throw Chris Young at the best offense in the league in the center of a homer-happy ballpark

  • Daily Graphing - Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 12/21/2005 -  0
    In what was a surprise move to me, the Rangers sent Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez, and Terrmel Sledge to the Padres for Adam Eaton, Akinori Otsuka, and a minor leaguer. In Chris Young's first

  • Chris Young the Outfielder
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 12/25/2009 -  5
    the problems that lineup would normally entail. With that strategy in mind, is Chris Young a viable option in 2010? If Bill James is to be believed, Youngs' power and speed could return and answer

  • Chris Young: Is It Real, Or Is It Safeco?
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 7/1/2014 -  16
    the vagaries of context. This just in, though - FIP is far from perfect itself. Case in point - Chris Young, the NBA-sized righty now plying his trade for the Seattle Mariners, currently possesses

  • Chris Young the Athletic
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/8/2012 -  0
    No, I'm not alluding to Alexander the Great or commenting on Chris Young's agility, which I'm sure he possesses boatloads of. Back on October 20, Young came to the Beane, as he was traded to Oakland

  • Chris Young Challenges the Data
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 5/29/2014 -  50
    "You should go look at the research again and see what the charts say," Chris Young, the Seattle Mariners pitcher, emphatically told me one afternoon this season. We were talking about high fastballs

  • Handling Young Pitchers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/23/2010 -  54
    to pitching, argues against current pitch count restrictions and explains how to handle young pitchers. In this piece, we are going to focus on young pitcher workloads. With more prospects reaching

  • The Chris Sale Conundrum
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/11/2011 -  44
    In recent seasons, teams have come up with inventive ways to utilize their young pitching prospects. One of the more popular strategies among teams is to let their prospects gain experience

  • Delmon Young: Buy Low Candidate
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 5/9/2011 -  8
    He entered the season as a popular regression candidate, got off to a terrible start and is currently on the Disabled List, but all of those things make Delmon Young a strong buy low candidate

  • Padres Decline Chris Young's Option
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 11/4/2010 -  10
    Jim Jones released an album in 2006 named Product of My Environment. The most popular song off POME goes by the name “We Fly High”. The album and song name fit Chris Young’s career well

  • Examining the Young Zack Wheeler Replacements
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/18/2015 -  17
    News broke on Monday that Zack Wheeler had a tear in his UCL, and would need to undergo Tommy John Surgery. This sucks. It sucks every time we lose an exciting, young arm to injury, and this case

  • Chris B. Young's Contact Woes
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 11/3/2008 -  5
    To be honest, I had figured that Diamondbacks centerfielder Chris B. Young would be entrenched as a star-caliber player by this point in his career. A 6-2, 200 pounder with a unique blend of patience

  • Chris Young: The Hometown Babe Ruth
    in FanGraphs by Owen Watson - 7/6/2015 -  9
    If you’re a Yankees fan, you probably know that Chris Young (the hitter) has been on a bit of a tear lately, forcing himself into the starting lineup on a daily basis. If you’re a general baseball

  • Contract Crowdsourcing 2013-14: Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/4/2013 -  5
    is likely to receive, FanGraphs is also requesting that readers make note of how much they'd pay each free agent were they, themselves, actual GMs. In this edition: Chris Young. Some relevant

  • Chris Young Is Not A Minor League Pitcher
    in FanGraphs by Michael Barr - 3/27/2013 -  11
    A victim of what amounts to one of the deeper stables of starting pitching, Chris Young opted out of his contract with the Washington Nationals with the hopes that he could find a major league role

  • Three Reasons To Believe in Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 3/2/2010 -  19
    . This added caution sometimes causes us to dismiss players before they've run their course. A prime example of this is Chris Young, the No. 23 prospect in baseball for the 2006 season. He has played

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Chris Sale Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/7/2016 -  4
    9.1 36.8 8 Mike Kelly 11.1 7.8 1.1 9 Todd Walker 11.6 11.1 4.6 10 Chris Young 12.3 15.1 15.2 ***** Michael Kopech, RHP (Profile) KATOH: 9.2 WAR (12th

  • Mets Land Bargain in Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/22/2013 -  121
    . On that list was Chris Young -- the outfield version -- who the crowd forecast for $7 million per year over two years. Today, the Mets have signed for him $7 million for a single year, and I continue

  • Chris B. Young Optioned to AAA
    in FanGraphs by Dave Allen - 8/11/2009 -  15
    Chirs Young came into this season with big expectations. In 2008 he had a league average bat and played average defense in center field, all at the age of 24. That kind of performance, at a premium

  • Roberto Osuna and the Aging Curve for Young Relievers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/21/2015 -  21
    Way back in April, the Blue Jays turned some heads when they filled out their bullpen with a couple of 20-year-old A-Ballers: Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna. Few doubted that these young arms had

  • Red Sox Sign Chris Young the Shorter
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/30/2015 -  6
    According to Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox have added to their outfield depth today. Sources: #RedSox in agreement with free-agent outfielder Chris Young on a multi-year contract, pending a physical

  • Chris B. Young Limiting the Pop Ups
    in FanGraphs by David Golebiewski - 7/9/2010 -  1
    Last season, Chris Young's big league career reached its nadir. A former White Sox prospect swapped to Arizona as part of the December 2005 Javier Vazquez deal, Young was an acclaimed prospect who

  • Chris Young is Doing the BABIP Thing Again
    in FanGraphs by Miles Wray - 5/6/2015 -  6
    In the offseason after winning the 2014 award for American League Comeback Player of the year, Chris Young -- that's the exceptionally lanky pitcher Chris Young, not the merely lanky hitter Chris

  • FG+ Over/Under Game: Chris Young
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 2/17/2012 -  17
    year. For our fifth (and final) over/under game, let's take a look at Chris Young the outfielder. The over/under for today's game is 21. As in, will Chris Young hit more than 21 home runs

  • Athletics Stockpile Another Asset in Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/22/2012 -  34
    Crisp on hand. Saturday, Beane added another outfielder to the mix, acquiring Chris Young from Arizona in exchange for Cliff Pennington and infield prospect Yordy Cabrera. The situations aren't

  • GIF: The Mysterious Mystery of Chris Young's Fastball
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/6/2011 -  1
    outliers is the very tall and Princeton-educated Chris Young's four-seamer, which has featured a rising movement in the 12-14 inch range throughout his career -- this, compared to a league-wide average

  • Finding High Ball Hitters with Chris Young
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 9/10/2014 -  2
    Recently, I pointed out to Chris Young that he may have been right about how the league was going. Jeff Sullivan found that contact rates on pitches high in the zone are down. David Appelman helped

  • Chris Young Trades Petco For Citi Field
    in FanGraphs by Tommy Rancel - 2/11/2011 -  14
    /reward signings and hope for the best. One of those signing came in the form of Chris Young, formerly of the Alderson-led San Diego Padres. The 6’10” right-hander made 97 starts for San Diego from

  • A.J. Pollock Benefits from Chris Young Injury
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 4/19/2012 -  3
    The Arizona Diamondbacks have gone fishing for a replacement for injured outfielder Chris Young. The organization purchased the contract of prospect A.J. Pollock from triple-A. Prior to the 2012

  • Aaron Harang on Pitching (Like Chris Young)
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 11/5/2015 -  1
    leagues – with the Philadelphia Phillies. A hulking 6-foot-7, Harang has 128 career wins and a pitching style similar to that of Chris Young. Harang's four-seamer averaged 89 mph this year

  • Chris Young & Eric Campbell: Deep League Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Karl de Vries - 4/21/2015 -  0
    . As a note, most of the players discussed in this column are better suited for mono leagues, and the ownership percentages come from CBS. Chris Young / OF / New York Yankees / 10% On a team whose

  • Chris Young on Working Up (and Down) in the Zone
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 9/25/2015 -  7
    Chris Young, of the Kansas City Royals, is known for both his Princeton pedigree and his height. The 6-foot-10 right-hander is also known for getting outs up in the zone, with a slow fastball

  • Chris Sale's Abridged Cy Young Case
    in FanGraphs by Jay Jaffe - 9/7/2018 -  79
    When Chris Sale started for the American League in the 2018 All-Star Game, he was in the midst not only of a fabulous season that was worthy of the honor, but quite probably the best stretch produced

  • KC's Chris Young Versus Three Boston Batters
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 8/30/2016 -  5
    Chris Young faced three batters in the sixth inning of last Friday’s game at Fenway Park. Pitching in relief of starter Ian Kennedy, the Royals right-hander came on with one out, a runner on second

  • Most Common Predictions Revisited
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/13/2016 -  1
    worthless, but he was top 24 either. Chris Bassitt - 3.50 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, top A's SP - He threw 28 innings and they were not good. Chris Heston - Repeats his 2015 first half and is owned in all leagues

  • ottoneu Arbitration Update
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/21/2013 -  12
    (those teams are all mine, actually, and I can explain why I did that). Let's start with a table: Player Allocation Chris Davis 23 Jose Fernandez 21 Paul Goldschmidt 21

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): 3B Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/30/2012 -  0
    . The other three ottoneu loves with fantasy relevance are Daniel Murphy, Chris Johnson, and David Freese. The first two jumped four spots each (from 20 to 16 and 22 to 18, respectively), while Freese

  • Our Most Common Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/31/2016 -  11
    in some formats. Hunter Strickland got three nods, noting him as at least having a shot at closing, up to being a top 7 NL closer with 20+ Saves. The other six who got three nods are young players we

  • Zambrano and Volstad Swap Homes
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/5/2012 -  0
    The Cubs shipped off a pitcher yesterday, but it wasn't Matt Garza. Instead, the sent Carlos Zambrano to Miami in exchange for Chris Volstad. Neither player provided much fantasy value in 2011

  • ottoneu Arbitration: Who's Getting Hit?
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/27/2014 -  15
    Yasiel Puig FanGraphs Staff League 2 Jose Abreu Corey Kluber Chris Sale Michael Brantley Anthony Rendon Thanks to the tie among players in the Experts league, that is 12 players across

  • Going for Broke While Saving for the Future in ottoneu
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/29/2015 -  9
    still cost less than $20 in 2016. In early July, I made two deals within a week, adding Chris Davis and Jose Abreu. Davis hadn't fully heated up yet, so he only cost me Aaron Judge. He was also

  • Arb Hurts: What I'm Learning from the Allocations to my ottoneu teams
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/5/2015 -  6
    HitsPlayerCurrent SalaryAllocationsProjected SalaryNolan Arenado$13 $7 $20 Mookie Betts$10 $4 $14 Chris Sale$27 $4 $31 Corey Kluber$22 $2 $24 Anthony Rizzo$24 $2 $26 Rougned Odor$5 $1 $6 I smile less

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): OF Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/27/2012 -  2
    Chris Young 417 363 746.7 97 98 1 J.D. Martinez 416 439 615.9 98 100 2 Andres Torres 401 434 600.6 99 96 -3 Chris Heisey 387 375 670.8 100 101 1 Steve

  • Handling a Timid Auction
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/25/2014 -  26
    at playing time questions. I needed depth in MI so I grabbed both Scooter Gennett and Rickie Weeks, along with Chris Owings. I needed OF help, so Corey Dickerson found a spot on my roster. I also

  • Balancing Future and Present at the Deadline
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/21/2014 -  12
    Kimbrel, Adam Wainwright) he and I have repeatedly debated the merits of those stars and my young up-and-comers. So far, we have yet to find a match. Part of this was Brad's attempt to neuter my 2015

  • Dollar-for-Dollar All-Stars
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/9/2012 -  8
    $5.35 150.3   Michael Morse 901.0 $6.00 150.2 >$10 Michael Young 971.1 $11.21 86.6   Aramis Ramirez 913.5 $11.40 80.1 >$15 Jacoby Ellsbury 1205.0 $15.22 79.2

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): 1B Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/16/2012 -  2
    Freeman, Allen Craig, Mark Trumbo, Chris Davis), none had a higher OBP than Swisher. Similarly, Joe Mauer's low power output may have hampered his 5x5 ranking (12th), but he became a nearly first

  • Themed Teams - Some Semi-Off-Topic Fun
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/17/2015 -  34
    are limited. You can add A.J. Pollock to the list. Anthony Bass. You can stretch for Matt CARPenter. Chris BASSitt. It would not be a good team, and you would have a lot of empty roster spots. So

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): 2B Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/23/2012 -  0
    , but wasn't really rosterable in ottoneu. - Pro-rating players to 650 PA gave Allen Craig a boost from 8th to 3rd and turned Michael Cuddyer, Chase Utley and Chris Nelson into studs ranked 5th, 6th

  • ottoneu Cut Day Fallout
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/5/2013 -  7
    tied for being kept by the most owners, a list dominated by young stars and breakout performers: Name Sal Andrew McCutchen 38.24725642 Stephen Strasburg 32.74000661 Mike Trout

  • ottoneu Pitcher Rankings with Bill James Projections
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/4/2012 -  6
    13 Jered Weaver 1065.3 14 Jake Peavy 1037.4 15 Chris Sale 1034.4 16 Matt Moore 1033.1 17 Kris Medlen 1020.4 18 Mat Latos 1020 19 R.A. Dickey 1008.3

  • Six Guys for Six Days
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/22/2011 -  7
    ) and that means he could easily steal a base or two and hit a HR or two over the last few days. Chris Carter (0%) – Sure, the guy strikes out about half the time he gets to the plate. And, no, he does not have

  • Ageism in Fantasy Baseball and How it Can Work for You
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/15/2011 -  15
    him - Carlos Santana, Mike Napoli, Brian McCann, Buster Posey, Joe Mauer, Matt Wieters, Alex Avila, J.P. Arencibia, Chris Iannetta, and Miguel Montero. Last year, Martinez was the second most valuable

  • ottoneu Auction Analysis Contest
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/28/2012 -  36
    the arbitration process, so teams held $5 coupons on them, while Tim Lincecum, Josh Johnson, Chris Carpenter, and Latos were the only four true free agents), prices for SP were sky-high. Kershaw

  • ottoneu Watchlist Wonders
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/29/2012 -  3
    call them Watchlist Wonders -- guys who are worth adding to your ottoneu watchlist and, depending on your team needs, worth starting an auction for. Chris Nelson, 2B/3B/SS, Colorado - Nelson

