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The second installment checking up on how the best prospects in baseball are doing so far.

Joe gives Dusty Baker and Bud Selig some advice.

Robert and friends visit Erie, Pennsylvania for some Double-A baseball.

With April coming to a close, Aaron checks up on his top prospects to see how they’re faring so far this year.

Ben sorts through his mailbag and answers some fantasy questions, including whether or not Vladimir Guerrero is good enough to fetch Carlos Beltran in a trade.

Your first baseman is so old…
…when Moses split the Red Sea he was on the other side fishing.
…when he was in school there was no history class.
…when he was born the Dead Sea was just getting sick.

The Yankees are 9-11 after 20 games. How the hell did that happen?

Ben looks around the league and discusses some of the more interesting closer situations.

The parking lot dust rises to your nostrils, and then a sudden gust of wind — hot, dry, and gritty — also bids you good morning. Heat, dust, and wind, in every imaginable combination, are your ever-present summertime companions in this region. You’re in the West Texas-New Mexico League. If you’re a hitter, you’re in paradise. If you’re a pitcher, you’re in some deep lowest rung of sheer hell.

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more common among baseball players, but what does it mean for their on-field performance? Matthew looks at the track record of such surgeries.

Larry says Yankees fans should get angry, but shouldn’t panic, while Ben just revels in the glory of a Red Sox sweep in the Bronx.

Remember that K-Rod kid from Anaheim’s World Series run in 2002? Aaron checks back in on him to see how he’s done after all the hype went away.

The debut of THT’s newest feature, Comings and Goings. This week, see what Bryan has to say about trades by Boston and Oakland, and a herd of DL visits.

How fast are the fastest triples? How slow are the slowest? Robert takes a look at perhaps the most exciting play in baseball.

Make sure you don’t let all the steroid talk — justified or not — distract you from what Barry Bonds is doing on the field. It’s something you’ve got to see.

Ben takes a look at who’s been hot or cold the last week and marvels at yet another unbelievable accomplishment from an unbelievable player.

Studes’ brother has visited all major league ballparks, and we have his review of the two newest additions: PetCo Park in San Diego and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Though Vinay is shocked to see this rite of summer arrive already, he defends the fans’ right to vote.

Aaron falls off of one wagon, but finds another one to jump on.

After tweaking an old Bill James study, Bryan unearths some interesting facts about the Opening Day rosters this season.