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Did I outsmart the market, or myself?

A year after the “Natinals” lost a general manager to scandal, Chris Needham looks on the bright side.

Ask a simple question, get a complicated answer.

Figgins is gone, but pitching is key.

The O’s hope they’re finally building toward something.

PITCHf/x check-ins on four 2009 first-round picks

Realizing that the term “sleeper” doesn’t apply in the eighth round.

A look at my rookie year Tout Wars team.

Which pitch sequences have the biggest effect on batters’ perception?

Waiting on Stanton, and other ponderables.

Trying to chase down the Dodgers.

Can the Phillies win it all in 2010? The answers to these questions will go a long way toward finding out.

THT’s resident manager expert looks at what managers are on the brink of noteworthy achievements.

Our projection system really loves some of the obvious candidates, but some of these names could really help you on draft day.

On offense, we look at the powerful Andre Ethier, the speedy Michael Bourn, and the powerful and speedy Brandon Phillips, while our pitching focuses on the young fireballer Ubaldo Jimenez and the fragile fireballer Rafael Soriano.

Get the latest thoughts on the game’s top middle infield prospects.

Let’s face it, the Giants are good. That said, they’re also, well, special.

A healthy Brandon Webb is crucial if the D-backs hope to rebound.

On March 25, 1951, Eddie Collins died. Richard looks back at the career of this all-time great player.

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