  • Players Who are Helping You Win
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/16/2013 -  10
    and total points accrued this year (the standings are drawn across all ottoneu leagues). Player Avg Place Avg Price Pts Miguel Cabrera 3.9 $53.96 921 Chris Davis 4.0 $6.04 823

  • Roto Comeback Hitter Award
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/15/2015 -  15
    bat, to top 200 bat, to top 75 bat. With that in mind, my pick: Chris Davis. In 2013, Crush burst onto the scene, smashing 53 HR and posting a .286/.370/.684 (.684!) line. He broke the 100 R

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Late Season Pick Ups
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/26/2012 -  0
    against Houston, and there is no reason to think he can't provide a solid line to help you with the race to the finish. Chris Nelson - Nelson has been written up numerous times, and there is always

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Cody Allen and John Lackey
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/28/2013 -  2
    against weaker competition (his last start notwithstanding). Allen has emerged as a popular pick up following the injury to Cleveland closer Chris Perez, and gained some steam thanks Colin

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Catcher Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 6/4/2013 -  4
    Among a slew of pitchers, there are three catchers whose names appear on the list of most auctioned players in the ottoneu world: Jason Castro, Chris Iannetta and Yan Gomes. Catcher has been

  • An ottoneu View of End of Season Ranks
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/9/2013 -  3
    Earlier this week, Zach Sanders shared end of year fantasy rankings, providing a position-adjusted view of who provided the most (Chris Davis) and least (Barry Zito) value among qualified players

  • ottoneu Vote Off Results
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/19/2013 -  3
    . As we discussed on Twitter last night, the player voted off most often was none other than Chris Davis. When you consider where we started this piece (voting off players with the largest gap between

  • Walk Down Memory Lane - 2006 ottoneu Rosters
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/9/2015 -  11
    was a $48 Johan Santana, the ace of the league champion team, Negative EV - owned by the man behind ottoneu, Niv Shah. He also had a $47 David Ortiz, $34 Manny Ramirez, $31 Travis Hafner, $30 Chris Carpenter

  • What to Make of Julio Teheran
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/29/2015 -  8
    21.4% HR/FB rate. Last year, only six batters had a HR/FB rate over 20%. Basically, Teheran is making literally everyone look like they have Chris Carter's power. That is...uh...not good. Part

  • Bold Predictions Revisited: Quest for an 0-fer
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/7/2015 -  9
    of the 15 better is Buster Posey; another is Todd Frazier; a third is Chris Davis. None of those guys were being used at 1B due to other eligibility. So really he was...13th. And he got hurt and lost

  • Reviewing ottoneu Trades - Part I?
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/20/2016 -  9
    , so I would not undo this today. June 10 - My $5 Melky Cabrera and $3 Justin Turner for his $4 Chris Carter and $2 Leonys Martin. I loved this at the time - called it a 5 cause a) I hate Melky, b

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): SP Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/11/2012 -  0
    5.18 8 28 20 Yu Darvish 981 191.1 5.13 9 5 -4 Matt Cain 1109 219.1 5.06 10 12 2 Chris Sale 966 191 5.06 18 24 6 Wade Miley 934 186 5.02 11 20 9 Zack

  • Thinking '13: Three ottoneu Trades Focused on the Future
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/1/2011 -  3
    in the league in 2011 - they finished in 8th, but even in 2012, much of the talent on the Gerbils roster will be either just coming into its own (Matt Moore, Chris Sale, Lonnie Chisenhall, etc

  • Pitching Scoring Change in ottoneu Points Leagues
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/12/2012 -  29
    Carl Pavano -132.3 Chris Jakubauskas -61.1 Jeff Francis -129.9 Chad Durbin -51.8 John Lackey -129.8 D.J. Carrasco -51.5 Ricky Nolasco -126.0 Frank Herrmann

  • Three Deals and a (Very Expensive) Keeper
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/5/2012 -  7
    ) gives up: Michael Wacha ($3), Yasiel Puig ($4), and Dan Vogelbach ($3) TSD gives up: Josh Johnson ($30), Chris Perez ($6), Alex Gordon ($31), Hanley Ramirez ($50), and $107 in loan TSD again made

  • Rankings-Based Planning: Preparing for Year 2+ in ottoneu
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/19/2013 -  7
    Shaun Marcum SP5 Edwin Jackson SP6 Corey Luebke SP7 Chris Tillman SP8 Julio Teheran CL Joe Nathan CL Ryan Madson CL Casey Janssen RP/CL Sergio Santos

  • When Patience is Not a Virtue: The Experts League Auction
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/26/2013 -  8
            OF Carlos Gomez         Util Eric Hosmer         SP Jered Weaver Julio Teheran       SP Mat Latos Chris Tillman       SP Jordan Zimmermann Cory Luebke

  • Breaking from Consensus: Where ottoneu Rankings Differ
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/5/2013 -  7
    Chris Nelson is a wasted roster spot (37th in the consensus) or a solid MI option (16th in ottoneu PAR). The answer probably lies somewhere in between, but the reality is that Nelson's value is much

  • Early Batted Ball Distance Gainers and Losers
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/23/2013 -  14
    . And his 2013 distance outpaces, among others, Bryce Harper and Chris Davis. So it's not like he isn't hitting the ball hard. That got me thinking, though - there must be players who are absolutely

  • Potential ottoneu Value in Minors: Davis, Ackley, Chisenhall
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 6/18/2013 -  7
    Prior to the start of the season, I pursued a handful of players who I thought were due for big seasons. Some of these players - Brandon Moss, Julio Teheran, Chris Tillman among them - served me

  • Pricing Pujols
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 8/27/2013 -  9
    more like .850 (6th among 1B) and his downside is a fall as low as .740 (tied with Chris Carter for 24th among 1B), his ottoneu value could range anywhere from $1-$3 (for near replacement level

  • 10 Bold Predictions Revisited
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/1/2013 -  4
    of the power being there but the PA lacking - Hamilton just didn't have the pop people expected. 6. Chris Tillman will be a top-20 AL SP. Tillman finished just outside the top 20 (22nd) in ottoneu points

  • Counting on Corbin
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/6/2014 -  11
    and 15th (Chris Sale, Homer Bailey, Felix Hernandez, A.J. Burnett, and Stephen Strasburg) posted the following K/9: 9.49, 8.57, 9.51, 9.85, and 9.39. Corbin’s 7.69 certainly looks like an outlier

  • ottoneu Auction Recap: When the Available Players Don't Help
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/23/2015 -  8
    Util - Brandon Belt SP - Felix Hernandez, Jordan Zimmerman, Carlos Carrasco, Lance Lynn, James Paxton, Chris Archer RP - Mark Melancon, Joaquin Benoit, Trevor Rosenthal Minors - Jon Singleton

  • Chris Young Next to Regular-Sized People: Jason Bay
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 9/3/2012 -  7
    Here's an image -- following Jason Bay's first-inning grand slam during last night's Mets-Marlins game -- an image of right-handed pitcher Chris Young next to the aforementioned Bay, a regular-sized

  • Young's Company
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 4/30/2009 -  7
    Earlier this week, Dave discussed Padres SP Chris Young and his inability to hold runners, essentially claiming that the former basketball prospect is worse at holding runners than anyone else

  • Why Dallas Keuchel Should Fear Chris Young Most
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 10/5/2015 -  33
    Chris Young bat leadoff. The right-handed Young should start the game, that much makes sense without going to the grounder/fly ball matchups. Fifty times, the Yankees have faced a lefty starter

  • Chris Burke
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/15/2008 -  11
    On Friday, the Arizona Diamondbacks decided not to tender an offer of arbitration to Chris Burke. After coming over from the Astros in the Jose Valverde trade, Burke was a massive disappointment

  • Chad Young ottoneu deadline chat -- 1/31/13
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/31/2013 -  0
    I will be by from 10-11pm ET tonight to chat before the ottoneu deadline. The queue will open well before, so get your questions in! Chad Young -- Fantasy Baseball Chat

  • Chris Youngs and Occupying Extremes
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/6/2012 -  7
    , and one notes that Outfielder Chris Young has a career 16.3 WAR, while Pitcher Chris Young has a career 16.3 RA9 WAR. It's never been a secret that Pitcher Chris Young occupies an extreme. Two

  • Chad Young's 10 Bold Predictions for 2012
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/1/2012 -  23

  • Reviewing Chad Young's 10 Bold Predictions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/6/2016 -  11

  • The Rockies' Alternatives to Michael Young
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 2/7/2011 -  31
    The Rangers and the Rockies started talking about Michael Young at the Winter Meetings. It appears that, two months later, they're on the verge of a deal. As reported by, "a deal could

  • The Two Chris Youngs
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 6/6/2012 -  12
    We all know there's the absurdly tall Chris Young, the talented pitcher who refuses to stay healthy and then there's also the absurdly athletic Chris Young who patrols center field in Arizona and has

  • Two Young Center Fielders
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 6/25/2009 -  7
    into the season was Chris Young, whose projections were comparable to the 12th-ranked second baseman going into the season (Rickie Weeks). Defense then becomes a non-fantasy entity that can mean a lot

  • Haren And The Diamondbacks' Young Core
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 7/26/2010 -  19
    Upton. Upton is having another solid season, with 2.8 WAR in 416 plate appearances, and he'll be around until 2015 under a favorable $51.5 million contract. Chris Young is in the middle of a breakout

  • Young Pitchers and Complete Games
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 12/28/2012 -  12
    A couple of weeks ago, I was helping fellow writer, Chris Cwik, look for possible reasons James McDonald fell off the cliff in the second half of the 2012 season. As Cwik pointed out, the 27-year-old

  • Chris Cwik SuperChat - 12/22/11
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/22/2011 -  2
    Chris Cwik SuperChat

  • 3 Young DBacks With a Chance?
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 8/4/2009 -  1
    The Arizona Diamondbacks apparently know how to clean out their veterans in order to take a look at the future. Or maybe things just fell that way. In any case, whether by injury (Chris Snyder, Conor

  • The AL Cy Young Discussion
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 9/29/2015 -  83
    , about the AL Cy Young and its three likely frontrunners, Price, Chris Sale and Dallas Keuchel. Price, who turned 30 in late August, is the only one of the three with a Cy (2012) on his mantle

  • Daily Graphing - Chris Carpenter
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 12/10/2005 -  0
    Today my faith in the Baseball Writers' Association of America was restored after they voted to give Chris Carpenter his first Cy Young award. Despite Dontrelle Willis' MLB high 22 wins

  • Chad Young's Bold Predictions Mid-Season Report Card
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/20/2015 -  6

  • Chad Young's 10 Bold Predictions Mid-Year Review
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/14/2016 -  14

  • Where to Rank the Young Aces?
    in RotoGraphs by Daniel Schwartz - 1/21/2016 -  39
    picks later. This matrix can also help you with solid deep options: Adam Conley Chris Bassitt Jerad Eickhoff Tyler Duffey ...As well as hyped names from the recent past: Kevin Gausman

  • Be Excited about Chris Davis
    in RotoGraphs by Peter Bendix - 11/17/2008 -  8
    Power hitters playing in Texas are a fantasy player’s dream. Chris Davis certainly fits the bill. Throughout his minor league career, all Davis has done is mash. Despite being young for his level

  • Chris Sale the Starter?
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/16/2011 -  6
    Hot off the presses, White Sox GM Kenny Williams has announced that Chris Sale, who has not started a game since college, will be in their starting rotation next season. So what might we expect from

  • Tony Cingrani, Shelby Miller and the Two-Pitch Approach
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/29/2013 -  17
    that sticks out is Chris Young. Young has able to get by with a middling fastball due to the deception in his size and delivery. The term "deception" is often mentioned with both Cingrani and Miller

  • Chris Sale: New and Improved?
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 5/10/2016 -  17
    -fielding and weak-hitting Chisox of 2015 are a distant memory. A fine starting staff, led by perennial Cy Young candidate Chris Sale and his wingmen Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon and Mat Latos, are thrilled

  • In Celebration of Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/8/2014 -  41
    . The AL is home to a handful of truly excellent pitchers, and differentiating between them is the ultimate in picking nits. The last four Cy Young Awards have been won by Max Scherzer (still awesome

  • The Apparent Price for Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/6/2016 -  24
    As I write this, Chris Sale is still a member of the White Sox organization. Based on the rumors from the last 24 hours, though, that might not be true much longer. Sources: Legitimate chance

  • The Unhittable Chris Archer
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/8/2015 -  22
    you're supposed to hit this. Chris Archer doesn't just look like a good young starter anymore; he now looks like a legitimate ace.

  • Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat - 8/17/11
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/17/2011 -  5
    Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat

  • Chris Cwik Winter Meetings Chat
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/6/2011 -  0
    Chris Cwik FanGraphs Chat

  • Chris Archer Produces a Masterpiece
    in FanGraphs by Owen Watson - 8/21/2015 -  11
    Amid the ever-increasing dominance of pitching this season, Chris Archer has been a singular figure among the leaderboard of best pitchers during 2015: he's not only a newcomer to the best handful

  • Chris Coghlan and Brett Carroll
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/20/2009 -  10
    The Florida Marlins’ left fielder Chris Coghlan has received rookie of the year consideration from quite a few sources this year, on the wings of his impressive .372 wOBA rookie season. This puts

  • Seattle Mariners, Pitcher Salesman
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/16/2012 -  21
    and the cost of developing young pitchers. While it will take years to know definitively which team won the deal, trading one of the best young pitchers in the game was the right decision

  • 2011 Organizational Rankings: #15 - Baltimore
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/28/2011 -  81
    , Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta (to name a few) start to reach their potential, the Orioles major league talent could experience a significant jump in the rankings. The farm system

  • Mets Sign a Pair of Tommy John Survivors
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/5/2011 -  15
    of Capuano and Buchholz show that the Mets are willing to take risks if the price is right. They may take it even further, as Buster Olney reported they have offered a contract to Chris Young. Capuano

  • Angels Acquire Iannetta
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/30/2011 -  57
    Chris Iannetta is finally free. After employing the worst starting catcher in baseball last season (min 250 plate appearances), the Los Angeles Angels decided to seek out an upgrade. Despite some

  • Projecting Cubs Call-Up Jeimer Candelario
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/5/2016 -  0
    Over the weekend, the Cubs called up third baseman Jeimer Candelario to replace the injured Chris Coghlan on the roster. Candelario enjoyed a breakout season last year, when he hit .277/.339/.431

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Ben Zobrist Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/29/2015 -  0
    The Royals have struck again. First, they pried Johnny Cueto from the Reds for young arms Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb and Cody Reed. Now they’ve landed Ben Zobrist from the Athletics for two more

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Adam Eaton Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/8/2016 -  3
    Just one day after they dealt away Chris Sale for an impressive crop of young talent, the White Sox continued their tear-down yesterday by flipping Adam Eaton for another nice haul. This time

  • Another Year of Yordano Ventura
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/10/2014 -  2
    DeLeon192.119.300%11.600%3.743.333.2 Chris Carpenter17518.300%8.200%4.374.053.1 Yordano Ventura18320.300%8.800% Dave Righetti18320.300%13.400%3.793.592.8 Brian Matusz175.218.800%8.300

  • 2012 Organizational Rankings: #24 -- Chicago White Sox
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/28/2012 -  38
    not necessarily young, Alejandro De Aza emerged as a solid center fielder last year. Chris Sale may be the most exciting young player on the team, but there are some legitimate questions about how

  • Ketel Marte Continues to Fly Under the Radar
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/7/2015 -  4
    Although he was perpetually young for his level, Ketel Marte more than held his own at every stop as he ascended through the Mariners system. In 2013, he posted a 91 wRC+ as a 19-year-old between Low

  • Royals Take A Page From Rays, Extend Perez
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/28/2012 -  40
    $5M $9.81M Carlos Ruiz 28 $425K $475K $1.9M $2.75M $3.7M $9.25M Kelly Shoppach 27 $404K $1.95M $2.25M $3M $1.35M $8.95M Chris Iannetta 24 $396K $415K $1.75M $2.55M

  • The Good Outweighs the Bad with Pittsburgh's Tyler Glasnow
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/7/2016 -  6
    allowed, KATOH still sees Glasnow as one of the most promising young pitchers on the planet due to his gaudy strikeout rates. Heading into the year, my system pegged him for 9.5 WAR over the next six

  • Is Matt Dominguez the Answer?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/18/2011 -  22
    a starting job at such a young age is regarded as one of the strongest prospects in all of baseball. This, however, is not necessarily the case for Dominguez. Although Marc Hulet rated Dominguez

  • The Kids Will Play
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/4/2011 -  25
    . While Gordon Beckham and Chris Sale reached the majors shortly after being drafted, it's tough to get too excited about their performances. After two seasons of regression, it looks like Beckham may

  • Projecting Boog Powell
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/6/2015 -  6
    Romine 447 0.2 0.90 10 Evan Frey 0 0.0 0.92 11 Darin Erstad 4,190 22.4 0.97 12 Chris Nowak 0 0.0 1.08 13 Kevin Young 1,351 2.4 1.10 14 Paco Figueroa 0 0.0

  • Projecting Rockies Power-Speed Threat David Dahl
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/26/2016 -  2
    there for fun. David Dahl's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Mah Dist Name KATOH+ Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 2.05 Chris Young 14.6 14.9 2 2.05 David Dellucci 6.1 3.4 3 2.56 Adam Jones

  • Projecting Dominic Smith
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/11/2017 -  14
    that Smith just turned 22, making him quite young for Triple-A. And finally, both the metrics and lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen view Smith as an above-average defensive first baseman, which

  • Keep an Eye on José Quintana?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/18/2012 -  8
    . This year, however, things are a bit different. They've received surprise performances by Chris Sale and Jake Peavy, but their normal rotation stalwarts -- John Danks and Gavin Floyd -- have floundered

  • The Second Breakout of Jason Heyward
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/3/2012 -  4
    to re-establish himself as one of the best young players in the game. At an age where some prospects are still in the minors, Heyward has already managed to churn out two highly productive major

  • Noah Syndergaard's Comps Imply Ace Potential
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/30/2015 -  19
    rate against some of the best hitters the National League had to offer. As I often do for young players, I generated a list of comps for Syndergaard's 2015 season by way of some Mahalanobis distance

  • The White Sox Rotation: Can the Top Make Up for the Bottom?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/11/2015 -  1
    %0.2970.400%38.00%12.700%4.754.834.290.5 6Carlos Rodon2212.034.0%15.1%0.34677.8%N/AN/A3.002.61N/AN/A Chris Sale There's very little to say about Sale at this point. Sure, there are always going

  • Carlos Correa Is Coming
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/15/2015 -  38
    Mike Cameron 2,857 19.5 4.1 Chris Young 3,588 15.3 2.6 Mike Trout* 2,334 31.7 8.1 Desmond Jennings* 2,090 12.3 3.5 Marlon Byrd 1,454 2.9 1.2 Joc Pederson* 167

  • The Domingo Santana Experiment Comes to Houston
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/19/2015 -  14
    . And here he is looking even more lost against the soft-tossing righty, Chris Young. Santana's inability to make contact is concerning, but the 22-year-old has plenty of other things going for him. He

  • Team Preview: Texas Rangers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/11/2011 -  33
    Nelson Cruz 6 DH Michael Young/Mike Napoli (vs lefties) 7 1B Mitch Moreland*/Michael Young (vs lefties) 8 C Yorvit Torrealba 9 CF Julio Borbon* The big offseason acquisition of Adrian Beltre should

  • Dank(s) You Sir, May I Have Another Five Years?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/21/2011 -  53
    of maintaining the proper level of success over multiple seasons. Danks is still young, and he should remain effective throughout the length on the contract. And he's also been incredibly durable over

  • Second Half Stories to Follow
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/14/2011 -  59
    on pace to reach the mark; while Ian Kinsler, Andrew McCutchen, Justin Upton, Carlos Gonzalez and Chris Young all have an outside shot at reaching the milestone with strong second halves

  • Should Cleveland Go All In?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/28/2011 -  13
    reach, Indians' general manager Chris Antonetti announced that the team is going to be active around the trade deadline. While making the post-season would go a long way towards satisfying a long

  • Projecting D-backs Debutant Braden Shipley
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/26/2016 -  3
    Blood 2.0 0.0 6 0.36 Jeremy Sowers 2.8 1.3 7 0.38 Chris Holt 3.3 8.9 8 0.40 Steve Dreyer 2.9 0.3 9 0.41 Joe Grahe 4.1 1.3 10 0.44 Robert Rohrbaugh 2.1 0.0

  • Projecting Pirates Utility Infielder Max Moroff
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/9/2017 -  2
    Almonte 4.54 2.8 0.0 2 Monty Fariss 5.08 3.8 0.1 3 Chris Snopek 6.85 5.2 0.3 4 Maicer Izturis 6.86 4.9 9.5 5 Dave Silvestri 7.28 3.1 0.8 6 Kevin Russo

  • Projecting Tyler O'Neill and Marco Gonzales
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/25/2017 -  6
    Thoughtless and bad editor Carson Cistulli overlooked this post when Chris Mitchell submitted it on Friday afternoon. That's the reason it's appearing on Tuesday. The Mariners and Cardinals

  • Making Sense of Justin Ruggiano
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/14/2013 -  8
    in the minors. Most of these guys get their brief major-league appearance, and are pushed off the roster the following season by a more promising young player. That's essentially what happened with Ruggiano

  • Rays Rotation: Depth Chart Discussions
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/18/2013 -  0
    perspective. The reigning AL Cy Young winner, is consistent. Over the last three seasons, Price has tossed over 200 innings. His strikeout rate, which was already a strong 21.8% in 2010, has risen

  • 2014 RotoGraphs Staff Picks
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/14/2014 -  42
    Best Sophomore Pitcher Best Flyer Michael Barr Ike Davis Robbie Grossman Anibal Sanchez Kolten Wong Masahiro Tanaka Brandon Beachy Rex Brothers Jose Fernandez Scott Baker Chad Young

  • Projecting the First Wave of September Call-Ups
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/2/2015 -  7
     a quick look at three of the more intriguing young pitchers who will get their first taste of the big leagues this month: Zach Davies, Frankie Montas and Miguel Almonte. I anticipate more top

  • Rangers Extend Holland
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/20/2012 -  4
    . Trevor Cahill only saw a slight bump in his WAR last season, but Lester and Gallardo both had significantly better seasons after signing their deals. Holland is still young, and his performance last

  • Tempering Expectations for Atlanta's Matt Wisler
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/30/2015 -  14
    ; and for the first time in his young baseball career, Wisler struggled. Wisler struck out 25% of the batters he faced in A-Ball and Double-A, but saw his strikeout rate drop below 20% at the Triple

  • KATOH Projects: Chicago White Sox Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/3/2016 -  4
    average and power output both ticked down as he advanced from Low-A to High-A. Even so, KATOH's intrigued by his acceptable numbers as a young-for-his-level third baseman in A-Ball. However, his strikeout

  • On Terrance Gore's Upside
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/25/2015 -  10
    23 years old (he turns 24 in June). Players that young make significant improvements all the time. Gore's pretty terrible now, but he certainly wouldn't be the first terrible minor leaguer to develop

  • Looking for the Next Paul Goldschmidt
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/20/2015 -  37
    , the Diamondbacks pushed him to High-A the following year. But, even then, he wasn't particularly young for his level as a 22-year-old. Goldy hit about as well as anybody in his two-plus years in the minor

  • Positional Power Rankings: Second Base
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/6/2012 -  91
    of young, major-league ready talent, but not at second base. Giavotella seized the job late last season, and has the inside track at starting in 2012, but that's mainly because he's not Chris Getz

  • The 2018 All-KATOH Team
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/9/2018 -  24
    Anthony Banda ARI 5.1 SP2 Kyle Young PHI 5.0 SP3 Ryan Castellani COL 4.9 SP4 Chris Flexen NYM 4.7 SP5 Bryse Wilson ATL 4.7 RP Tanner Scott BAL 5.0

  • Comping Kris Bryant's Rookie Season
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/7/2015 -  68
    3 1972 Bobby Grich 135 5.4 2.84 4 2007 Mark Reynolds 109 1.8 2.90 5 1983 Mel Hall 125 2.9 2.92 6 1997 Mike Cameron 110 4.3 3.08 7 1984 Mike Young 122 2.2

  • Projecting the First Wave of September Call-Ups
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/7/2016 -  3
    in the hitter-friendly PCL, the 24-year-old spun a 3.23 FIP with a 33% strikeout rate. De Leon was just as dominant between High-A and Double-A in 2015, making him one of the most promising young pitchers

  • KATOH Projects: Arizona Diamondbacks Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/16/2016 -  2
    obscenely young for his level. Furthermore, he hit an encouraging .322/.358/.430 in the lower rungs of A-Ball in 2014. Leyba's not a good hitter, but given his age and position, he's done just enough

  • On Orlando Arcia's Lack of Power
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/1/2015 -  13
    thereof. Although he hit better than the league at a young age last year, he did so while hitting for very little power. With just four homers in 546 trips to the plate, his ISO was a measly .102. To get

  • KATOH Projects: Texas Rangers Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/18/2016 -  1
    . Nomar Mazara's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Name Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 Billy Butler 8.4 8.5 2 Grady Sizemore 9.1 30.6 3 Trey Beamon 10.0 0.0 4 Chris Lubanski

  • Oakland Extends Cahill
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/12/2011 -  21
    Locking up young players shortly after they reach the majors is all the rage these days in Major League Baseball. It should come as no surprise then that the Oakland Athletics locked up Trevor Cahill

  • Cory Luebke Joins the Rotation
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/28/2011 -  5
    , the performance of young players or prospects is one of the few positives ownership can sell to the fans. Cory Luebke, a former first-round pick, was given the opportunity to make his first start of the season

  • Beating Colby Lewis
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/11/2011 -  14
    was fourth on the team with 16 home runs this season. It's also unclear whether Delmon Young -- who hit eight home runs after joining the team in July -- is completely healthy. After hitting three home

  • The Miami Marlins Will Sign Everyone
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/10/2011 -  37
    in baseball. His addition helps shore up a rotation of Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco and a bunch of young guys. Buehrle could also be a great mentor for the young pitchers on the Marlins

  • Was Verlander Better than Halladay?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/23/2011 -  69
    Justin Verlander won the Cy Young and the MVP award after a tremendous 2011 season. Roy Halladay -- who posted similar numbers -- went home with nothing. Whether or not you agreed with Verlander's

  • The Rockies Should Trade Michael Cuddyer
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/28/2012 -  37
    has a reputation as a great guy and a team leader, which is one of the reasons O'Dowd may keep him on the team. But in order for this team to compete, they are going to need useful, young players

  • Revisiting Baseball America's Top-10 Prospects from 2006
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/29/2016 -  37
    particularly ground-breaking. 1. Delmon Young, OF (Profile) KATOH: 13.9 WAR BA: 20.3 WAR Actual: 3.6 WAR Just like everyone else, KATOH was all in in Delmon. It was kind of hard

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Giancarlo Stanton Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/9/2017 -  12
    and walked just 7%. The end result was a 2.30 ERA across 13 starts. At 21 years old, Guzman wasn’t particularly young for short-season ball — especially for an international signee — but his performance

  • Rays Call Up Matt Moore
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/12/2011 -  6
    he can provide to fantasy teams going forward. Much of Moore's value will be determined by how the Rays choose to employ their young fireballer. Many have speculated that Moore will be used

  • Can R.A. Dickey Repeat?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/10/2012 -  12
    came together last year. Six seasons after he started tinkering with the pitch, Dickey seemed to finally master the knuckleball. He was rewarded with the Cy Young award, and finished first overall

  • Have the Tigers Ruined Rick Porcello?
    in Community by Chris Cwik - 5/24/2010 -  14
    major league starter. After being draft 27th overall, Detroit wasted no time showcasing their young ace. In order to ensure Porcello developed his other pitches, the Tigers insisted that Porcello stop

