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  • Jose Abreu Fantasy Report
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 2/11/2014 -  6
    No one knows what to expect from Jose Abreu. Certainly I do not know what to expect from him. Thus, this post is not about his fantasy value, or his fantasy projections. It is merely a fantasy

  • A Week with Jose Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 4/7/2014 -  33
    different story with a player like Jose Abreu. He's a prospect, yes, and there's excitement there, sure, but Abreu is more of an unknown, no matter how much the White Sox committed to him. With a lot

  • Jose Abreu Should Be Embarrassed
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/26/2016 -  12
    the most-outside swing attempt of the season belongs to Jose Abreu, as of Thursday night. Abreu should probably be ashamed of himself. Though I looked at everyone, the swings at the very most-outside

  • Jose Abreu's First and Worst
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 4/11/2014 -  29
    It's been a hell of a stretch for Jose Dariel Abreu. Coming out of Cuba, he signed with the White Sox for life-changing money. He put together a decent spring training under completely unfamiliar

  • Jose Abreu's Swing
    in FanGraphs by Dan Farnsworth - 10/28/2013 -  55
    There has been no shortage of opinions regarding the Chicago White Sox' signing of Jose Dariel Abreu.  We have seen how his statistics match up to other recent Cuban defectors before the jump

  • The Difficulty in Projecting Jose Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 1/16/2014 -  5
    , but working with Cuban players is more like a seven-year itch in the pairing: Neither side is completely happy with what they've got. In the case of Jose Abreu in particular, the scouts have a few

  • Jose Abreu: Now a Complete Hitter
    in FanGraphs by August Fagerstrom - 8/5/2014 -  69
    You might not have heard, but Jose Abreu is a pretty good hitter. Who am I kidding, you've heard about that by now. You also probably heard he just wrapped up a 21-game hitting streak

  • Taking a Closer Look at Jose Abreu
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/9/2014 -  10
    White Sox rookie Jose Abreu may have already cemented his status as the best free-agent signing from the past offseason. Through his first 77 games, Abreu has flashed elite power skills, clubbing 27

  • Jose Abreu Is Halfway to Strikeout Bingo
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 9/22/2016 -  18
    Just in case you've missed it -- Jose Abreu, earlier, was a massive disappointment. For as long as the White Sox were worth paying attention to this year, Abreu was underachieving. It was one

  • Jose Abreu Vs. the Scouting Reports
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/10/2014 -  36
    Today's the day that Jose Abreu wins the 2014 American League Rookie of the Year Award. Seems like they're doing a whole announcement show, and nothing's official yet because they don't want to spoil

  • Using Statcast Against Jose Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 5/18/2016 -  8
    that we get to see, so let's roll with it. As a demonstration, I'm going to use Jose Abreu, of the White Sox. Abreu hasn't been terrible, but he hasn't quite been himself, not yet. Why is that? Could

  • Reviewing Steamer and I: Jose Abreu
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 10/29/2015 -  6
    optimistic than Steamer on the whole. However, for Jose Abreu I was actually significantly more pessimistic. In the review of this series, I will be including my original Pod Projection, and Steamer

  • Jose Abreu, Pitchers, and Ongoing Adjustments
    in FanGraphs by Neil Weinberg - 7/10/2015 -  6
    . At the beginning of 2014, there were a lot of questions about how well Jose Abreu would perform in the major leagues because we didn't have any information about Abreu in the context

  • Jose Abreu, Queller of All Concerns
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 10/16/2014 -  6
    Jose Abreu was the newest of a group of Cubans arriving in the Majors Leagues in the last couple of years. The most recent and notable of that group, Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig, made successful

  • Don't Trade Jackie Bradley for Jose Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/29/2017 -  123
    as part of the deal. Let's just get this out of the way, since I already wrote it in the headline: the Red Sox should not trade Jackie Bradley Jr for Jose Abreu straight up. Abreu is a nice

  • Quarterly Report: Jose Abreu, Who Mashes
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 5/20/2014 -  6
    of this season's more noteworthy players and performances to date. "Noteworthy" doesn't always mean "best", though it does in most cases. Today, we'll take a look at the first quarter season of Jose Abreu's

