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Nathan Haynes  2007 - 2008OF
Jonathan Johnson  1998 - 2003P
Joe Nathan  1999 - 2016P
Jonathan Van Every  2008 - 2010OF
Jonathan Albaladejo  2007 - 2012P
Jonathan Diaz  2013 - 2015SS
Jonathan Herrera  2008 - 20152B/SS
Jonathan Broxton  2005 - 2017P
Jonathan Papelbon  2005 - 2016P
Nate Freiman  2013 - 20141B
Jonathan Pettibone  2013 - 2014P
Jonathan Sanchez  2006 - 2013P
Jonathan Lucroy  2010 - 2017C
Nathan Eovaldi  2011 - 2016P
Jonathan Villar  2013 - 2017SS
Yhonathan Barrios  2015 - 2015P
Jonathan Schoop  2013 - 20172B
Nathan Karns  2013 - 2017P
Jonathan Aro  2015 - 2016P
Jonathan Holder  2016 - 2017P
Jonathan Hurst  1992 - 1994P
Jonathan Searles  1/18/1981P
Jonathan Castellanos  9/17/1981P
Jonathan Asahina  12/31/1980P
Jonathan Connolly  8/24/1983P
Jonathan Devries  8/22/1982C
Nathan Panther  7/12/1981OF
Jonathan Schuerholz  6/25/19802B
Jonathan Beltre  7/1/1980P
Jonathan Figueroa  9/15/1983P
Jonathan Slack  12/4/1981OF
Jonathan Felfoldi  7/6/1981P
Jonathan Aceves  3/7/1978C
Jonathan Barratt  3/19/1985P
Jonathan Fulton  12/1/19833B
Jonathan Armitage  10/29/19801B/OF
Jonathan Ash  9/11/19822B
Jonathan Poterson  2/10/19861B/OF
Nathan Pendley  9/5/1981P
Nathan Bumstead  5/5/1982P
Yonathan Sivira  1/25/1984OF
Jonathan Castillo  12/27/1983P
Nathan Messner  11/21/19851B
Nathan Hochgesang  12/18/1981P
Jonathan Malo  9/29/19832B
Nathan Warrick  9/10/1983OF
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  • Spinning Out of Control
    in FanGraphs by Alan Nathan - 10/26/2016 -  17

  • Nathan Karns on Studiously Overpowering Batters
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 3/25/2016 -  7
    Nathan Karns is currently competing with James Paxton for a spot at the back end of Seattle’s starting rotation. The 28-year-old right-hander has the potential to be more than a No. 5, however

  • Nathan Eovaldi: Somehow Still Not Great
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Kory - 6/12/2015 -  22
    you are. This is what makes Nathan Eovaldi so fascinating and yet so curious. Eovaldi has the fastest average fastball velocity of any starting pitcher in baseball at 95.8 mph. He started against

  • Career Retrospective: Joe Nathan
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 4/24/2015 -  25
    Joe Nathan has had Tommy John surgery before. Joe Nathan will need to have Tommy John surgery again. He has proclaimed that he intends to come try to return, but the odds are against that -- 41-year

  • The Current Key for Nathan Eovaldi
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 3/2/2015 -  12
    , to some extent, goes for Ivan Nova. Nathan Eovaldi has fewer of the injury questions. Just last year he was an out shy of 200 innings. But Eovaldi's still trying to get close to his ceiling. The upside

  • What Can Nathan Eovaldi Learn from Brandon McCarthy?
    in Community by stonepie - 1/19/2015 -  4
    it once, can they do it again? Or at least try to? Enter Nathan Eovaldi. Eovaldi has impressed scouts for years with a blazing mid-90's fastball. Unfortunately, the results haven't matched his potential

  • Marlins Exchange Nathan Eovaldi for Depth
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 12/19/2014 -  39
    A move that wasn't a Padres move happened Friday. Yankees send to Marlins: Martin Prado David Phelps $6 million Marlins send to Yankees: Nathan Eovaldi Garrett Jones Domingo