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Todd Frazier Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/17/2015 -  11
    Young Jr.. 30 1.16 1,683 2.9 5 Eric Owens 44 1.17 2,577 0.0 6 Willie Harris 37 1.33 2,816 3.7 7 Chris Burke 35 1.41 1,443 0.8 8 Chad Curtis 46 1.45 4,650 11.5

  • KATOH Projects: Los Angeles Dodgers Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/11/2016 -  8
    flaw in an otherwise promising stat line. Shortstops who hit that well at such a young age are few and far between. That's why Seager has the chance to be a special player. Corey Seager's

  • Trade Targets: Center Field
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/1/2011 -  40
    Jonny Gomes in left. The Reds have some valuable young talent (Yonder Alonso, Mike Leake, Todd Frazier, etc.), so there's a chance this happens if the Dodgers make Kemp available. PLAYER: Michael

  • Should Anyone Sign Derrek Lee?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/8/2012 -  35
    Rankings article showed, even the low ranking teams are relatively set at the position. The teams Matt ranked the lowest -- the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres -- both have young prospects

  • Byron Buxton Gets the Call to Minnesota
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/16/2015 -  9
    Demond Smith 0 0.0 16 2.72 Luis Gonzalez 3,098 17.7 17 2.73 Chris Young 3,588 15.3 18 2.79 Alen Hanson* 0 0.0 19 2.83 Gookie Dawkins 110 0.0 20 2.89 Kevin

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Johnny Cueto Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/27/2015 -  17
    Trade season is now in full swing. The biggest trade of the summer (so far) came down the pike on Sunday, as the Royals acquired Johnny Cueto from the Reds in exchange for young, lefty hurlers

  • Projecting Yankees' Speedy A-Baller, Jorge Mateo
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/13/2015 -  14
    Pedro Santana 2.69 0 0.0 4 Anthony Gose* 2.95 961 1.7 5 Jason McFarlin 3.21 0 0.0 6 Ty Morrison* 3.62 0 0.0 7 Mallex Smith* 3.81 0 0.0 8 Eric Young 3.82

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Craig Kimbrel Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/16/2015 -  18
    power and runs wild on the base paths. All of that bodes well for his future in the show, especially considering he's always been very young for his levels. Here are some comps that were generated

  • KATOH Projects: Oakland Athletics Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/18/2016 -  0
    with an impressive 18 homers in 93 games last year. Year in and year out, Nunez has hit for power despite being young for his level, while simultaneously cutting down on his strikeout rate. 4. Yairo

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Aroldis Chapman Deal
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/26/2016 -  8
    . That's no bueno for a guy with such minimal power. Billy McKinney's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Mah Dist Name KATOH+ Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 0.96 Chris Magruder 1.2 0.8 2 1.22

  • 2018 Top 100 KATOH Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/8/2018 -  156
    C 5.0 58 Garrett Hampson COL 2B 5.0 59 Kyle Young PHI LHS 5.0 60 Tanner Scott BAL LHR 5.0 61 Charcer Burks CHC LF 5.0 62 Chance Adams NYY RHS 5.0 63

  • Cardinals Rotation: Depth Chart Discussions
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/27/2013 -  11
    . There was some thought that Lynn would wind up back in the bullpen based on the Cardinals' young pitching talent, but Chris Carpenter's injury all but assures Lynn will reprise his role as a starter. As Jim

  • Applying KATOH to Historical Prospects
    in Community by Chris Mitchell - 8/9/2014 -  2
    2011 23 AAA 97% Grant Green 2011 23 AA 97% Manny Machado 2011 18 A+ 97% Nolan Arenado 2011 20 A+ 96% Chris Carter 2011 24 AAA 96% Travis D'Arnaud 2011 22

  • Prior, Webb on the Comeback Trail
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/6/2012 -  26
    innings pitched, the former Cy Young only last four innings before succumbing to a shoulder injury. Since shoulder surgery, Webb has failed to regain his velocity. He'll throw for teams at some point

  • A First Look at Steven Matz
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/26/2015 -  17
    pretty good, but there's one possible knock on him: his age. Matz is 24, which isn't particularly young for a player who's just now making it to the majors. Most prospects worth their salt are already

  • Do Number One Prospects Succeed Immediately?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/6/2013 -  11
    13.24 Delmon Young 2006 Devil Rays 126 3 16 10 2 0.317 -16.68 Joe Mauer 2005 Twins 489 9 61 55 13 0.294 9.09 Joe Mauer 2004 DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP

  • The Cy Young Award and the Wins Barrier
    in FanGraphs by Owen Watson - 9/23/2015 -  23
    should win and who should not. As I quite fortunately find myself to be one of those writers, I have some thoughts, especially as they relate to the Cy Young. Today, my hope is that you will join me

  • Projecting the College Players Taken on Day Three of the Draft
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/15/2017 -  1
    sophomore campaign. He pairs good speed with a healthy walk rate and is relatively young for his class. Speedy middle infielders who can also hit are valuable commodities, and although he struggled

  • KATOH Projects: Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/23/2016 -  3
    the right adjustments. Tyler Glasnow's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Name Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 Scott Elarton 12.1 5.6 2 Aaron Sele 7.7 11.6 3 Chris Carpenter 5.9

  • KATOH Projects: Tampa Bay Rays Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/12/2016 -  4
    of a traditional first baseman, but he excels in every other offensive area. Considering how young he's been for his level, that's quite an accomplishment. Jake Bauer's Mahalanobis Comps

  • KATOH Projects: San Diego Padres Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/24/2016 -  1
    Carlos Gomez 7.5 22.7 5 Peter Bergeron 9.8 0.5 6 Chris Young 10.9 15.2 7 Elijah Dukes 9.4 2.7 8 Ricky Otero 7.1 0.1 9 Juan Encarnacion 9.9 6.1 10 Mark

  • Thor's Hammer: A First Look at Noah Syndergaard
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/12/2015 -  26
    Drew Pomeranz* 237 2.1 1.3 Jason Young 29 0.0 0.0 Heath Murray 146 0.0 0.0 Sean Douglass 207 0.0 0.0 Chris Tillman* 712 5.8 0.0 Glendon Rusch 1,033 14.3

  • Chris Archer Conquers Lefties
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/17/2014 -  3
    Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer lived up to expectations in 2014. While Archer's performance during his rookie season was strong, there were still some questions about his ability moving forward

  • KATOH Projects: New York Yankees Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/16/2016 -  3
    3 Chris Getz 2.7 1.8 4 Eric Young Jr. 4.3 4.0 5 Ralph Milliard 3.1 0.0 6 Chris Burke 3.5 2.2 7 Amaury Garcia 5.0 0.0 8 Marco Scutaro 2.5 2.3 9

  • Adjusting Our Opinion on Pitch Counts
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/31/2010 -  46
    This is a continuation of my last article, Handling Young Pitchers. Both pieces focus on a recent article written by Craig Wright for the Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011. In part one, I

  • 2011 Organization Rankings: #25 Kansas City
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/22/2011 -  50
    the Royals' young stars start reaching the majors. If the past is any indication, however, Royals' fans have some reason for concern. In the time that Glass has owned the Royals, the team has traded off

  • Is Tim Lincecum Taking a Big Risk?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/26/2012 -  77
    -- winning back-to-back National League Cy Young awards in his first two full seasons -- and he's definitely in line for a big payday. But given pitchers' unpredictability, Lincecum's decision to play

  • Arauz By Any Other Name: Projecting the Arauzes in the Ken Giles Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/15/2015 -  8
    /.370 in 44 games while splitting time between second base and shortstop. Those numbers may not sound great, but they're very impressive for a guy so young. Arauz fared particularly well

  • Cheslor Late Than Never: Cuthbert Up for Injured Moustakas
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/9/2016 -  11
    put up above-average offensive numbers at every minor-league stop -- including at Triple-A last year -- despite being young for his levels. That's noteworthy, even if it's somewhat hidden by the half

  • Projecting Julio Urias
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/27/2016 -  43
    has posted such a huge gap between his strikeout and walk rates at so young an age. Not only is he the youngest pitcher in both of these samples, but he also performed substantially better than

  • Finding Nimmo: Projecting the Newest Met
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/27/2016 -  14
    to the World Series last year. The year 2016 hasn't been as kind to him, however, which prompted the Mets to send him back to the minor leagues. In his place, they called up another young outfielder: Brandon

  • Projecting Nationals Right-Hander Reynaldo Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/19/2016 -  1
    Less than a month ago, the Washington Nationals called up top prospect Lucas Giolito, with the hopes that he'd fill a hole in their rotation. However, as often happens with promising young pitchers

  • Projecting Cardinals Call-Up Alex Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/10/2016 -  23
    equal, you’d prefer to have a pitcher that doesn’t have iffy command and an ugly walk rate. But all else isn’t equal with Reyes. His ability to generate strikeouts, especially at such a young age

  • Projecting Cardinals Call-Up Luke Weaver
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/12/2016 -  0
    Earlier this week, the Cardinals called up a promising young arm in Alex Reyes, who's already enjoyed some success out of St. Louis' bullpen. Another promising young arm is set to debut

  • Projecting Recent A's Call-Ups Franklin Barreto and Matt Chapman
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/26/2017 -  7
    position. Chapman can do both, which makes him a rare talent. Oakland has several young, promising players who are just now breaking into the show -- including Jaycob Brugman (3.0, 2.2), Daniel Gossett

  • Projecting J.P. Crawford
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/6/2017 -  18
    Jackson 6.2 5.4 It's been a rough few years for the Phillies, and they likely still have a ways to go before they're competitive again. But their current wave of young talent should help them

  • Texas Rangers Bullpen: Depth Chart Discussions
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/21/2013 -  3
    with age-related decline as he enters his age-35 season. Those veterans will join a young, yet, otherwise promising bullpen in Texas. The only concern about Nathan this season is his age. At 38-years

  • A Perfect Storm For Kevin Slowey
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 5/6/2013 -  7
    , the BrooksBaseball site agrees, classifying the pitch to Michael Young as a slider and the pitch to Delmon Young as a curve. His slider is hardly an elite offering, but it's an upgrade over

  • How Good is Manny Machado?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/25/2013 -  15
    . It's fairly rare for players as young as Machado to be in the majors, let alone perform at a near-MVP level. Harper and Trout may have received all the headlines last season, but Machado has forced his way

  • Jose Fernandez Ready For Year Two
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/11/2013 -  6
    the hard part. Fernandez will have to prove that he's capable of doing it again. While there's always a significant risk involved in putting too much stock in young pitchers, Fernandez has already put

  • Starling Marte and Dealing with Personal Bias
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/12/2014 -  14
    the finest season of his young career, solidifying himself as one of the better young outfielders in the game. Looking over that article now, I realize that while the research seemed to fit, I let my

  • Stephen Strasburg Should Be an All-Star
    in Community by Chris Cwik - 7/12/2010 -  11
    can derail Strasburg's dominance. 4. He's young, he will have more opportunities to pitch in the All-Star Game. Personally, I hope Strasburg goes on to pitch in a number of All-Star Games

  • KATOH Projects: Kansas City Royals Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/24/2016 -  5
    a late-season cameo with Kansas City. Cuthbert likely won't be a star, but he makes a lot of contact, plays a semi-premium defensive position and is young enough that he still has time to improve

  • The Roto Deep League Cy Young
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 10/13/2015 -  8
    To separate the deep league fantasy Cy Young from the regular fantasy one, and also from the real-life Cy Young, we'll need to define the award. Fantasy Baseball is maybe all about value, and value

  • Estimating a Buster Posey Contract Extension
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/17/2012 -  14
    The San Francisco Giants want to lock up their young stars. After signing both Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner to long-term contracts, the Giants have now reached out to Buster Posey's agent about

  • Some Possible Futures for Houston's Vincent Velasquez
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/11/2015 -  6
    points on the age-to-level front. As a 22-year-old in A-Ball, he wasn't particularly young for his level. However, when you consider how much development time he's lost due to injuries, things suddenly

  • Kyle Lewis and the Elite Small-Conference Draft Prospect
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/8/2016 -  27
    2003 7 Young Harris College ? ? ? ? Hunter Dozier 2013 8 Stephen F. Austin .396 .482 .755 1.237 Michael Choice 2010 10 University of Texas-Arlington .383 .572 .704 1.276

  • Chris Tillman: Sleeper
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/21/2013 -  11
    Chris Tillman is going to be a very popular pick at the end of most drafts this season. Every year, there are a couple of guys that get touted all offseason, causing other owners to make a fuss when

  • N.L Cy Young: Who to Choose?
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 10/2/2006 -  5
    With the regular season finally over, it's time to start thinking about who should be the recipient of the National League Cy Young award. A month ago, I thought Chris Carpenter was a shoe in to win

  • KATOH Projects: Houston Astros Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/18/2016 -  7
    Terrmel Sledge 2.2 1.8 10 Chris Carter 7.4 3.7 2. Tony Kemp, 2B (Profile) KATOH Projection: 5.0 WAR Dan's Grade: 45+ FV Kemp annihilated Double-A pitching to the tune

  • Projecting the College Players Taken on Day One of the Draft
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/10/2016 -  26
    in his stellar ERA, as he didn’t miss a ton of bats. To his credit, Dunn doesn’t turn 21 until the fall, so he’s on the young side for a college draftee. ***** 21. T.J. Zeuch, RHP, Blue Jays

  • KATOH's Top 250 Draft-Eligible College Players
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/9/2017 -  36
    Anderson IF UC Davis 0.5 112 Hunter Simmons IF Utah 0.5 113 Chris Muller P Texas-San Antonio 0.5 114 Logan Harasta P University at Buffalo 0.5 115

  • Projecting the College Players Taken on Day Two of the Draft
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/14/2017 -  1
    21, making him young-ish for a college junior. Will Toffey, 3B, Oakland, 1.4 WAR Toffey's appeal is built almost entirely around his ability to control the strike zone. He racked up 48 walks

  • The Mark Reynolds Trade: Arizona's End
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/7/2010 -  15
    and Mikolio aren't exactly household names, they could end up playing key roles in Towers' next dominant pen. In Hernandez and Mickolio, Towers acquires two young, cost-controlled pitchers capable

  • Are the Brewers the Favorite in the Central?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/20/2010 -  104
    to rely on the development of their young talent next season. A healthy Edinson Volquez will strengthen the rotation, but the Reds remain relatively unchanged heading into 2011. The Cardinals have

  • Sabathia's Opt Out
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/17/2011 -  43
    , and losing Sabathia would be a gigantic blow. If AJ Burnett fails to bounce back, and the young prospects cannot take a step forward, locking up Sabathia becomes an even bigger priority for the Yankees

  • The Return of Josh Beckett
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/22/2011 -  24
    less thing the Red Sox have to worry about going forward. He may not return to Cy Young form, but as Beckett has already shown this season, 2010 appears to be an aberration.

