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We go hitter-heavy this week with our newsmakers, Dan Uggla and Adam LaRoche, and the latest 2009 Roto Countdown members Todd Helton and Tommy Hanson, plus reader request Drew Stubbs.

Hunting for bullpen help in minor league starting rotations

Yonder Alonso and the Cincinnati Reds face off against Pedro Alvarez and the Pittsburgh Pirates for prospect supremacy.

This week Richard received his copy of Chris Jaffe’s Evaluating Baseball’s Managers. In honor of the work, he attempts to assemble the “All-Manager Team.”

TUCK! brand toon goodness, every Thursday!

Welcoming four new writers to THT Fantasy and a refreshed Buy On The Rumor blog.

From the fender-benders to the train wrecks

A look back at the class of 2009 via PITCHf/x

in which I continue to use such an honorable platform for self-indulgent fodder

But I have to pick someone now!

The best of the rest from 1901 to 1989, outfielders and pitchers.

The implications of the right knee surgery of Carlos Beltran for the 2010 fantasy baseball season.

Bonus TUCK! toons every Monday in January!

Some clarification on the Bill James projection system from a member of the BIS team who works on them.

Some good throwers aren’t so good at other things

A blast from the past made some news, showing us that some things—and some people—don’t really change.

Big News in Detroit, as “Papa Grande” ambles into town as the new sheriff, or closer, or both. Also, some relievers to avoid, and other players.

Two new signees, Aubrey Huff and Brett Myers, headline this week’s column, with reader request (and new Diamondback 2B) Kelly Johnson, while continuing to count down 2009’s top roto producers with the saber-reliable Adam Dunn and hot rookie arm J.A. Happ.

If MVPs were handed out like the old-timey award that banned repeat winners.

The past two years have seen the NHL stage the Winter Classic at two of baseball’s most famous parks. But on Jan. 16, 1884, a legendary baseball figure helped stage a baseball game unlike any you have ever seen, but one fans of the NHL could appreciate.