  • One Way to Get Excited About Nathan Eovaldi
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 12/19/2014 -  57
    There are plenty of ways to poo-poo Nathan Eovaldi. Dude has thrown 300 changeups and they've been bad, for the most part. Dude has gas, but his four-seamer gets only gets average whiffs. Dude's

  • Yankees Turn Martin Prado Into Nathan Eovaldi
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/19/2014 -  30
    by the Padres this morning, the Yankees and Marlins have also reportedly struck a deal. According to Jack Curry, the Yankees have traded Martin Prado and David Phelps to Miami for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett

  • Nathan Eovaldi: Velocity Without the Strikeouts
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/18/2014 -  3
    Nathan Eovaldi's fastball velocity ranked fourth among qualified starters this year. However, it hasn't actually translated into strikeouts. In fact, the 10 pitchers with the highest velocity

  • Sunday Notes: Nathan & Perkins, McHugh, Norris Debut, Rowdy Tellez, Giants' Arroyo
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 9/7/2014 -  3
    Joe Nathan and Glen Perkins agree that closers could earn more multiple-inning saves and throw more overall innings. But they don't necessarily feel they should, and they certainly don't see

  • Is Age to Blame for Joe Nathan's Decline?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 9/3/2014 -  4
    Tigers closer Joe Nathan hasn't had the type of season fantasy owners were expecting. While Nathan has notched 32 saves, things haven't come easy. Through 50 innings, Nathan has a 5.04 ERA

  • Nathan Eovaldi: Bartolo Colon Meets Yordano Ventura
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 4/23/2014 -  15
    While there's a chance you have your own personal anecdotes, most of us are familiar with Nathan Eovaldi for one thing: He's a starting pitcher who throws super hard. I guess that's two things

  • Has Age Caught Up to Joe Nathan?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 1/15/2014 -  8
    Tigers closer Joe Nathan once again finds himself in a desirable fantasy situation. By moving from Texas to Detroit, Nathan gets to close for another contending club. Nathan is also coming off one

  • Nathan Eovaldi and the Top Heavy Repertoire
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 1/9/2014 -  4
    If you sort last season's starting pitchers by average velocity and set a filter for 50 innings pitched, you'll find Nathan Eovaldi at the top of the list with a 96.2 mph fastball. He shares

  • Joe Nathan, Tiger For Two Years
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 12/4/2013 -  1
    of the bullpen and are finalizing the details for a two-year contract with Joe Nathan. They had the money because of recent cost-saving measures, and they had the need, and the contract isn't long. What's

  • Tigers Add Joe Nathan To Uncertain Bullpen
    in FanGraphs by Mike Petriello - 12/3/2013 -  20
    to Washington for some stocking stuffers; on Tuesday, reports surfaced that they'd signed closer Joe Nathan to a two-year deal, after reportedly being rebuffed by Brian Wilson. Dave went over

  • Q&A: Alan Nathan on the Physics of Pitching
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 11/5/2013 -  24
    What is the relationship between spin axis and the backup slider? Alan Nathan knows the answer. He also knows why fastballs move more than curveballs and why split-finger fastballs drop. A physics

  • Contract Crowdsourcing 2013-14: Joe Nathan
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/21/2013 -  11
    is likely to receive, FanGraphs is also requesting that readers make note of how much they'd pay each free agent were they, themselves, actual GMs. In this edition: Joe Nathan. Some relevant

  • Nate Freiman, Caddie
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 9/9/2013 -  2
    While clicking around Twitter looking for inspiration for today's post, I came across A's first baseman Nate Freiman's Twitter page, where he calls himself a "baseball player and caddie

  • Nathan Eovaldi & Taylor Jordan: Deep League Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 6/26/2013 -  4
    Desperate for pitching in your deep league? Of course you are! So that means that this is your lucky day as I feed you a spoonful of starting pitcher options for your consideration. Nathan