  • Will Ubaldo Jimenez Bounce Back?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 5/19/2011 -  27
    that finished third in the Cy Young voting last season.

  • Passing on Jose Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/21/2011 -  57
    . Reyes is currently 28-years-old -- that's not old, but it isn't necessarily young either. How many seasons of elite performance can you predict out of Reyes going forward? Five maybe? The allure

  • Zack Greinke Can't Catch a Break
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/30/2011 -  63
    throwing at an All-Star level. If not for a ton of bad luck, it's not unreasonable to look at Greinke's numbers and see a potential Cy Young candidate. That's not the case, however. Greinke's luck may

  • The Value of Joe Mauer
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/8/2011 -  82
    field. Unfortunately for the Twins, much of Mauer's value is dependent on whether he can produce at his pre-injury level. There are reasons for optimism: Mauer still is young and his injuries haven't

  • Andrew McCutchen Arrives
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/12/2011 -  56
    to McCutchen until now. For the first time since Barry Bonds patrolled the Pittsburgh outfield, the Pirates have another home-grown, phenomenal young outfielder -- and one of the best players in the game

  • Ozzie Guillen Out in Chicago
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/27/2011 -  30
    a deal in place to remain with the organization. In his time with the White Sox, Cooper has established himself as one of the best pitching coaches in the game. His propensity for turning around young

  • Will the Rays Trade James Shields?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/3/2011 -  49
    was the pitcher that could bring back the biggest return in a trade. In order to get their young prospect into the rotation -- in this case, Jeremy Hellickson -- the Rays dealt Shields Garza

  • Boston Lands Bailey
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/28/2011 -  99
    and landed a proven closer for two young prospects. That's not a bad way for Ben Cherington to start his era in Boston.

  • Is Fernando Martinez Worth a Waiver Claim?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/10/2012 -  42
    that Martinez has been around forever, the former top prospect is only 23 — which means he could be an intriguing option for some other team. It might sound weird to say this about a guy this young

  • Matt Bush Arrested for DUI
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/23/2012 -  54
    case, but still received multiple chances based on his potential. Delmon Young once threw a bat at an umpire, but the Rays stuck by him due to his prospect status - at least, until they realized he

  • Projecting Casey Meisner: The Other Guy in Clippard Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/28/2015 -  3
    For the second time in a span of four days, the Mets have dipped into their surplus of young pitching talent to strengthen their 2015 roster. Over the weekend, they dealt two unremarkable

  • KATOH Projects: Chicago Cubs Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 1/8/2016 -  1
    for being a catcher. He still needs to prove himself in the upper levels, but has shown promise offensively. 9. Chesny Young, 2B (Profile) KATOH Projection Through Age 28 (2015 stats): 2.8 WAR KATOH

  • Projecting the Cubs' Albert Almora
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/8/2016 -  10
    , but he has enough of both to make an impact. Couple that with excellent contact ability and you have a solid player who just turned 22. He's still plenty young enough to improve on his weaknesses

  • Projecting Reds Lefty Cody Reed
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/17/2016 -  8
    : His minor-league numbers don't jump off the page, like Julio Urias' or Jameson Taillon's did. But Reed has pitched very well in the high minors at a young age, which makes him a very good bet to succeed

  • Projecting Pirates Call-Up Josh Bell
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/8/2016 -  14
    8 17.6 Travis Hafner 2.7 18.4 9 18.6 Dmitri Young 3.0 8.0 10 23.2 Carlos Pena 4.6 9.2 Bell isn't a slam dunk prospect. It's hard to be one of those when you're

  • Projecting Royals Call-Up Raul Mondesi
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/27/2016 -  3
    , and was similarly underwhelming in the lower levels of the minor leagues. In fairness to Mondesi, he was always exceptionally young for his level. But still: sub-.300 OBPs are never good. Despite

  • Projecting New Braves Prospect Travis Demeritte
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/28/2016 -  2
    -on, but they're mostly just there for fun. Travis Demeritte's Mahalanobis Comps Rank Name Mah Dist KATOH+ Proj. WAR Actual WAR 1 Delwyn Young 2.16 1.6 0.5 2 Glenn Osinski 2.34

  • Projecting Max Schrock, the Return for Marc Rzepczynski
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/25/2016 -  3
    8 Delwyn Young 3.46 1.6 0.5 9 Marty Malloy 3.58 1.8 0.0 10 Alberto Callaspo 3.64 2.7 7.3 As Dave Cameron pointed out, Rzepczynski is a mediocre left-handed reliever

  • Projecting Brewers Acquisition Ryan Cordell
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/8/2016 -  3
    as well above average in the outfield, with the plurality of his games coming in center. Altogether, that makes for a promising young player. KATOH pegs Cordell for 4.7 WAR over his first six seasons

  • Projecting Clint Frazier
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/3/2017 -  14
    has also posted double-digit walk and stolen-base numbers. He's also been perpetually young for his levels: he spent one year at each level after starting in Low-A at age 19. As a result, my KATOH

  • Projecting Rafael Devers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/25/2017 -  15
    1.1 6 Ian Stewart 8.5 3.1 7 Kevin Young 11.1 4.9 8 Todd Walker 14.3 4.6 9 Edwin Encarnacion 7.7 7.4 10 Aramis Ramirez 12.8 13.4

  • Projecting Jack Flaherty
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/1/2017 -  7
    to help that cause, even if he only matches his 4.33 Steamer projection. But looking at the the longer-term, Flaherty is one of the most promising young pitchers on the planet by my math. He could

  • Bottom of the Barrel: $1 Second Baseman
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/28/2011 -  3
    , and his help with steals will be virtually nonexistent. Despite those faults, DeWitt has two things going for him: he's young and he has some power. Only 25, DeWitt hasn't reached his prime yet

  • Desmond Jennings Gets the Call
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/25/2011 -  9
    looking to pick up some extra steals. Now that the Rays have finally promoting their young star, it appears they are going to utilize him aggressively. The fact that the Rays made Jennings their lead

  • Keeper Conundrum: Mike Leake
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/22/2011 -  6
    provided value to fantasy owners this season -- and he's still incredibly young for a player with his experience -- but have his performances been strong enough to make him a keeper? First off

  • Waiver Wire: Ross Detwiler
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/29/2011 -  1
    control this season, however, as he's currently posting the best walk rate (2.86 per nine) of his young career. The 25-year-old pitcher has also been able to increase his strikeout rate this season

  • What to do with Alex Rodriguez?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/3/2011 -  3
    Bautista, Adrian Beltre and Pablo Sandoval; and Rodriguez looks like the seventh best option at the position heading into next season. That doesn't even include Aramis Ramirez, Michael Young or Kevin

  • Is Gordon Beckham Done?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/7/2011 -  5
    a chance on a young prospect or a bounce back candidate. Gordon Beckham is one player that fits that mold perfectly. After being one of the most highly touted rookies following his 2009 campaign, Beckham

  • RotoGraphs Mock Keeper Draft Rounds 1-3
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/12/2011 -  15
    ' slugger, Mike Stanton. Stanton is incredibly young -- and still getting better -- he's a good bet to lead the league in home runs over the next decade. Riskiest Pick: At the time of the draft, Ryan

  • What is Andrew Cashner's Value?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/9/2012 -  0
    more value in leagues if he transitions to the rotation in 2013. The Padres rotation may be young, but many members are unproven, so it wouldn't be surprising if Cashner knocked one of the Padres

  • Two Lessons for Next Season
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/4/2012 -  16
    waiting for a breakout. On the other hand, Jason Heyward and Buster Posey immediately produced. While there's some upside in young guys, there's also a fair amount of risk. Harper and Trout succeeded

  • Howie Kendrick: Still Fantasy Relevant?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/22/2012 -  1
    The legend of Howie Kendrick was written prematurely. If you were playing fantasy baseball in 2006, there's a good chance you heard about a young Angels prospect named Howie Kendrick. Most

  • Preaching Patience with R.A. Dickey
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/8/2013 -  22
    R.A. Dickey came into the season with more concerns than the typical reigning Cy Young. He did not have the long track record of elite success in the majors, and was moving to a more difficult league

  • Buying & Selling: NL Starters
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 5/22/2013 -  17
    this year as well. Unless that hard slider starts appearing, you might try and sell Cashner as a young pitcher who has finally figured things out. Buy low: Brewers SP Marco Estrada In some ways

  • The Development of Tyler Chatwood
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/26/2013 -  3
    than 23. And given how young he is, it's reasonable to expect some development from Chatwood. Chatwood was a second-round draft pick, and appeared on Baseball America's 2011 Top 100 Prospects list

  • Jose Quintana's Steady Improvement
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/17/2013 -  15
    only improved slightly. Instead of being a back-of-the-rotation guy, Quintana has shown enough ability to probably survive as a three-starter. On a White Sox team lacking young pitching talent

  • A Look at the Prospects in the Craig Kimbrel Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/6/2015 -  9
    of a challenge for the 21-year-old. For the first time in his young career, Wisler struggled. In 22 Triple-A starts, Wisler pitched to a 5.01 ERA and 5.14 FIP. To be fair, Wisler made those 22 starts

  • A First Look at Philadelphia's Aaron Nola
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/21/2015 -  7
    5 0.49 Jason Young 29 0.0 85.9 6 0.49 Steve Bourgeois 40 0.0 NA 7 0.51 Gabe White 334 3.3 NA 8 0.51 James Baldwin 920 10.0 NA 9 0.51 John Lackey 1,161

  • Under-the-Radar Rookie Hitters on Contending Teams
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/21/2015 -  31
    Bryant to Carlos Correa to Noah Syndergaard to Lance McCullers, we've experienced a historic wave of young talent matriculating to the big leagues. Top prospects often turn into productive big leaguers

  • Projecting Raul Mondesi
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/28/2015 -  16
    despite being a non-terrible defensive shortstop. Yet, as bad as Mondesi's hitting has been, he's also been very young for his level at every stop along the way. Although he's yet to master a minor

  • KATOH's Rule 5 Pref List: The Pitchers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/9/2015 -  5
    , this compilation of names is skewed more towards guys on the young end of the spectrum, and not necessarily towards guys who are most likely to contribute in 2016. Identifying eligible Rule 5 players

  • Free Dilson Herrera
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/1/2016 -  25
    A cornucopia of promising young hitters lost their rookie eligibility over the course of the 2015 season. Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Francisco Lindor and Kyle Schwarber are just a few of the most

  • Tony Kemp and the Inevitable Jose Altuve Comparison
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/17/2016 -  6
    3.1 2.8 5'9" 4 Eric Young Jr. 4.3 4.0 5'9" 5 Willie Harris 3.5 5.9 5'9" 6 Marco Scutaro 3.2 2.0 5'9" 7 Chone Figgins 3.6 15.7 5'9" 8 Eric Patterson 4.2 0.3

  • A Mostly Restrained Examination of Manny Margot's Hot Start
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/12/2017 -  17
    that sometimes happen to players who are young and toolsy. The season is young, so we only have a small sample of batted balls for Margot, and an even smaller sample for which we have exit-velocity

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Jose Quintana Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/14/2017 -  7
    6.2 19.0 8 Terrence Long 6.7 5.1 9 Delmon Young 20.3 2.7 10 Rondell White 10.0 17.3 *** Dylan Cease, RHP (Profile) KATOH: 2.2 WAR KATOH+: 2.7 WAR While

  • How Good Is Salvador Perez?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/28/2013 -  13
    the ninth best WAR among young catchers over that period. If you're a skeptic, it's easy to look at Perez's strong fielding numbers, and point to those as the reason he ranks that high on the list

  • Texas Rangers Infield: Depth Chart Discussions
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/20/2013 -  6
    him one of the best second basemen in fantasy baseball. There was some talk of him shifting to first base to accomodate one of the team's young prospects, but it hasn't happened yet. He wouldn't

  • The Cubs Infield: Can the Youngsters Bounce Back?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/5/2014 -  9
    Nothing seemed to go right for the Chicago Cubs in 2013. While the team wasn't expected to be good, it had a young core of players who could contribute to the next winner on the North Side. Virtually

  • KATOH Projects: Milwaukee Brewers Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/7/2016 -  4
    Wayne Busby 1.1 0.0 4 Goef Tomlinson 2.3 0.0 5 Jon Hamilton 1.0 0.0 6 Mike Darr 0.9 2.6 7 Franklin Gutierrez 1.9 13.1 8 Angel Pagan 1.7 9.1 9 Eric Young Jr

  • The 2017 All-KATOH Team
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/3/2017 -  22
    , which is relatively young for a college bat. Why scouts don't (per Baseball America's Prospect Handbook): He projects as a near-average hitter with well below-average power... Stubbs' size

  • Will Stars and Scrubs Approach Derail Brewers?
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/14/2011 -  34
    of development in the minors and will now have to adjust at the major league level. Although George Kottaras would provide more patience and power, Lucroy is the superior defensive player. Lucroy is still young

  • The Return of Cahill's Curve
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/5/2011 -  11
    candidates due to some poor peripherals. One of the most puzzling aspects of Cahill's young career, and one of the reasons analysts are calling for regression, has been Cahill's low strikeout rate

  • Royals Lose Danny Duffy for the Season
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 5/15/2012 -  16
    of soreness, they let Duffy see if he could overcome it. While he was able to put off surgery for two starts, both sides probably knew this was inevitable. The Royals still have a lot of young talent

