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Shawn Wooten  2000 - 20051B/DH
Shawn Chacon  2001 - 2008P
Shawn Green  1993 - 2007OF
Shawn Estes  1995 - 2008P
Shawn Sedlacek  2002 - 2002P
Shawn Camp  2004 - 2014P
Shawn Hill  2004 - 2012P
Shawn Riggans  2006 - 2009C
Shawn Kelley  2009 - 2018P
Shawn O'Malley  2014 - 2016SS/OF
Shawn Tolleson  2012 - 2016P
Shawn Armstrong  2015 - 2017P
Shawn Morimando  2016 - 2016P
Shawn Abner  1987 - 1992OF
Shawn Barton  1992 - 1996P
Shawn Boskie  1990 - 1998P
Shawn Gilbert  1997 - 20002B/OF
Shawn Hare  1991 - 1995OF
Shawn Hillegas  1987 - 1993P
Shawn Holman  1989 - 1989P
Shawn Jeter  1992 - 1992DH/OF
Shawn Kohn  1/28/1980P
Shawn Garrett  11/2/19781B
Shawn Bowman  12/9/19843B
Shawn Nottingham  1/22/1985P
Shawn Phillips  12/19/1982P
Shawn Hayes  11/5/19841B/3B
Keshawn Lynch  10/12/19962B
Shawn Semple  10/9/1995P
Shawn Ferguson  1/12/1983P
Shawn Scobee  10/11/1984OF
Shawn McGill  2/29/1984C
Shawn Olsen  6/5/1984P
Shawn Roof  8/3/19842B
Shawn Williams  9/18/19831B
Shawn Haviland  11/10/1985P
Shawn Smith  9/9/1990P
Shawn Griffin  8/9/1986OF
Shawn Zarraga  1/21/1989C
Shawn Joy  6/3/1986P
Shawn Sanford  8/28/1988P
Shawn Blackwell  11/15/1990P
Shawn Payne  7/13/1989OF
Shawn Griffith  5/24/1987P
Shawn Teufel  7/16/1986P
Krishawn Holley  2/8/1992P
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  • Decision Time For Shawn Chacon
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/9/2008 -  0
    and sought to find out if they were really worth the risk. This year, at least one such low-risk signing is performing pretty well. His name is Shawn Chacon and you may remember the 30-yr old Alaskan from

  • Pitching on Shawn Camp
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 3/23/2010 -  3
    , but on Shawn Camp. The six-foot-nothing righty who lays claim to being one of the few pitchers that was neither good enough for the Royals or Devil Rays bullpen within a three-year span. Usually

  • Shawn Kelley's Much Deserved Opportunity
    in FanGraphs by Ryan Pollack - 1/30/2017 -  9
    , sure, but constantly feeling overlooked. Shawn Kelley knows how you feel. For years, his managers overlooked him when they called for a closer. After spending four years in Seattle behind David

  • Shawn Kelley (Future Closer?) to Padres
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 12/29/2014 -  7
    The Padres acquired yet another player today, as the new General Manager continues to trade away the prospects the past General Manager acquired for win-now assets. You could call Shawn Kelley just

  • Shawn Hill: One Nat's Trash Is Another Padre's 5th Starter
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 3/24/2009 -  1
    The Washington Nationals and right-hander Shawn Hill had just about the most acrimonious off-season of any team/player combo. Hill, a sinker/slider hurler with a fair amount of talent (but also

  • Mariners' Playing Time Battles: Hitters
    in RotoGraphs by Rylan Edwards - 2/23/2016 -  0
    , which given his defense and the current outfield’s struggles versus lefties, bodes well for his playing time, even if in a reserve role. Shawn OMalley nor Stefen Romero figure to play much of a role