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Strange and unusual happenings in the world of baseball.

Craig reviews some of the general thoughts readers had about draft strategy and offers some of his own thoughts on the “You Are The GM” challenge.

A near no-hitter and a three home run day.

Did Neyer bobble the blunder bible, or has he handled it handsomely?

The latest injury news.

Featuring good news for Yankee and Cub fans: fine performances from Randy Johnson and Kerry Wood.

What can pitch charting tell us about what’s wrong with The King?

Aaron recaps his trip to the Metrodome for a great pitching matchup.

Do minor league players enjoy a home field advantage when they get to know the local replacement umpires?

Barry Bonds hit a home run yesterday. The Braves hit eight.

The longest game of the season, a triple play and Jered Weaver’s debut.

Yesterday’s news, including the shortest home run of the year.

John has a look at small ball offenses in 2005. Which teams were playing small ball and which weren’t?

Is the Cubs manager endangering his starters?

What happened yesterday?

How far it went, how far is would have gone, and much, much more.

Craig looks at the avalanche of responses to our “You Are The GM” challenge, and discovers that you can never have too much pitching

Yesterday’s major league results

Carl Pohlad’s lucky day and trouble in Seattle

Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach