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The options this week are… (crickets)

I’m starting to think that streaming pitching isn’t viable this year…

A star-crossed career comes under the microscope in the latest edition of 1972 Topps.

The Giants’ first basemen is finally finding success with a rare approach.

Looking at starting pitcher value through the lens of an expected wins formula

Friday is looking thin

Even though he’s a Yankee, Derek Jeter has been truly great.

Richard makes the NY sports fan pilgrimage to the Ebbets Field site

Monday was not my best day for picks…

A second look at some of the corner’s more apt predictions

Struggling with the long ball in Cincy, can Mat Latos be the ace the Reds traded for?

A baseball curse affecting teams around the world.

In case you don’t follow every last thing I put out on my twitter feed you may have missed these strange factoids. Anthony Rizzo was traded from San Diego to Chicago for Andrew Cashner. Rizzo’s last Major League game was against the Cubs (0-3 with a walk) at Petco Park. In his final at bat, […]

There was some bad pitching yesterday…

Their owners may think they’re selling high, but I don’t

There really is an excessive number of lucky pitchers in the awards this week.

It’s the nation’s one and only Bicentennial. Will any of our many prove beneficiarial?

A busy Monday to leverage

Things look about right so far, though there are a few unexpected twists.

It’s time for Chris’ annual examination of ticket add-on fees across the big leagues