  • Betting Big on Bats: The Jose Abreu Quandary
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 10/18/2013 -  126
    According to multiple reports, the White Sox have agreed to terms with free agent first baseman Jose Abreu on a six year, $68 million contract. Abreu, who turns 27 in January, has been a star

  • The Difficulty in Valuing Jose Abreu and Wil Myers
    in RotoGraphs by Rylan Edwards - 11/1/2016 -  15
    ) Jose Abreu $15.00 $26.45 $(11.45) Chris Davis $13.40 $25.05 $(11.65) Paul Goldschmidt $30.50 $48.60 $(18.10) *average of Yahoo and ESPN auction values I compiled a similar

  • On the Recent Alterations to Jose Abreu's Steamer Projection
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 2/19/2014 -  14
    In the past week, the Steamer projections for Cuban emigre and presumptive White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu have changed a couple of times, from a line of .292/.381/.554 to .279/.364/.518 to .272

  • Steamer and I: Jose Abreu & Giancarlo Stanton
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 3/3/2015 -  17
    wOBA marks for 13 hitters (4.0%). Two of the top five hitters I was most pessimistic about compared with Steamer are 2014 rookie of the year Jose Abreu and oft-injured basher Giancarlo

  • Grainy Footage: Either a Meteor or Jose Abreu Home Run
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/23/2013 -  8
    the bat of newest White Sox acquisition, Cuban émigré Jose Abreu? Like the eyes of Tom Selleck from a Magnum, P.I. poster in your neighbor Mark's basement, this question will now follow you around

  • Jose Abreu and Friends: the 2015 Chicago White Sox Infield
    in RotoGraphs by Brandon Warne - 2/27/2015 -  6
    White Sox beat reporter Dan Hayes from CSN Chicago -- follow him -- to get the inside scoop. Let’s take a peek: The Locks 1B Jose Abreu SS Alexei Ramirez 3B Conor Gillaspie DH Adam LaRoche

  • Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jose Abreu
    in NotGraphs by John Paschal - 7/4/2014 -  6

  • The Sophomore Report: Abreu, deGrom, Pillar
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 5/8/2015 -  1
    . The Sophomore Report, week 1 The Sophomore Report, week 2 Jose Abreu, 1B, White Sox: Let’s be honest, Abreu couldn’t have had a much better rookie season. But in doing so he set the bar extremely high

  • How Jose Abreu’s Career in Cuba Reflects His Future MLB Success
    in Community by Reynaldo Cruz - 6/21/2014 -  4
    Before coming to the MLB and smashing 20 home runs in just his first 58 games, Jose Abreu had a prolific career in the Cuban Baseball National Series (Cuba’s top championship), starting at the very

  • Comparing the Three Cuban Stars: Abreu, Cespedes, and Puig
    in Community by Edward Sutelan - 6/7/2014 -  7
    for that award. And this year, Puigmania rolls on but another Cuban slugger has come in as well. Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox (on a six year, $68 million contract) has burst onto the scene

  • Effectively Wild Episode 263: Jose Dariel Abreu and the Future of Cuban Baseball/The Unmade Wil Myers Trade
    in FanGraphs by Ben Lindbergh - 8/12/2013 -  0

  • Abreu Overload
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 1/23/2009 -  8
    Jon Heyman’s drew the ire of many a blog in the past, including numerous times this off-season alone, but his latest column features this nugget about Bobby Abreu: Abreu is getting a bad rap

  • Acquiescing Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 1/28/2009 -  1
    Our thoughts here on Bobby Abreu are not exactly news. At this stage in his career, Abreu is a solid hitter on the decline who plays poor defense at a corner outfield position. There are several

  • An Extension For Abreu?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 10/16/2009 -  21
    According to Jon Heyman, the Angels have offered a two year contract extension for Bobby Abreu worth $8 million a season. Adding Abreu has been one of the things that has pushed the Angels offense

  • The Abreu Impact
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 2/11/2009 -  56
    in replacing Mark Teixeira after he headed to the Yankees and told Garret Anderson to enjoy the rest of his career elsewhere. However, with the price for Bobby Abreu crashing through the floor

