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How do we deal with those who knew, and didn’t tell? And with Sammy Sosa?

Steve’s tour of the dealin’ days of December completes the circuit, from “Five for One” Hayes to Cabrera, Tejada and Haren

Dave looks at how A-Rod’s contract stacks up with those signed by other veterans in the recent past.

Dan compares Tim Raines to other tablesetters through history.

No fury like a fanbase scorned.

This may be a controversial topic. Most fantasy owners get so hung up on the concept of value that they do not realize it is a bit of a mirage. Let’s assume that when we discuss the concept we are talking about value as “the produced worth in excess of projected worth” for a given […]

Brian talks business with Pat Day, the general manager of the Lansing Lugnuts

Derek Carty looks at the 2007 breakout of Blue Jays starter Dustin McGowan and how his 2008 fantasy value looks.

One thing we learned from the Mitchell report is this: Nobody is looking out for the players.

On Dec. 21, 1859, Bill Traffley was born in New York City. He would later make exactly 100 errors in his major league career. New York resident Richard did not make quite that many this year, but still suffered a few misplays.

There have been several controversies in the world of baseball recently, and there’s a common thread among all of them.

Analysis of the four workhorses of the pitcher’s arsenal: fastball, slider, change-up and curveball.

Fernando Valenzuela at first base. Seriously?

Do relief pitchers who pitch more in a given season wear down the next? The result may surprise you.

Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news.

There is one skill that permeates every decision made in an auction, and owners should try to cultivate it at every turn.

The latest batch of holiday-season humdingers features quite a few of the lopsided variety. The stolen property inventory includes the names Robinson, Otis, Ryan, Singleton, Randolph and Hendrick.

Marvin Miller lost because he won