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Derek Carty looks at the National League side of the Waiver Wire.

Derek Carty looks at potential American League Waiver Wire pickups.

Two baseball historians, THT co-founder Matthew Namee and Steve Treder (who has been writing for THT since our inception), play with history.

I’m going hysterical and heretical

On June 27, 1940, the Brooklyn Dodgers and their fans celebrated the men who had written baseball’s “National Anthem.” As with all good baseball stories, however, there is more to it than a mere song.

Derek Carty mentions a few good articles to read.

Which pitchers have been lucky this season?

It’s a scandal as detrimental to baseball as steroids, and Major League Baseball can fix it without even asking the union. But they won’t.

Are some places just harder to succeed in?

Paul DePodesta isn’t really out of work; he’s an assistant in the Padres’ front office. Nevertheless, a look the results of his short tenure at the helm of the Dodgers shows why he’s currently the most attractive future GM candidate in baseball.

Derek Carty takes a look at a new way of potentially evaluating lucky and unlucky players and uses it to look at Lance Berkman, Mark Teahen, and Ian Kinsler.

Jeff dives into the numbers and determines which expansion-era teams were streakiest.

Brian discusses the latest on the expansion of the Cactus League as well as the latest stadium news.

Derek Carty rambles about various fantasy baseball topics.

Focusing on Process and not “results.”

Like turning a double play, turning a baseball phrase can be a thing of beauty and wonder.

Another use for detailed pitch data: investigating the ailing shoulder of Curt Schilling.

Which big-name hurlers’ arm troubles are most serious?

John breaks out his toolbox once more to look at the AL West under the glare of THT projections, Tradesports and PROTRADE.