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The life and trials of David Weathers.

There is an epic wrap-up in the NL this year. Who will shed tears of joy and who will shed tears of sorrow?

Derek Carty talks about the conclusion of the fantasy baseball season.

Young playoff teams, improved bullpens, fielding awards and more.

THT’s staff of writers and analysts work overtime to fill this double-stuff edition of the mailbag.

Sometimes it is better to trade from weakness and augment your strengths.

Too bad Lynn and Murray weren’t first-round quality…

As Steve’s survey of farm system production nears the present day, he finds a couple of expansion franchises making rapid progress, and some long-established organizations enduring deep frustration.

John uses prediction markets to peer into the likely outcome of the most exciting division races.

Having collected a slewload of offensive splits from every team in the last half-century, Chris dives into it a second time to extract some of the more interesting nuggets.

A look at the possible playoff teams.

Derek Carty examines the last National League Waiver Wire of the season, featuring guys such as Philip Humber, Patrick Misch, and Carlos Delgado.

Derek Carty looks at the last American League Waiver Wire of the season, featuring such guys as Zack Greinke and Adam Lind, while also tackling the closing situation in Baltimore.

Wherein Richard visits the Windy City, coming back with a few photos and a good deal of history.

Actually, it’s a bit of all three. Writing while dressed in sackcloth and ashes, I look at where it all went wrong for the 2007 Blue Jays.

David looks at whether hitters stick to doing what they’re best at and whether or not some hitters get more value out of their batted balls than others.

Pennant race edition

Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news.

Everything you need to know about identifying pitches using pitch-f/x data.

Derek Carty briefly discusses player valuation and why it can be a poor decision to take certain sluggers early in drafts.