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Aaron takes a stroll through Splitsville.

Conspiracy theories and another reason why Peter Angelos hates the Nationals.

It’s time for another up-close-and-personal look at the major league ballplayer, this time as of 1952.

Are you ready for DIPS 3.0? David takes a crack.

Aaron has deja vu and talks about pink bikinis.

The odds of Emil Brown being a useful player and other fascinating subjects.

Our recommended reading list for today includes Emily Dickinson on Zoloft, Klingon fairy tales, and this column.

Jason Giambi’s saga continues.

Ben takes a look at the American League wild card race to see which team has the advantage.

Draft date changes and the Marlins’ season-ticket extortion play.

Strap on your miner’s helmet and come along with Steve, exploring the priceless deposits of a marvelous baseball research website.

It’s almost September, and you know what that means.

The miracle of getting paid to watch baseball.

Aaron talks questionable managing, The Next Big Thing next’s big start, and booing.

Instead of E-5, there are F-5’s happening in Kansas City and they’re bearing down on Baltimore.

They should move first base back one step to eliminate all those close plays.
John Lowenstein

Jason Giambi’s saga continues with the worst year of his life.

It’s August, but two players have already set a record for most Win Shares at their age. Can you guess who they are?

When we left them last week, the Colt .45s were slowly but steadily beginning their trek into the treacherous wilderness, in a well-planned and organized manner. The Mets hadn’t yet figured out how to put on their hiking boots. Let’s see how the intrepid adventurers fared from that point!

Aaron has seen the future of pitching and it’s in Seattle.