  • Red Sox Have Too Many Outfielders
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/3/2012 -  70
    is an easy bet to be sent down. He's young — and he's part of the team's future — but his performance doesn't justify keeping him on the roster this season. Podsednik is probably the next player

  • Jeff Hoffman Surprisingly Polished in Return from Surgery
    in FanGraphs by Chris King - 5/29/2015 -  11
    healthy and keep progressing. Notes on other players from this game: Abiatal Avelino, SS, Yankees: Avelino has been a bit under the radar in his young career, but he played well in the GCL two years

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Cespedes Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/31/2015 -  15
    Mahalanobis Distance calculations: Rank Mah Dist Name IP thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 0.28 Jason Young 29 0.0 2 0.36 Luis Andujar 123 0.0 3 0.38 Dan Wright 366 0.6 4

  • Rangers Sign Former First-Overall Pick Matt Bush
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/21/2015 -  17
    , and Carlos Correa (2012) appears to be on a similar trajectory. Even the busts -- like Delmon Young (2003), Luke Hochevar (2006) and Tim Beckham (2008) -- often turn into big league players who have

  • KATOH's Most-Improved Hitting Prospects So Far
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/3/2017 -  10
    bat, he isn't young for High-A, but his performance has been off the charts. Juan Perez, UTIL, Cincinnati (Profile) Preseason KATOH+ Projection: 1.1 Current KATOH+ Projection: 3.1 Perez

  • Projecting Bradley Zimmer
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/16/2017 -  17
    swing and he'll need to adjust. But all things considered, Zimmer is one of baseball's most promising young players. His rare power-speed combo make him one of the most exciting prospects who

  • Who Will Close for the White Sox?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/2/2012 -  30
    to be that good, and they could see what they have in the young guys if the team struggles. Thornton is the best bet, but there's no telling where the White Sox may turn in a few months. Whoever the team

  • What's Next For Bryce Harper?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 11/28/2012 -  5
    , Harper had emerged as one of the team's best offensive players. Had it not been for Mike Trout, Harper would have received even more accolades for his accomplishments at such a young age. Harper

  • What Will Wade Miley Do Next?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 12/13/2012 -  2
    more decent years in him, and Jordan Zimmermann looks to be on a promising track, but is still young. Alejandro Pena, Atlee Hammaker and Mark Mulder fell off a bit following their age-25 season. Mulder

  • The Michael Morse Approach
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/9/2013 -  1
    is not a young player. Morse will turn 31 before the start of next season. At that age, most of the players on the list with Morse's skill set were either out of baseball, or seeing limited playing

  • Can Trevor Cahill Improve Again?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/7/2013 -  3
    seems like a long time, he's still young, not turning 25 until March. Because of that, it's still plausible to think there's a chance for Cahill to get even better. Strikeout rate isn't

  • Pirates Getting it Done with Pitching
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/28/2013 -  1
    pitchers rank fifth with a 3.49 FIP. Aside from Gerrit Cole, the team hasn't seen major contributions from their young prospects yet. Instead, the team has seen huge payoffs from the most unlikely

  • The Maturation of Ian Desmond
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/11/2013 -  1
    -old, it wasn't as if Desmond was a young prospect figuring things out. Just when it looked like he was a lost cause, Desmond started to figure things out. Over the past two seasons, he's taken himself

  • The Nationals Outfield: Is this the Year?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/19/2014 -  20
    with an MVP-caliber season. The good thing is, Harper was able to post those numbers while dealing with injuries that required offseason surgery. At age-21, the sky really is the limit for the young

  • Blue Jays Outfield: Time for A Bounce Back
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/26/2014 -  1
    still relatively young. With Rasmus set to be a free-agent following the season, there's a chance the team will want to see what Gose can do, particularly late in the season. It's unclear what Gose

  • Handicapping the Award Races: Cy Young
    in FanGraphs by Dan Szymborski - 8/13/2018 -  128
    Having finished among the top five in voting every year since 2013, Chris Sale is this season's favorite .(Photo: Keith Allison) Last week, I ran down the latest ZiPS projections for the MVP

  • Making Sense of Ozhaino Albies' Awesome Pro Debut
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/3/2015 -  8
    and every scout that has seen him told me they can’t argue with this ranking. Power isn’t a big part of game and likely will never be, but he does everything else so well at such a young age

  • KATOH Projects: Baltimore Orioles Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/15/2015 -  16
    batting line. Power production like that is uncommon for someone that young, which puts Reyes on a promising trajectory. On the downside, he's had some trouble staying healthy, and is currently rehabbing

  • KATOH's Top 200 Prospect List
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/20/2015 -  45
    with the fact that Anderson wasn't overly young for his level, lead KATOH to project the toolsy shortstop for a measly 2.2 WAR through age 28, despite his solid .301/.327/.481 batting line. Anderson's

  • The 2016 All-KATOH Team
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/28/2016 -  14
    for a super-young middle infielder. Why scouts don't: As a 5-foot-9 second baseman, Westbrook isn't exactly a bastion of tools. He feels like the type of hitter who'll need to prove himself

  • A Primer on a New and Improved KATOH
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/25/2015 -  34
    these numbers from time to time. Furthermore, players' bodies are always changing, even in the height department. We're sometimes dealing with kids as young as 16 or 17, remember, and height isn't

  • Chris Cwik: RotoGraphs Chat
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/19/2011 -  0

  • Chris Cwik RotoGraphs Chat
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/27/2012 -  1

  • Attempting to Forecast Yoan Moncada Statistically
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/2/2015 -  12
    it's worth. But caveats aside, the statistical projection seems to mostly agree with the scouting consensus: Yoan Moncada looks like one of the most promising young players in the game.

  • Projecting Addison Russell
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/22/2015 -  10
    on to High-A in 2013, and kept right on hitting. At 19, he was very young for the California League, but still managed a .275/.377/.508 performance. Not many prospects are assigned to High

  • Ready or Not, Kevin Plawecki's a Big Leaguer
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/28/2015 -  6
    and eighth respectively in his pre-season rankings. Any time a prospect of that caliber gets called up to the big leagues, it's certainly newsworthy. But there was another promising, young prospect who

  • KATOH's Thoughts on the First-Round Picks
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/9/2015 -  5
    . But, with a projected 1.2 WAR through age-28, KATOH still likes him better than most other pitchers who came off the board last night.   9. Ian Happ, 2B, Chicago Cubs The Cubs may have a glut of young

  • Projecting the Prospects in the Troy Tulowitzki Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/28/2015 -  6
    %) and also with his age: at 22, he wasn't overly young for A-Ball. However, KATOH doesn't know that Hoffman sat out an entire year recovering from surgery, and might still be finding his groove. As he

  • Projecting All the Prospects in the Latos/Wood Trade
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 7/30/2015 -  8
    13 3.95 Alcides Escobar* 3,606 11.6 14 3.98 Eury Perez* 116 0.0 15 4.00 Eric Young 1,408 4.2 16 4.04 Desi Relaford 2,094 1.6 17 4.08 Willie Romero 0 0.0 18

  • Projecting Rockies Call-Ups Cristhian Adames & Tom Murphy
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/15/2015 -  2
    comps tell a similar story: Tom Murphy's Statistical Comps Rank Mah Dist Name PA thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 0.49 Walter Young 37 0.0 2 0.55 Matthew Clark* 31 0.0 3

  • Projecting Milwaukee's Slew of Late-September Call-Ups
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/25/2015 -  3
    Rank Mah Dist Name PA thru 28 WAR thru 28 1 1.07 Cesar Crespo 291 0.0 2 1.30 Aaron Hicks* 886 1.4 3 1.51 Eric Young Jr.* 1,273 2.1 4 1.52 Esteban German 444

  • Carlos Correa's Rookie Season Hints at Greatness
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/6/2015 -  25
    to other young players' seasons by weighing each metric according to its offensive importance. One tweak, though. While wOBA does a good job of quantifying a hitter's past performance, it fails

  • A Look at Some Compelling Minor League Free Agents
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/1/2015 -  12
    , runs well and plays up-the-middle defense. And most importantly, at 24, he's still young enough that he could conceivably get a good deal better. ***** Rafael Ortega, 1.8 WAR thru 28 2014

  • Foolishly Looking for the Next A-Rod
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/23/2015 -  16
    first overall in the 1993 amateur draft. He wasted no time establishing himself in the minor leagues. He opened the 1994 season in Low-A, where -- as an 18-year-old -- he was extremely young for his

  • How the Brewers Rebuilt Their Way Into KATOH's Heart
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/16/2016 -  12
    like decent bets to be traded sooner or later. A couple of years from now, Milwaukee should have a solid core of young, cost-controlled players to build around. If nothing else, Brewers fans have

  • Ruddy Giron: Possible Sleeper in the Padres System
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/29/2016 -  15
    , but as an 18-year-old, he was crazy young for a full-season assignment. Giron's age and 2014 stats make his full-season assignment seem recklessly aggressive, but his performance suggests he was at the appropriate

  • KATOH Projects: Miami Marlins Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/3/2016 -  3
    . This is in no way helpful to anyone, but Flores won multiple Cy Young awards for me in my MLB the Show franchise two years ago. Kendry Flores' Mahalanobis Comps Rank Name Proj. WAR

  • KATOH Projects: Seattle Mariners Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/29/2016 -  1
    is still a prospect here in 2016. Once a promising young player in the Rangers system, Wieland's career has been derailed by injuries. But he showed glimpses of his former self last year when he posted

  • Ronald Torreyes Continues to Exceed Expectations
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/14/2016 -  12
    infielder. It blows my mind that so many teams let him go for approximately nothing. Not only did Torreyes hold his own in Triple-A at a young age, but he did so while making loads of contact

  • Picking Berrios: Top Prospect Debuts for Twins Tonight
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 4/27/2016 -  14
    This hasn't been a particularly fun season for Twins fans. Not only do they have an abysmal 7-14 record, but their young players -- who are supposed to usher in a new era of Twins baseball -- haven't

  • KATOH’s Most-Improved Hitting Prospects So Far
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/16/2017 -  25
    of power and contact skills and is very young for his level. Jesus Sanchez, OF, Tampa (Profile) Preseason KATOH+ Projection: 0.5 Current KATOH+ Projection: 4.6 Sanchez also appears here

  • Will Adrian Gonzalez Rebound?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 2/28/2013 -  20
    provided in the past. The culprit of his struggles wasn't an injury, and, at age-31, Gonzalez is still young enough to stave off a major performance decline. Those factors have made Gonzalez one

  • 2013 NL Starting Pitcher Tiers: June
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/12/2013 -  57
    Young starting pitchers continue to make their presence known this year. Since the last NL pitcher rankings, owners have seen Tyler Skaggs, Michael Wacha, Gerrit Cole and, soon, Zack Wheeler reach

  • NL Starter Tiers -- May 2014
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/30/2014 -  62
    , as it's been two starts. Teheran and Cole are too young guys with plenty of potential, but it would be nice to get a few more strikeouts right now. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory Ian Kennedy

  • Baseball America Top 10 Prospects Retrospective: Part 1
    in Community by Chris Hart - 4/16/2014 -  3
    2.94 3.26 5.04 1.73 5.2 As he posted these increasingly good season at such a young age (21-23) and on some pretty good Braves teams, he looked to be one of the next

  • KATOH Projects: Cincinnati Reds Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/4/2016 -  12
    the Royals in the Johnny Cueto deal. Reed turns 23 in April, so he hasn't exactly been young for his levels. But his excellent numbers along with his height (6-foot-5) yields one of KATOH's top pitcher

  • KATOH Projects: Colorado Rockies Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/10/2016 -  3
    , Tapia's ascent through the minors has been a gradual one. As a result, he hasn't been particularly young for his levels for a Dominican signee. That's KATOH's biggest quibble here, but Tapia's overall

  • Projecting the College Players Taken on Day One of the Draft
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 6/13/2017 -  12
    Irvine this year. KATOH dings him a bit for playing in the Big West, which isn't a tippy-top conference, but it’s hard to envision a better performance. He's also on the young side, as he doesn't turn 21

  • KATOH's Top 100 List: Now Incorporating Multiple Years
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 1/29/2016 -  62
    . This adjustment also makes age a bit less important in general. So the guys who have little going for them other than being uber young for their level don't rise to the top as much. I'm looking at you, Samir

  • The Players KATOH Got Wrong in 2017
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/4/2017 -  14
    , 2B, Pittsburgh/Chicago (AL) Between 2015 and 2016, Hanson hit a respectable .265/.316/.388 and stole 71 bases at Triple-A as a young-for-his-level second baseman. Yet he did not crack any top-100

  • KATOH Projections for the Top 200 Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 2/17/2015 -  40
    at a young age. Still, despite its flaws, KATOH tackles prospect evaluation from an objective point of view, which I think can be useful in identifying statistical factors that may have been overlooked

  • KATOH Projects: Philadelphia Phillies Prospects
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/22/2016 -  5
    is the one piece that's still missing from Tocci's profile, but he makes up for it by having so many other skills at such a young age. 8. Deivi Grullon, C (Profile) KATOH Projection: 2.6 WAR

  • Projecting Yesterday's Rule 5 Picks
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 12/9/2016 -  4
    and wasn't particularly young for his level. 2016 Rule 5 Picks Round Pick Player Position New Team Former Team KATOH KATOH+ 1 1 Miguel Diaz RHP Padres (Traded from Twins) Brewers

  • The Players KATOH Got Right in 2017
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 9/29/2017 -  27
    Atlanta finally demoted him in late July. Swanson still looks like a promising young player, but the praise he received last winter appears to have been premature. Robert Gsellman, RHP, New York NL

  • Projecting the Prospects Traded Yesterday
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/2/2016 -  6
    . But he's a young-ish player who's put up decent numbers in the minor leagues this year. Adequate defensive catchers who can hit .265/.338/.451 in Triple-A are a semi-rare commodity. Though Susac's already

  • A New York-Penn League Pref List for 2017
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 11/6/2017 -  7
    some risk. Oswaldo Cabrera, IF, New York AL (Profile) KATOH: 2.4 WAR KATOH+: 1.2 WAR Cabrera is a contact-oriented middle infielder who held his own at the plate despite being very young

