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Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news.

Derek Carty looks at the fantasy baseball value of Reds starter Aaron Harang for the 2008 season.

Looking at the sometimes thorny issue of fantasy ethics.

We said, because Boston was better

Because Boston was better

The 2007 season is complete (though way too soon for Rockies fans), and Steve brings his examination of farm system performance up to the moment.

John laments the 2007 postseason, which promised much but has delivered very little.

What kind of schmuck says the Casey Stengel-era Yanks winning it all is an upset? The Chris Jaffe kind of schmuck—read and find out why.

A look at a baseball oddity, a closely contended World Series that resulted in a sweep: 1950— it just “whizzed” by

On Oct. 27, 1991 John Smoltz started game 7 of the World Series. The Braves would lose that game, giving Minnesota the World Series title. Unfortunately for Smoltz, that was just the beginning of the bad news when it comes to the postseason.

Are fast guys really better fielders?

Derek Carty takes a look at the fantasy baseball value of Pirates starter Tom Gorzelanny for the 2008 season.

We’re not talking fantasy baseball—we’re talking real money: over $2 billion in player salaries last year. Find out which players were the best and worst “deals” of 2007.

David explores whether or not pitchers today just don’t have it in them to throw as many innings as our heroes of yesteryear.

Belief is a dangerous thing.

Boston’s advantage in the World Series is simple. The AL was a better league than the NL in 2007, and the Red Sox were more talented compared to their league than the Rockies were.

If this column only answered that question, it would be a short one.

Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news.