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A look at the fantasy ramifications of the Johan Santana trade, including all players involved and all players (Mets, Twins, Red Sox, and Yankees) indirectly affected.

Cheer up, Twins fans, it’s not all bad news.

What did the projections of the time expect from him?

Whether hits in bleachers put fannies in seats.

THT’s staff chimes in with the winners and losers from yesterday’s blockbuster.

Who shone like stars and who sucked like black holes.

This menu offers an unhealthy portion of mistake moves, including the Staub and Sandberg dishes, as well as the super-sized screw-up otherwise known as the Glenn Davis trade. Amid all this, how does the Swisher sendoff stack up?

A look at Milwaukee’s young slugger, Prince Fielder.

The response to the last rules and quirks column was overwhelming. John checks out the thoughts of some THT readers.

Can the average Joe be a successful scout of major league talent? Yes!

On Jan. 13, 1962 a San Francisco attorney—representing himself—won a lawsuit against the Giants over his seating at the ballpark. That attorney and his lawsuit make for quite the story.

Projections in rear-view mirror may appear larger or smaller than reality.

Brian brings us the latest baseball business and stadium news.

What went down and who screwed up.

A look at K/BB ratios and the differences between pitchers who put up good ones in different ways: exceptional walk rates, exceptional strikeout rates, or moderate rates in both categories.

We’re ready for the new year’s first review of colossal shakeups from new years past, from Wee Willie to Rocky.

A look at league average breaking balls using PITCHf/x.

Chris completes his World Series journey with an examination of the ultimate ultimates.