  • Corey Kluber as a Cy Young Candidate
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/20/2014 -  43
    in a more pitcher-friendly ballpark than Cleveland's. Felix isn't Chris Young -- he isn't engineered to get the maximum benefit out of Safeco's dimensions and air -- but pitcher-friendly is pitcher

  • The Daily Grind: Dynasty, Chavez, Young
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 5/21/2015 -  13
    : Odrisamer Despaigne, Kyle Hendricks, John Danks, Colome, Matt Garza, Matt Shoemaker, Williams, de la Rosa, Scott Feldman, Chris Tillman, Mat Latos, Archie Bradley 4. Tomorrow's Targets - Young

  • Ghosts of Young Old Players Past
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 2/14/2011 -  10
    Last week, I posted about three hitters who displayed "old player skills" during the 2010 season. Old players are (as defined by Nate Silver) hitters who at a relatively young age have higher walk

  • Young Three Provide Hope for the Reds
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 9/23/2015 -  22
    it was like to have three homegrown young starters peaking at the same time, back when he joined Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder in dominating the American League. The parallels in Cincinnati

  • The Other Young Power Threat on the Yankees
    in FanGraphs by Nicolas Stellini - 3/27/2017 -  6
    in pinstripes. Chris Carter may be spending a lot of time on the bench, or in another uniform. This season will serve as a preview of sorts for what's to come down the line, when the young players

  • Julio Urias Is Really, Really Young
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 10/19/2016 -  26
    Left-hander Julio Urias starts for the Dodgers tonight in Game 4 of the NLCS against the Cubs. Here's something you probably already know about him: he's really young. Urias turned 20 on August 12

  • Martin Perez and Extensions For Young Pitchers
    in FanGraphs by Jason Collette - 11/15/2013 -  9
    Last week, the Texas Rangers caught many off-guard when they announced they had signed young left-hander Martin Perez to a four-year deal that guarantees the pitcher $12.5 million dollars. Perez has

  • Graph: Chris Archer Among the Greats
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/22/2015 -  8
    Earlier today, the present author utilized a nearly coherent metaphor involving astronomy to illustrate a point about Tampa Bay right-hander Chris Archer -- namely that, not unlike how a star is both

  • Chris Carter & Chris Coghlan Get Similar Deals, Aren't Similar
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 2/7/2017 -  12
    Chris Carter finally signed! With the Yankees, for $3 million plus incentives. Chris Coghlan also finally signed! With the Phillies, on a minor-league deal for $3 million plus incentives. On the one

  • Nick Castellanos is Channeling Chris Johnson
    in RotoGraphs by Scott Spratt - 5/15/2014 -  6
    % .330 Nick Castellanos 32.6% .268 Adam LaRoche 31.8% .373 Matt Carpenter 31.7% .322 Jason Kubel 31.1% .411 Chris Johnson 29.1% .353 Joe Mauer 28.1% .379

  • 2009 Impact Rookie: Chris Dickerson
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 4/1/2009 -  6
    with the Cincinnati Reds organization and Chris Dickerson, who was drafted out of the University of Nevada in the 16th round of the 2003 draft. He showed signs of life in 2007 and fully emerged from

  • Finding a Fair Price for Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 7/29/2016 -  94
    , and could have a significant impact on how the postseason shakes out. That guy, of course, is Chris Sale. The White Sox ace is a legitimate difference maker; even with just a couple months left

  • Chris Sale and Giving Up a Stud
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/30/2016 -  50
    Yesterday, Ken Rosenthal published a piece over on FoxSports arguing that, if a team wants to put themselves in the Chris Sale sweepstakes, they should consider parting with one of their "can't touch

  • Free Agent Projection: Chris Davis
    in Community by Michael Tampellini - 9/26/2015 -  2
    Baltimore Orioles first baseman, Chris Davis, is in the final year of his contract where he is making $12 mil/yr. At age 29, Davis has had a roller-coaster of a career starting in Texas where he

  • AL $1 Option: Chris Tillman
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 3/25/2010 -  1
    despite his formidable AL East opponents. Talk of his dominating college and minor league performances spreads from water cooler to water cooler and the hype is growing. That pitcher is not Chris

  • 2009 Impact Rookie: Chris Tillman
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 2/23/2009 -  0
    The Baltimore Orioles have multiple reasons to thank the Seattle Mariners, and right-hander Chris Tillman is one of the top gifts that the club received in the Erik Bedard trade prior to the 2008

  • 2009 Impact Rookie: Chris Perez
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 3/15/2009 -  4
    -reliever Ryan Franklin (3.55 ERA) with 17, former closer Jason Isringhausen (5.70) with 12 and rookie Chris Perez (3.46) with seven. Although he appeared in 41 games, Perez is still a rookie for 2009

  • Chris Cwik's Bold Predictions for 2014
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/12/2014 -  19

  • Chris Carpenter: Too Diminished to Start?
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 10/16/2012 -  6
    Chris Carpenter did not have a good game on Monday. He only struck out one batter in four innings, and though he only allowed two earned runs in his four innings, he did surrender eight baserunners

  • Chris Carpenter Hurt and Probably Finished
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 2/5/2013 -  35
    that the news conference would have to do with Chris Carpenter's future, and many began to expect a retirement announcement. Carpenter has not retired, but retirement doesn't appear to be far off

  • B.J. Upton, Chris Davis and Breakouts
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 7/17/2013 -  16
    Chris Davis owners are experiencing an unexpected surprise this season. Instead of a possible corner infield or injury replacement, they have one of the top players in the league for pennies

  • Chris Tillman, the Orioles, and Rotation Depth
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 2/16/2017 -  12
    Chris Tillman has some aches in his shoulder, has recently received a shot, and may miss some time early in the season. That's what's been reported, at least. It might not be a big deal, considering

  • Snapshots from the 1980s: Chris Chambliss
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 12/16/2011 -  6
    on a weekly basis. First up is Chris Chambliss, who played 18 big-league seasons with the Indians, Yankees and Braves from 1971-1988. ------ Chambliss, on why was there so much competitive balance

  • Sonny Gray: The Anti-Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 10/1/2015 -  17
    Earlier this week, I took a look at the AL Cy Young race, utilizing batted-ball metrics to address the respective candidacies of David Price, Dallas Keuchel and Chris Sale. To make a long story short

  • Trade Chris Sale? Odds Say No
    in Community by jamesayello - 7/18/2013 -  2
    , have a problem with his column encouraging the White Sox to deal Chris Sale. It’s not that the idea is without merit; he provides some solid reasoning, but when you consider all of the factors at play

  • The Three Pitches That Matter for Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/5/2017 -  4
    Chris Sale, one of just two legitimate candidates for the American League's Cy Young Award, will start for the Red Sox this afternoon against the Astros in Houston. Sale has produced a season nearly

  • Where Chris Davis is Really Struggling
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/1/2014 -  12
    It's not so bad in the bigger picture. Since the start of last season, Chris Davis has been worth more than seven wins, equal on our pages to the contribution from Jayson Werth. That's not quite

  • Proposing a Dodgers Trade for Chris Archer
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/17/2015 -  74
    a reasonable offer for another health-risk arm, maybe the Dodgers should just put together a blockbuster for Chris Archer instead. Obviously, Archer would cost a ton. Over the summer, I rated him

  • Chris Coghlan: Finally Relevant Again
    in RotoGraphs by Alex Chamberlain - 7/8/2015 -  7
    For all intents and purposes, Chris Coghlan is having a pretty good season. Drafted in the supplemental first round of the 2006 June amateur draft, Coghlan earned National League Rookie of the Year

  • 2014 Draft Chat with Chris Crawford
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/5/2014 -  4
    , though you get a kid in your system young enough you can fix some things. That's a really good question.4:13Comment From Darth StoutWhere can I (we) find the total draft pool money available to each

  • Michael Young's Three Most Significant Hits
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 2/7/2014 -  20
    that the available offers are not attractive enough to be worth it and retire. This seems to have been the case with Michael Young, who announced his retirement last week. He retired as as a member

  • Chris Archer & Danny Hultzen: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 4/18/2013 -  3
    to consider adding Chris Archer and Danny Hultzen. Player Position Team CBSSports Yahoo ESPN Chris Archer Starting Pitcher Tampa Bay Rays 16% 2% 0% Owners should know

  • Defense and Contact and the American League Cy Young
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 9/15/2017 -  67
    will be pretty familiar. American League Cy Young: Corey Kluber v Chris Sale Metric Chris Sale Corey Kluber IP 195.2 184.2 K% 35.9% 34.6% BB% 4.9% 4.8% HR/9 0.83

  • Michael Young For Carlos Lee Makes Sense
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 2/8/2011 -  64
    Michael Young does not want to play for the Texas Rangers anymore - he made that clear with his public assailing of their front office last night, and essentially changed the incentives for Jon

  • Chris Sale: More Than Just a Slider
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/19/2013 -  1
    Chris Sale was far from a polished pitcher by the time he was drafted by the White Sox. Armed with two above-average pitches, some analysts believed he was bound for the bullpen. But in his brief

  • Young's Time In Arizona Likely Coming to an End
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 10/15/2012 -  43
    , as non-performance factors must be taken into consideration. The Diamondbacks currently have Justin Upton, Chris Young, Adam Eaton, Jason Kubel and Gerardo Parra under contract. Upton is the most

  • Weak Contact and the American League Cy Young Race
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 9/23/2016 -  20
    is how the candidates have done on those sure outs. AL Cy Young Candidates and the Easy Outs BABIP H/PA Outs Gained/Lost J.A. Happ 0.031 6 / 192 6.3 Chris Sale 0.042 9 / 216

  • FanGraphs Audio: Rays Right-Hander Chris Archer
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 9/27/2012 -  0
    Episode 251 David Laurila, curator of FanGraphs’ Q&A Series, talks with young Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Chris Archer. Don't hesitate to direct pod-related correspondence to @cistulli on Twitter

  • Inserting Delmon Young's Name Into Works of "Literature"
    in NotGraphs by Mike Bates - 1/15/2014 -  6
    I didn’t want to do two of these so close together, but then Delmon Young had to go and sign with the Baltimore Orioles this week, meaning it’s once again time for the royal We to insert Delmon Young

  • "Giving My Team a Chance to Win" and the Cy Young
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 11/16/2016 -  4
    opinion, the supposition — for lack of a better term — should factor into the Cy Young Award debate. It’s well known that pitchers have little control over wins and losses. The best they can do

  • The AL Cy Young Can't Go Wrong, or Right
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/12/2014 -  82
    Though we won't know the winner of the 2014 American League Cy Young Award until later Wednesday, we've already been given some clues. The BBWAA has told us the three finalists are Felix Hernandez

  • It's a Jake Sale! AL Fantasy Cy Young
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 10/10/2012 -  10
    of series, not necessarily the best player. To that end, we need to award the American League Cy Young to the pitcher who provided you the most production for the least possible cost. And among

  • Max Scherzer Is Going to Win the Cy Young, And That's Okay
    in FanGraphs by Mike Petriello - 11/13/2013 -  17
    When the American League Cy Young Award winner is announced on Wednesday night, Detroit's Max Scherzer is almost certainly going to defeat Yu Darvish of the Rangers and Seattle's Hisashi Iwakuma

  • The Perils of Young Pitching, Featuring Skaggs & Gausman
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 5/28/2013 -  22
    Young pitching is killing it this year. My staffs, full of Matt Harvey, Shelby Miller, Jose Fernandez and David Phelps are treating me very well right now. From one standpoint, it makes a lot

  • Rick Porcello's Shot at the Cy Young Award
    in Community by vrcooney - 10/4/2016 -  6
    You've probably read countless treatises on the reasons that Chris Sale, Corey Kluber, or Justin Verlander would be more deserving of the Cy Young Award this year. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint

  • Phil Hughes a Cy Young Candidate in 2015?
    in Community by Julien Assouline - 2/9/2015 -  1
    If you told me, at the end of 2013 (5.19 ERA) that Phil Hughes would have a chance to win a Cy Young, I would’ve told you, no way. If you told me in 2012 (4.23 ERA) that Phil Hughes had a chance

  • Defense, Contact Quality, and the NL Cy Young
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 9/10/2018 -  39
    This year's National League Cy Young race invites multiple interesting questions about how best to evaluate pitching performance. Jacob deGrom, for example, is the league's leader in ERA by a healthy

  • Hiroki Kuroda's Case for the Cy Young Award
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 8/7/2013 -  35
    better seasons), Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez (two non-Verlander Tigers having big years), Yu Darvish (strikeout machine), Chris Sale (great pitcher on a bad team), and Derek Holland (finally living

  • There Simply Isn't an AL Cy Young Frontrunner
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/18/2016 -  57
    When I started researching a post about the American League Cy Young Award, I was prepared to make a case in favor of Chris Sale. I know you're not always supposed to go into these things

  • The Continued Growth of Rick Porcello, Cy Young Candidate
    in FanGraphs by August Fagerstrom - 9/21/2016 -  33
    in the American League only by Masahiro Tanaka and Chris Sale. It raised his innings total to 210.2, topped in the AL only by Sale and Porcello's teammate, David Price. It improved his pitcher record to 21-4

  • The Quality of Opposition Factor in the AL Cy Young Race
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 9/23/2013 -  60
    The AL Cy Young race has gotten pretty interesting. A month ago, Max Scherzer looked like a near lock, with his glistening 19-1 record and strong peripherals that supported the idea that he'd

  • Explaining My NL Cy Young Ballot
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/18/2015 -  157
    do to induce weak contact and allow fewer hits on balls in play than others. They can pitch up in the zone, generating a lot of infield flies and balls that land in the outfielders gloves; Chris Young

  • Young Relievers Lighting Up Leaderboards, Radar Guns
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 4/11/2014 -  9
    , Drew Storen went from talented rookie set-up man to closer on a suddenly not terrible Nationals team. In their wake, young relievers like Kenley Jansen, Kelvin Herrera, Trevor Rosenthal, Addison Reed

  • Zach Britton and the AL Cy Young Award
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 10/6/2016 -  24
    then. In either case, the votes are in, and Zach Britton, the guy who didn't even get into an extra-inning win-or-go-home game, either has or hasn't won the AL Cy Young Award. As we did last week with the NL

