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Justin Morneau finished 2008 with a whimper. In the offseason, he was cold-called with some advice. It was a call worth taking: Reluctantly, he answered the phone, and a voice brightened his day: “Hi Justin, it’s Harmon Killebrew.” “He knew I was down after we lost,” Morneau said. “He knew I blamed myself for everything, […]

We don’t have HOK to kick around anymore. No, they didn’t go out of business. They just changed their name: HOK Sport Venue Event is no longer. The Kansas City-based sports architecture giant, now a stand-alone company, officially has changed its name to Populous. “Populous allows us to enthusiastically embrace the expertise we uniquely claim […]

I am happy that I am not single. I am happy that I do not live in Milwaukee. I am especially happy that I am not a single man living in Milwaukee: Gentlemen, do you have the right stuff to be a hip Milwaukee bachelor? Face it: Milwaukeeans are a different breed. Your stuff should […]

Bill Simmons fields and answers a VORP question in his mailbag. Even ends it with a VORP joke that isn’t designed to make fun of VORP. Sure, he needed an assist from BP’s Joe Sheehan to do it, but let’s give him and the ESPN-Baseball Prospectus marriage some points for positively exploiting corporate synergy. Well, […]

The Tigers cut Sheff: The Tigers released designated hitter Gary Sheffield this morning, a startling development since the team had already guaranteed him $14 million this season. It’s the second-highest amount owed to a released player in club history, behind Damion Easley’s $14.3 million in 2003. “You’re going to pay him, one way or the […]

Look, Daddy! Teacher says, “every time a pitcher’s bell is rung, the Angels get us wings!” That’s right! That’s right! There could be a shortage of chicken wings in the greater Phoenix area. The Angels have a promotional tie-in with Claim Jumper, the restaurant offering a free order of “Angel wings” to fans holding ticket […]

Once you got past the sentiment of it all, it was apparent that the Dodgers leaving Vero Beach was long overdue. Now there are some numbers to bear that out (last item): The Dodgers distributed a total of 131,134 tickets for their 14 home games at Camelback Ranch this spring, an average of 9,367 a […]

Matt Wieters had a paper route as a kid: there were no survivors. When he falls out of a boat, Matt Wieters does not get wet: the water gets Matt Wieters. It only takes Matt Wieters 20 minutes to watch 60 minutes. He is that awesome: Baseball scouts and executives like to blame the media […]

Tom Browning pitched a perfect game once upon a time. These days? Things are less than perfect: Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning has been arrested and charged with not paying child support, according to jail records uncovered by the Associated Press. Browning, best known for throwing a perfect game in 1988 and currently a […]

Just last week we were talking about the Can-Am League and the Ottawa Voyageurs. Now there’s nothin’ left to talk about: After 10 years of poor attendance and a struggle for attention blocks away from the casinos, the minor league Atlantic City Surf has struck out. The team, which played in the independent Can-Am League, […]

Chipper Jones is about to get a contract extension: It appears Chipper Jones may get his wish to remain with the Braves throughout his entire career. A Major League source has indicated that Jones and the Braves are close to agreeing to terms on a contact extension that could keep the veteran third baseman in […]

From the “things I did not know” department, there’s a guy making bats for big leaguers right here in my backyard: “The thing I like about bats is, somewhere in the middle, you have the science part and the art part, and they meet there in the middle,” said Charley Trudeau, founder of Phoenix Bats, […]

Lots of content today, so instead of writing a joke, the joke will be just how panicky I get to finish the recaps of it before my son wakes up, demands his Cheerios, and yells at me to “get off the ‘puter, Daddy!” Jon Weisman has five questions about the Los Angeles Dodgers. Question number […]

The last update of our rankings before the season begins.

Dealing with toxic assets on your fantasy team can be a difficult proposition.

There’s a strong engine ahead of that baggage car

The defending World Series champions, now have a bullseye on their chest. How did new GM Ruben Amaro fare in building the 2009 Phillies?

As an art historian might say when discovering Michelangelo’s unfortunate “Dogs Playing Poker” period … what was that all about?

A pair of 22-year-old rookies have landed in the fourth slots of the Angels’ and Nationals’ rotations.

Death. Taxes. Bud Selig putting a committee together to solve a sticky problem he doesn’t want to deal with: After meeting with ownership and management of the Oakland Athletics in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced today that he has appointed a committee to thoroughly analyze all of the ballpark proposals […]