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Does pitching in particular counts significantly impact BABIP?

A new book revisits ‘Big Hair and Plastic Grass.’

A follow-up to Dave Cameron’s piece on randomness and a response to Chris Liss’ assertion that analysts attribute too much to luck.

Max refines his pitch classification algorithm… and gives out a promised spreadsheet.

We assess the fantasy value of some over/underperforming stocks, and Matt Wieters makes a surprise visit.

This week features a couple recently promoted batters and some traded left-handed hurlers.

What the blockbusters can teach us

Seven descending players are finding their Top-100 places in jeopardy, and seven other players are ready to fill in.

Two Philly farmhands plow through the minors.

Using retrospective projections to find breakout (and flat-out weird) seasons.

TUCK! toons twice weekly, right here on THT

The misadventures of the Pacific Suns.

Giving Carl Pavano’s performance the respect it deserves.

The latest in the business of baseball.

K/9, K percentage and a new way to look at a pitcher’s strikeout ability

Josh Johnson is good and the Mariners lineup is not. Remember, you heard it here first.

Those who do not appear primed to finish the season on a high note.

How much longer will David Ortiz be in Boston?

Finishing up his trilogy, Chris looks at why the doubleheaders went the way of the double feature.