  • Hail Mary Pitchers - Young Unknowns/Buy-Highs
    in RotoGraphs by Paul Sporer - 7/1/2015 -  20
    Continuing with my Hail Mary Pitchers from last week, here are the final two categories: Young Unknowns The Young Unknowns are the shiny new toys who are having some success this year, but carry

  • Where Might Chris Davis End Up?
    in FanGraphs by David Golebiewski - 3/17/2011 -  45
    With Opening Day nearing, Chris Davis is staring at the prospect of a fourth stint in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League. Mitch Moreland is the favorite to win the Rangers' first base job. Mike Napoli

  • Chris Archer, Jose Quintana, and Risk Valuation
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/3/2014 -  17
    million deal with the Pirates. A couple of years ago, Madison Bumgarner, Jon Niese, Derek Holland, and Chris Sale all signed long term deals with very similar parameters at similar levels of service

  • Concerning Chris Archer's Future; A Disappointing Comparison
    in Community by Bryan Curley - 8/23/2013 -  14
    as fascinated with young talent as those title-starved Indians fans drinking their reasonably priced beverages, and one player who's caught my eye this year is Chris Archer, the 24-year-old, flame-throwing

  • Alex Wood Poised to Be NL Version of Chris Sale
    in Community by Brian Baker - 12/31/2014 -  6
    of another funky-delivering 22-year-old southpaw, Chris Sale: Pitcher    Inn          K/9          BB/9        GB%        FIP Sale            71            10.01        3.42           49.7

  • Reports: Red Sox Might Get Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/6/2016 -  3
    Well, the last 48 hours made it sound like Chris Sale to Washington was the deal we should expect, but today's winter meetings fun; never count on Dave Dombrowski! Multiple sources now saying

  • Chris Sale Finds Another Great Pitch
    in FanGraphs by Mike Petriello - 1/26/2015 -  9
    I'm not sure that we talk about how great Chris Sale is often enough. That's relatively easily explained, I suppose; after all, with offense down across baseball, there's more great-looking starting

  • Chris Cwik's 10 Bold Predictions For the 2013 Fantasy Season
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 3/27/2013 -  16

  • Waiver Wire: Ben Revere and Chris Johnson
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 7/2/2011 -  1
    be able to help your squad out: Ben Revere and Chris Johnson. Ben Revere With Denard Span still on the disabled list and reportedly still feeling a tad woozy from his concussion, Ben Revere

  • Chris Parmelee & James Jones: Deep League Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 6/17/2015 -  2
    time! That's the joy of picking from scraps in deep leagues. Chris Parmelee | 1B/OF BAL | 1% Owned It's pretty safe to say that after Parmelee's two-homer effort last night, he shall

  • White Sox Looking to Lock Up Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Mike Axisa - 3/7/2013 -  18
    From the esteemed Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago: White Sox pitcher Chris Sale confirmed Tuesday his representatives have had discussions with the club about a contract extension. (snip) “We’ve been

  • Chris Owings and the Uncertain Arizona Shortstop Situation
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Petriello - 9/6/2013 -  4
    The Diamondbacks recalled shortstop Chris Owings to the big leagues a few days ago as part of the September roster expansion, and any time you get an infielder in his age-21 season who just won both

  • Chris Coghlan Is Starting in the World Series and That's Weird
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 10/25/2016 -  47
    experienced Willson Contreras, the youngster who was terrific in the second half but doesn't have Heyward's glove. Faced with a star player coming off a lousy season or a young maybe-star-in-the-making, Joe

  • Dodgers Righty Chris Anderson Flashes Big Stuff
    in FanGraphs by Ron Shah - 8/26/2014 -  4
    . The writer still grades the tools based on what they saw, I’m just letting the reader know what he would’ve seen in many other games from this season, particularly with young players that may

  • Scouting the White Sox' Monster Return for Chris Sale
    in FanGraphs by Eric Longenhagen - 12/6/2016 -  45
    In what will probably be the blockbuster deal of the entire offseason, the White Sox sent LHP Chris Sale to Boston this afternoon in exchange for two of the highest-upside prospects in baseball, Yoan

  • Would Chris Bosio Win a Wrongful Termination Suit?
    in FanGraphs by Sheryl Ring - 7/2/2018 -  78
    Last week, Detroit Tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio was fired by GM Al Avila for what was then described as "making an insensitive comment directed at a team employee." Though he didn't disclose

  • Buyer's Guide: The ottoneu Trade Deadline
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 8/7/2012 -  5
    production in case he isn't back in time to help, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 1) Prospects are not your only assets. Everyone starts with the prospects. Sellers want young pieces

  • Election Results: ottoneu Arbitration Summary
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/10/2011 -  5
    FanGraphs Experts League team. But I can take solace in the fact that I am far from alone, particularly when it comes to Hosmer - nearly 43% of Hosmer owners found themselves without their young

  • FanGraphs Staff League 2 Season Preview
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/6/2015 -  4
    18258.5 3 Avon Old Farms Winged Beavers Chad Young 5.329 5.572 2 3 9673.0 8357.7 18030.7 4 The Duda Abides Steve Slowinski 5.140 5.342 5 5 9323.5 8013.2 17336.7 5

  • Rookie Draft Review
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/8/2012 -  10
    of an $8 Matt Moore. Instead, not one but two owners passed on the young Rays stud. I can see an argument for Darvish (although it is not an argument I would care to make) but Cespedes, particularly

  • ottoneu Prospecting for Non-Scouts
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/10/2014 -  14
    who are not actually prospects, but are young, talented and yet to break out. This year, I'd put Nick Franklin in that camp - you can't count on him to play, he is no longer a prospect, but if you

  • Second Half Breakouts Based on ottoneu Points: Part II
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/23/2015 -  5
    Yesterday I kicked off this party with Part I which covers my methodology and includes a table of all the folks we're talking about. It also looks at nine young guys - rookies and near rookies

  • 3 Guys I Won't Buy in 2012 ottoneu Leagues
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/15/2012 -  16
    and a bunch of injury time), you'll be cutting him. There are reasons to be optimistic about the Tribe SS (mostly that he's still young enough to have a legit break out) but a sudden boost in HR/FB

  • ottoneu Trade Recap: Shipping out the Panda
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/23/2012 -  11
    hopes for Goldschmidt (and I do!) but he is an unproven talent at a deep position, while Sandoval is a young star with a track record at a position that is...less deep. But, my friends, context

  • Chronicles of ottoneu: FanGraphs Experts League, Year Two
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/5/2012 -  1
    (Tufts University) Neil FitzGerald (BaseballHQ) Tom Keppy (BaseballHQ) James Quintong (ESPN) Jack Moore (RotoHardball, FanGraphs) Eno Sarris (FanGraphs) Chad Young (ottoneu, FanGraphs) We'll

  • Trades in a Vacuum
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/7/2013 -  92
    player at a good price with a track record of success can still be young enough and can still qualify as a great value. I was asked about a deal the other day involving Adam Jones and Dexter Fowler

  • The Guys You Just Can't Quit
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/16/2013 -  43
    overlooked, as Ackley seemed to be the young 2B on every fantasy owner's shopping list. And when Kipnis tore the cover off the ball in his initial call-up, I was hooked. Even through some rough stretches, I

  • Ottoneu Arbitration: Examples from the Original League
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/6/2011 -  6
    Leftovers. Allan, the owner of the Leftovers, spent the last few years stockpiling inexpensive, young talent and waiting for it to mature. This year, he took the plunge, trading some of that value

  • Ottoneu Offseason Primer
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/3/2011 -  5
    of it will be quite different, and that is what I want to focus on here. Determine Where You are in the Big Picture. The Braves are young and improving, narrowly missed the post-season last year

  • Second Half Breakouts Based on ottoneu Points: Part I
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/22/2015 -  7
    Beltran4.375.921.555.15Jayson Werth3.084.591.504.12 We'll look at these guys in four groups: Today, we'll check out the rookies and the young breakout candidates; tomorrow, the established fantasy

  • Prying Away Prized Assets in Keepers
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/3/2015 -  23
    probably also have to overpay - those guys are studs, they are young, they are priced reasonably, and I have to overcome the endowment effect, which I find to be especially strong with guys who

  • Off-season Roster Organization Part II
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/24/2011 -  6
    absolutely love my starting pitching? Love it. It's young, cheap and awesome. But, with that out of the way... I can't legitimately keep 11 ML starters, let alone eight ML starters and three minor

  • Auction Season is Underway
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/16/2012 -  8
    to building a solid roster. You can't afford a stud at every spot, so finding guys who fill lineup holes on the cheap is key. Having said all of that, one of the hallmarks of a Chad Young auction

  • Buy, Sell, or Stand - The Plight of a Team (Maybe) on the Verge
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/17/2012 -  9
    other young talent to try to add at least one more high-average, high-speed bat and at least one more SP. It means depleting a farm system I have spent two years building and that could be on the edge

  • Sellers Guide: The ottoneu Trade Deadline
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/31/2012 -  7
    . 3) Prospects and cheap guys are not always the best targets. You want guys who can help you win, not guys who make you young. In the aforementioned experts league, I would love to add a $40 stud

  • Cleaning Up Another's Mess: Taking Over Abandoned Teams
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/28/2013 -  4
    , a 20-team, 45-man-roster monstrosity, I am quickly discovering that almost every owner is focused on acquiring young talent, including prospects, with the hopes of hitting it big. This makes a lot of sense

  • Update on a Deep League Roster Reconstruction
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/9/2013 -  8
    , but felt that my young pitching staff allowed me to shop him and this was easily the best offer I got. Lee and Anderson are not nothing, but neither of them are guys I care much about. Lee could still turn

  • Looking Back at 2013
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/30/2013 -  7
    relatively equal targets if only because of the uncertainty around the production and health of any young pitcher. I won't go so far as to say that I predicted Harvey's injury, but making the decision

  • What to do with Prince Fielder?
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/14/2014 -  17
    ancient, it is not young either. It is not unreasonable to think that his 2013 performance was the start of a legitimate decline phase. Let's check out a couple other "bad body" first basemen

  • Trading Scherzer (aka, the Difficulties of Valuing an Ace)
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 7/28/2014 -  17
    also has future value. He just turned 30 (Sunday, in fact - Happy Birthday, Max!), which isn't young, but isn't Jamie Moyer, either. Scherzer has consistently taken his rotation turns, hitting the 195

  • Off-season Roster Organization Part I
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/17/2011 -  2
    have liked last year, but this is also a guy who is a clear number one at his position, and a traditionally thin position at that. But I have two young catchers who haven't looked half-bad (as long

  • ottoneu Keepers - The Results
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/2/2012 -  19
    . Rubby de la Rosa was only kept in a quarter of leagues. Sure, his value in 2012 is next to nothing, but when people are paying a good price for top prospects, a young pitcher who has flown through

  • Another Look at Day One of the FanGraphs Staff ottoneu Auction
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/21/2012 -  5
    $34 Michael Cuddyer $26 Brandon Phillips $26 Dan Uggla $25 Chase Utley $25 Asdrubal Cabrera $22 Dustin Ackley $21 Michael Young $21 Rickie Weeks $20

  • Players ottoneu Loved (and Hated): SS Edition
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/6/2012 -  0
    16 16   Erick Aybar 624 554 732 17 19 2 Michael Young 606 651 605 18 23 5 Zack Cozart 581 600 629 19 24 5 Jhonny Peralta 562 585 624 20 15 -5 Alexei

  • Trade Dilemma - Rizzo or Harvey, or maybe Verlander
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 6/11/2013 -  16
    and 149.1 IP for Harvey) and both have impressed over that time (25 HR, 75 R, 87 RBI, .271 AVG for Rizzo; 9.94 K/9, 2.35 ERA, 1.00 WHIP for Harvey). Harvey's stats are Cy Young caliber while

  • Time to Buy or Sell?
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 6/9/2014 -  11
    positions. Big mistake. The next piece of the puzzle is how well situated you are to buy (or sell) even if you want to. In the original ottoneu league, I over-indexed on young prospects (David

  • Avoid Rookies with your ottoneu Allocations
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/13/2014 -  1
    over two years, $33 to Bryant. Instead, let's assume Bryant is a bust. His power doesn't translate, or he can't hit MLB breaking pitches or something. Instead of Stanton, he is Delmon Young

  • Ottoneu Arbitration: Strategies for the First Off-season Activity
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 9/29/2011 -  12

  • ottoneu Keeper: Matt Joyce
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/13/2011 -  6

  • First-Pitch Strikes, Plate Discipline and Players Due to Bounce (or Fall) Back: Part 1
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/20/2011 -  13

  • First-Pitch Strikes, Plate Discipline and Players Due to Bounce (or Fall) Back: Part II
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 10/27/2011 -  1

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls; Or Why I Hate Closers
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 11/16/2011 -  10

  • Evaluating Pitchers Changing Teams
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/8/2011 -  6

  • Why You Should Pass on Ackley and Wait for Kipnis
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 12/22/2011 -  20

  • ottoneu News: Keeper Deadline, Abandoned Teams
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/19/2012 -  17

  • Reshuffling the Top Five
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 1/26/2012 -  48

  • Seven Lessons from an ottoneu Auction
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 2/23/2012 -  5

  • How to Handle the Tokyo Dome
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 3/22/2012 -  3

  • Why I am Not Only Keeping But Targeting Kyle Seager in ottoneu Leagues
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/12/2012 -  11

  • Who You Are Signing: Latest Adds in ottoneu
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/17/2012 -  7

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Active Current Auctions
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 4/24/2012 -  8

  • ottoneu Points League Standings Analysis
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/1/2012 -  4

  • Managing a Team When You Can't Manage a Team
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/8/2012 -  10

  • Quarter Pole Evaluation: Using Rates to Find True Standings
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/15/2012 -  16

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Matt Adams
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/22/2012 -  6

  • ottoneu Hot Right Now: Lonnie Chisenhall
    in RotoGraphs by Chad Young - 5/30/2012 -  5

  • Jose is Okay
    in RotoGraphs by