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A summary of Nick Johnson’s injury history, and what kind of production to expect from him in 2008.

John takes a look at what the prediction markets are prognosticating for the coming year.

Plus a pair of hitting ones for good measure as well.

After ten years in the minor leagues, Jack Cust burst onto the major league scene in 2007 with 26 home runs. This article examines Cust’s 2007 performance, looking at his strengths and weaknesses as a hitter.

The Red Sox will make the playoffs and the Giants will finish last; based on our staff predictions, you can take those two to the bank. Everything in between is up for grabs.

The link to this week’s fantasy roundtable, which deals with three young outfielders: Corey Hart, Nick Markakis, and Hunter Pence.

The latest baseball business and stadium news.

An in-depth discussion of ‘knowing your opponent’ when it comes to trading. A list of some of the exact things we should be looking for.

Can the Red Sox repeat as World Series champions and win their third title in five seasons?

In a land without hope…Maryland.

The Yankees changed managers and owners and got a lot younger, but the Bronx Bombers roll on.

Everything’s magnified on Opening Day

On March 24, 1961, the New York State Senate approved money for the construction of a baseball stadium in Queens. On that anniversary, Richard looks back at New York’s “other” baseball stadium, one which also will be lost to the ages after this season.

Can the very young and the very old combine for very good?

More than a feeling, less than a given, are the Rays ready to take the next step?

Could the Jays have to wait until November before breaking out the golf clubs?

According to Bill James Online, Juan Pierre is in the 98th percentile in running, 2nd percentile in hitting for power. I’m surprised the difference isn’t more extreme.

Tim Dierkes cracks open the mailbag and discusses Huston Street, Manny and Alexei Ramirez, Francisco Liriano and more.

His pitching mechanics, and why he is likely to spend a great deal of time on the DL in 2008 and beyond.

The Rockies went from .500 to the World Series in about a month last season, but will they make it out of a competitive NL West?