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Wander Franco  3/1/2001SS
Wander Franco  12/13/19943B
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  • The Daily Grind: Yonder I Wander
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 5/10/2017 -  9
    Another day, another grind, another bowl of congealed oatmeal. AGENDA Yonder I Wander Weather Reports Pitchers to Use and Abuse Hitters to Use SaberSim Says... TDG Invitational

  • The Best and Worst of Maikel Franco
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 6/29/2016 -  16
    Maikel Franco had one of the better games in baseball Tuesday. Facing the Diamondbacks, he came up in the third inning and doubled, and then he came up in the fifth inning and homered

  • Fixing Maikel Franco
    in RotoGraphs by Randy Holt - 6/1/2016 -  7
    Maikel Franco as a prime breakout candidate at the hot corner. As the calendar turns to June, though, neither of those predictions have been entirely correct. Not only have the Phillies been quite

  • Maikel Franco's Slider Problem
    in FanGraphs by Alex Stumpf - 5/22/2017 -  7
    . But they've been doing it without much help from Maikel Franco. After a strong rookie campaign and then slump in his sophomore season, Franco has taken another step back in 2017. His wRC+ has

  • Maikel Franco and Inflated Expectations
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/9/2016 -  2
    Remember when Maikel Franco led all hitters in home runs during this past spring training? His nine were two more than the next highest total hit by Robinson Cano and J.D. Martinez. Not surprisingly

  • Maikel Franco Is Adjusting
    in Community by Snerd - 7/21/2017 -  3
    Baseball Prospectus, in their 2015 scouting report of Maikel Franco, had this to say: "Extremely aggressive approach; will guess, leading to misses or weak contact against soft stuff; gets out

  • Maikel Franco Emulating Adrian Beltre
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 6/23/2015 -  16
    Joc Pederson and Kris Bryant are ahead of the pack when it comes to the National League Rookie of the year race, but perhaps lost among many other intriguing promotions, Maikel Franco is having

  • The Most Sensible Maikel Franco Adjustment
    in FanGraphs by August Fagerstrom - 3/15/2016 -  10
    . As you may have heard, Maikel Franco has played in 11 Spring Training games, and Maikel Franco has hit six home runs. During last year's Spring Training, Franco hit zero home runs, and then he went

  • Bryant and Sano and Franco, Oh My!
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 11/12/2015 -  8
    introduced us to several future superstars. Amazingly, three of them play third base. Kris Bryant, Miguel Sano and Maikel Franco were all heavily hyped and their Major League debuts were highly

  • Guy in John Franco Jersey Looks Like John Franco
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/24/2012 -  2
    NEW YORK -- Several riders of a Queens-bound 7 train confirmed Thursday the presence of a passenger not only wearing a John Franco jersey, but also matching the precise physical description

  • The Daily Grind: Franco, Erasmo, Gray
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 7/18/2015 -  2
    Agenda Farnsworth on Franco Daily DFS - Erasmo, Koehler Tomorrow's Targets - Gray, Gonzalez, Reynolds, Gose Factor Grid 1. Farnsworth on Franco If you study Maikel Franco's career

  • The Daily Grind: Frank About Franco
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 7/25/2018 -  5
    Weather Reports Pitchers to Use and Abuse SaberSim Says... Franco Analysis 1. The Daily Grind Invitational Congrats to bigwig500 for winning with a deeply weird roster. He

  • Holding Out Hope for the Maikel Franco Breakout
    in RotoGraphs by Randy Holt - 3/15/2017 -  4
    In what was expected to serve as a breakout season, Maikel Franco's 2016 campaign was riddled with disappointing aspects. His 1.4 WAR finished 21st among 24 qualifying players at the third base

  • It's Probably Time to Give Up on Maikel Franco
    in RotoGraphs by Randy Holt - 11/8/2017 -  10
    , Maikel Franco was the worst third baseman in baseball among qualifiers in 2017. The Phillies third sacker finished with the worst Off rating among the group that features 22 qualifiers, with a -22.4 mark

  • The Freshmen Report: Buxton, Franco, Lindor, May
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 6/19/2015 -  11
    above water given enough patience. Maikel Franco, 3B, Phillies: Just about everyone but the Phillies saw the Ryan Howard contract as a terrible thing to commit to and it currently serves

  • Called Up: Pederson, Franco, Pompey, Norris & Finnegan
    in FanGraphs by Kiley McDaniel - 9/2/2014 -  7
    along the lines of Jim Edmonds. In the short-term, the thing to watch will be how much contact he makes against tough lefties.   Maikel Franco, 3B, Philadelphia Phillies Hit: 40/50, Game