  • The Basepath Misadventures of Jose Pirela
    in FanGraphs by Stephen Loftus - 8/17/2018 -  13
    on the basepaths, Pirela leads baseball in one ignominious distinction. Along with Jose Abreu and Matt Duffy, Pirela has been thrown out on the basepaths (like a nincompoop) five times -- excluding caught

  • They Call Him Abreu
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 12/12/2008 -  2
    Much like with Pat Burrell and Raul Ibanez (Eric will have more on that signing later), Bobby Abreu’s suitors have to understand and account his defensive shortcomings in order to accurately project

  • Winston Abreu's Shot
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 1/21/2010 -  6
    When Winston Abreu reached the Majors last season he did in part because of an out-clause in his contract, but also because he earned the trip. Disney executives were not in charge of his Major

  • The Indians: If Abreu, Why Not Damon?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 3/30/2012 -  42
    Reports last night suggested that the Angels and Indians were working on a deal that would ship Bobby Abreu's discontented soul to Cleveland. The deal has apparently fallen apart, and right now

  • Home Cooking and Bobby Abreu
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 12/31/2008 -  0
    Bobby Abreu has long been a fantasy favorite due to his ability to provide help in all five categories. Who can’t use 22 SB from a guy posting a .296-20-100-100 line, like Abreu did last year

  • Winston Abreu Heads North
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 12/2/2010 -  13
    even less attention. I hope that I can be excused for making an exception for Winston Abreu, because here goes nothing. Abreu spent the last two seasons primarily with the Durham Bulls (Tampa’s Triple

  • Angels Re-Sign Abreu
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/5/2009 -  12
    Last year, Bobby Abreu sat around all winter trying to figure out where he was going to play. He apparently didn't want to do that again, as he re-signed with the Angels on the first day of the off

  • Plummeting Abreu Market
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 2/10/2009 -  6
    Though it may feel ages away, Spring Training is fast approaching, and for the first time in 11 seasons, Bobby Abreu has no idea where he will be playing. Abreu's case has been documented numerous

  • The Fantasy Slant on Bobby Abreu
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 9/12/2010 -  4
    Just last week, R.J. Anderson took a look at Bobby Abreu from a real-life standpoint. He asked for a reason why the Angels outfielder had a low BABIP to right field this year, suggesting perhaps

  • Educate Me on Bobby Abreu
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 9/8/2010 -  25
    Bobby Abreu has a .339 wOBA. That figure represents the lowest of Abreu’s career in seasons that he recorded at least 500 plate appearances. The .173 ISO is right in line with his New York seasons

  • Matthews, Abreu and RBIs
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 5/7/2009 -  0
    and entered Wednesday batting .288 with 12 runs batted in. He has as many RBIs in 59 at-bats as Bobby Abreu has in 96 at-bats.” Since Matthews is owned in only 1.5 percent of ESPN leagues, is he

  • The White Sox, Black Holes, and Trading Jose Quintana
    in FanGraphs by August Fagerstrom - 11/18/2015 -  102
    of a stars-and-scrubs team in 2015, led on offense by Jose Abreu and Adam Eaton, with a rotation fronted by typically excellent seasons out of Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. In Abreu and Sale, specifically

  • ALCS Preview: Is Bobby Abreu Fast?
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/13/2009 -  30
    teams: Bobby Abreu. In particular, I'd like to try and answer a question that has been bothering me a little since these playoffs began. The question: Is Bobby Abreu fast? The answer: It's hard

  • Bobby Abreu: Mr. Clutch 2011
    in FanGraphs by Wendy Thurm - 11/29/2011 -  21
    Yes, you read the title correctly. Bobby Abreu of the Los Angeles Angeles was Mr. Clutch during the 2011 season. He ended the season with the highest clutch rating in the majors, as measured here

  • Jose Molina on Jose Molina
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 3/26/2013 -  21
    Fun fact: Jose Molina's FanGraphs player ID number is 25. Mike Trout's is 10155. All right. According to numbers provided to me by Matthew Carruth, last year there were 78 catchers in baseball who