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Nearly 400 homers—and nearly anonymous.

On to the weekend

Looking back at several strange pitching performances from the past few decades.

Moe Koltun examines hitter strength of schedule by analyzing their Opponent Slugging and Opponent On Base Percentage.

Scott Kazmir, Eric Chavez, and Munenori Kawasaki are covered in today’s edition of the Waiver Wire.

He went from Fenway to The Fund, with a bump in between.

Tomorrow looks like an offense-oriented day

He was left for dead in 2011. Now he’s throwing as hard as ever. What’s the deal?

The Baseball Reliquary shoots from the hip, blindfolded—and scores another bulls-eye

Filmmaker leaves men on base in Baseball Reliquary portrait

The 1940s saw the Second World War and the integration of baseball; did these monumental events make for quality teams?

Balancing need and value when shopping on the waiver wire

Thin Thursday comes tomorrow, although there are plenty of power hitters available.

Do young players have more ups and downs in performance than veterans?

Philadelphia must walk a fine line between rebuilding and going for broke or else risk plunging into the abyss.

Venable, Locke and Span under the microscope in Week 7

Yu Darvish makes an appearance. Amazingly, I avoid bad puns.

Whats wrong with Moose’s approach?

The latest in the business of baseball

We have entered the part of the season where easy decisions are few and far between