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With the help of David Gassko, Derek Carty takes a look at Roger Clemens, who is set to make his season debut on Monday.

The Giants and Marlins are close to finalizing a deal for Armando Benitez.

As the Giants are attempting to trade Armando Benitez, Derek Carty takes a quick look at the fantasy ramifications.

How MLB bleeds you out of your last dollar, and why it might be a good thing.

The latest regarding Huston Street, Pablo Ozuna and more.

Derek Carty talks more about closers, including the situations in San Francisco and Chicago (NL).

Derek Carty looks at some of the uncertain Closer situations and determines the favorite for saves for each team.

David discusses his pitching woes.

A video analysis of Josh Beckett’s mechanical adjustments.

David Wright cashes in, and some BOB history in a light news week.

Derek Carty looks at the fantasy prospects of soon-to-be-recalled Twins starting pitcher Kevin Slowey.

Derek explains why SP Chris Young of the San Diego Padres is a good player to sell while his value is high.

There are fastballs. There are great fastballs. Then there are the fastest fastballs any human has yet thrown. And there is success, a distinctly elusive thing altogether.

Wladimir Balentien, Bryan Anderson, Desmond Jennings and others are emerging as top prospects

Which managers did the most and least leveraging of the starting pitchers in baseball history? Click here and find out.

Derek Carty’s first post welcoming everyone to THT Fantasy Focus!

A new feature at The Hardball Times

The AL East under the lens of THT projections, prediction markets and PROTRADE

A review of Mike Stadler’s new book, The Psychology of Baseball: Inside the Mental Game of the Major Leaguer.

The last in the series.