  • Item: 1977 Nathan Hale High School Yearbook
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 11/28/2012 -  9
    Podcast veterans and those of right-wise inclinations will know of my affections for Nathan Hale, who invented the gun and the traveler's check. So it is with a swollen and veiny pride that I present

  • Nathan Eovaldi Key Piece In Hanley Ramirez Trade
    in FanGraphs by Mike Newman - 7/25/2012 -  37
    As the key piece received by Miami in the Hanley Ramirez trade, Nathan Eovaldi ranks as one of the better pitching prospects I've scouted during the past couple of seasons. And while his fastball

  • Photo: Great Moments in Being Joe Nathan
    in NotGraphs by Navin Vaswani - 5/11/2012 -  16
    Before the existence of the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team, what happened in the Texas Rangers dugout, stayed in the Texas Rangers dugout. No more. Joe Nathan: You nasty

  • Texas Rangers Sign Joe Nathan; World Raises Brow
    in FanGraphs by Bradley Woodrum - 11/22/2011 -  31
    Obviously it is the horse talking. News broke Monday night that the Texas Rangers signed once-great, maybe even possibly still-great, reliever Joe Nathan to a 2-year contract for $7M a year, plus

  • Can Joe Nathan Still Make You Stand Up and Shout?
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 11/10/2011 -  3
    . For reasons I’ve yet to really hammer out, the status quo hasn’t been the case for the Minnesota Twins. Neither of the last two pitchers they had undergo the procedure, Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan

  • Joe Nathan Returns
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 7/18/2011 -  2
    Nine pitches; six strikes. That's all it took for Joe Nathan to rack up his five saves of the season, and second since reclaiming the closer role over Matt Capps. Capps had been terrible in July

  • Nathan, Volquez, Zimmermann: Tommy John Surgery Returnees
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 5/25/2011 -  4
    Every year a dozen or so MLB pitchers need to have TJS (Tommy John surgery) done on their elbows. Today I will look at 3 of those pitchers (Joe Nathan, Jordan Zimmermann and Edinson Volquez) that had

  • Closers Update: Joe Nathan and Ryan Franklin
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 4/18/2011 -  30
    a few saves in a row? If you’re named anything other than Mariano Rivera you’re likely in trouble. That was the fate endured by Joe Nathan and Ryan Franklin over the weekend. At the beginning

  • Joe Nathan & Matt Capps Enter Potential Walk Years
    in FanGraphs by Ben Nicholson-Smith - 3/8/2011 -  16
    agent deals this winter, signing for a combined $39 million in guaranteed money as free agents. It could happen again after the 2011 season, since Matt Capps is set to hit free agency and Joe Nathan

  • Crowdsourcing Results: Nathan and A-Rod
    in RotoGraphs by Zach Sanders - 12/3/2010 -  4
    Here are the results from this week’s groundbreaking editions of ADP Crowdsourcing, as it was our first time trying out a closer, a player who missed all of 2010, and a top-25 talent. Joe Nathan

  • ADP Crowdsourcing: Joe Nathan
    in RotoGraphs by Zach Sanders - 11/29/2010 -  4
    at noon (eastern) today, so don’t forget to check that out. Joe Nathan has long been a fantasy stud, because he can give you close to 100 strikeouts a year from the relief pitcher position. Plus

  • Cesar Izturis’ Inexplicable Continued Employment
    in Community by Nathan Biemiller - 8/13/2010 -  16
    WAR since 2004, Izturis is certainly doing pretty well for himself. After all, he gets to start every day for a major league team. Nathan Biemiller is a junior at Franklin and Marshall College who

  • Replacing Joe Nathan
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 3/9/2010 -  35
    For the past six seasons the Twins haven't had to think about the ninth inning. If they had a lead in a close game, Joe Nathan was there to ensure victory. In only 25 of 272 instances did he fail