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  • Eric Hosmer versus Javier Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 10/25/2014 -  15
    . But in practice, it was a workmanlike effort and a mistake that finally ended the battle between Eric Hosmer and Javier Lopez. The first pitch was a mistake from Lopez. High in the zone

  • Cardinals Release Felipe Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 9/22/2010 -  8
    The Cardinals released super-utility infielder Felipe Lopez yesterday after what can only be described as a disappointing 2010 season. Lopez hit only .231/.310/.340 for the Cardinals and rated

  • Jose Lopez to Colorado
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 12/3/2010 -  17
    In the moments leading up to the non-tender deadline, the Mariners managed to move second baseman Jose Lopez, receiving minor league pitcher Chaz Roe from the Rockies in return. Seattle was planning

  • Jose Lopez, Feast and Famine
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 5/19/2010 -  9
    One of the more intriguing quirks of the young 2010 season has been Jose Lopez. A full time second baseman for the prior four seasons, Lopez earned a reputation as a visually unappealing glove man

  • Jose Lopez's Woeful 2010
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 6/23/2010 -  10
    About a month ago, Matthew Carruth wrote up Jose Lopez’s odd season. Summarizing his accomplishments to date with: It’s not all cheery news however. While Lopez may pace the entire league

  • The Extremity of Wilton Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/28/2012 -  14
    -- they haven't had very many good players. One of their few good players has been reliever Wilton Lopez. Now Wilton Lopez isn't an Astro anymore. Basically. The Astros and Phillies have unofficially

  • No Free Passes Against Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 9/20/2010 -  0
    pitcher: Wilton Lopez of the Astros. Lopez's 0.73 BB/9 rate in 62 IP leads all relievers, and it makes him a rarity: a productive reliever who doesn't rely on the strikeout. Lopez is the only reliever

  • Felipe Lopez's Outstanding Season
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 10/13/2009 -  5
    Remember, way back in the day, when Felipe Lopez was talked about as a future superstar? Shortly after the turn of the decade Lopez became the toast of the Jays’ middle infield prospects*. He would

  • The Felipe Lopez Trade
    in FanGraphs by Erik Manning - 7/20/2009 -  9
    Yesterday the Diamondbacks traded Felipe Lopez to the Brewers for a pair of minor leaguers -- outfielder Cole Gillespie and right-handed reliever Roque Mercedes. Well out of contention, Arizona

  • Quick Look: Chirinos & Lopez
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 4/12/2018 -  5
    Zimmerman from five years ago. These comps place him as top-30 pitcher and a must own. Reynaldo Lopez I settled for Lopez as I wanted to look at several other pitchers but the game's camera angles

  • Daily Graphing - Javier Vazquez
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 12/23/2005 -  1
    A couple of weeks ago, Javier Vazquez formally requested to be traded. If the Diamondbacks don't trade him by March 15th, he will have the option to become a free agent. Up until being traded

  • Felipe Lopez Latches On with St. Louis
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 2/27/2010 -  2
    Fresh off of a 2009 season in which he posted 4.6 Wins Above Replacement, Felipe Lopez entered the off-season anticipating free agent riches. However, with general managers likely anticipating

  • Jose Lopez Finds Work With Marlins
    in FanGraphs by Tommy Rancel - 6/10/2011 -  5
    It was not too long ago when Jose Lopez was a perfectly capable starter on a major-league team. Sure, he was far from a star, but was league-average bat with passable defense at several positions

  • That Was the Week of Javier Baez
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 10/12/2016 -  57
    The Cubs just moved past the Giants in four games, and over those four games, Javier Baez batted .375, with a .974 OPS. He drove in the only run of Game 1 with a late and dramatic solo dinger, and he

  • Yangervis Solarte or Javier Baez?
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 8/5/2014 -  24
    Okay, in any sort of keeper or dynasty situation, the titular question is ridiculous of course. The recently promoted Javier Baez has all the pedigree, power and speed, and Yangervis Solarte

  • Javier Baez and the Anomalous Dinger
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/8/2014 -  25
    hit down the line to the opposite field. That's actually the opposite of how we see them. So, Javier Baez is in the major leagues now. We don't know what Baez is going to be, and we won't

  • Felipe Lopez Will Wear the Red Bird
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 3/1/2010 -  10
    If Felipe Lopez earns the maximum payout on his 2010 player contract, he will earn roughly $2.2M from the Cardinals. Lopez was worth nearly 5 wins last season and roughly 3 wins in the three seasons

  • Javier Vazquez's Rough Inning
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 9/24/2010 -  9
    in front of the world. I’m not sure that Javier Vazquez lost it last night, but he forced the issue. He settled down and his final line looks respectable: three innings, one hit, two earned runs, two

  • Breakout Breakdown: Javier Baez
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/29/2018 -  8
    Oops. I was very wrong about Javier Baez, but man what a year he enjoyed. With a .290/.326/.554 triple slash en route to a .366 wOBA, this was a full breakout for the former top prospect. For his

  • Javier Baez Is Doubling Down
    in FanGraphs by Sheryl Ring - 4/23/2018 -  37
    The player by whom I'm most fascinated in the major leagues is Javier Baez. It might be because, the first time I saw him, what popped into my head was "Alfonso Soriano." It might be because Baez

  • Javier "Frustration" Vazquez
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 8/12/2008 -  19
    , Scott Rolen was an absolutely incredible fielder, and when the Expos had Javier Vazquez on the mound they were going to be tough to beat. I didn't immerse myself in the numbers but perhaps the scout

  • Javier Vazquez and the Strike Zone
    in FanGraphs by Albert Lyu - 9/24/2010 -  26
    Javier Vazquez entered the 6th inning against the Tampa Bay Rays last night by walking Ben Zobrist. What ensued afterward was horrific for Yankee fans to watch, as he proceeded to hit not one

  • Javier Vazquez: Not Cooked Yet
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 7/12/2011 -  4
    After a ho-hum second stint in the Bronx last year and a disastrous beginning to his Marlins career, most fantasy owners stuck a fork in Javier Vazquez. After all, the soon-to-be 36-year-old

  • Quick Looks: Eickhoff, Lopez, and Ross
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 11/17/2015 -  2
    .   Jorge Lopez (50 CV/60 FV) 9/29/15 vs Padres Game Thoughts • I watch Lopez after getting offered him in a trade in a deep league. I really didn’t expect much from him, but came back