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David discusses projecting the future with six top baseball forecasters in this five part series.

Projections for four minor leaguers on the move, including the Phillies’ C.J. Henry and the Rangers’ Nelson Cruz.

Bruce Sutter may have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, but that didn’t stop many of today’s top relievers, including Bobby Jenks, Armando Benitez, B.J. Ryan and Huston Street, from blowing saves.

The White Sox and Orioles slugged it out in Camden Yards, while the Devil Rays simply slugged the Yankees.

In the Bronx this baseball aristocrat has his head in the guillotine of public opinion.

The Rockies win a close game for only the second time in their last twelve.

Tinker and Evers, the best-known double play combo of all time, refused to speak to each other for 33 years.

Which National League contenders could use the most help down the stretch? Which team whiffed its way down the third-base ladder like a drunken frat boy? Read the National League version of the top 10 worst regulars for contenders to find out.

The Twins swept the White Sox to tie them for second place in the AL Central, but the Yankees swept the Rangers to sneak ahead of both teams into the Wild Card lead.

Ranking all major league teams.

Washington Nationals news and the new Yankee Stadium clears final hurdles

Ryan Madson ties a major league record with four wild pitches in one inning. Plus, the Twins beat the White Sox again and there’s another pitching duel in Denver.

Bringing us right up to date, from the White Flag to DePodesta’s Derring-Do to Sulking Shea.

Rick’s weekly outlook on baseball injuries

The Twins have won 32 of their last 40 games, more than any other team in baseball. They won a key game last night, 7-4 over the White Sox, and they’re now just two games behind last year’s World Series champ.

Returning to Win Probability Added, this time looking at individual batters, starters and relievers.

Three-year projections for several recently traded prospects, including the Mets’ Ruben Gotay and the Indians’ Max Ramirez.

One-run homers in each of the three last half-innings marked the see-saw swing of Boston at Seattle. Plus the Pads take back first, St. Louis sweeps LA and Jered Weaver matches Fernando Valenzuela.

Three Hernandez’s started games yesterday and gave up homers (Livan 2 for the Nats, Felix 1 for the Mariners, Orlando 2 for the Mets.) There were also three Gonzalez’s figuring in the homer count: pitchers Enrique (2 for Arizona) and Geremi (1 for Milwaukee) surrendered homers, and Luis (1 for Arizona) hit one.

A-Rod became the youngest batter ever to reach 450 home runs, while the Mets slugged a grand slam home run in a five-game span, a major league first. A-Rod’s home run was also the longest of the day.