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It’s another Texas-Oakland fight to the finish in the West. But what about the division’s other teams?

Nate Eovaldi, Bruce Chen, and Chris Carter are discussed in today’s Waiver Wire.

Which teams, players try to use the handedness advantage the most?

Tomorrow is jammed with fantasy spot starts and exploits

We seem to have settled into alternating days for streaming. Today is great, tomorrow is not.

Which players love to hack at the first pitch? Which prefer patience?

So tell me, man, how does this year’s crop of freshman ballplayers look?

What’s Ted Williams ERA? And guess who else his catcher caught?

It’s time to take a look at an unheralded hero.

Donnie Murphy and Emilio Bonifacio are the subject of today’s Waiver Wire.

Thin Thursday is followed by Deep Friday

It was 1947, and not just because of Jackie Robinson.

In the summer of Jaws, which of our counterfactual trio will have the biggest bite?

Hultzen was the Seattle Mariners’ first-round pick, second overall. What’s going on with his pitching shoulder?

Tomorrow is looking like a pass on pitching

The Dodgers win the pennant! The Dodgers win the pennant!

How good is Miguel Cabrera? And how about that Mike Trout?

Jake Arrieta, Jon Niese step forward as playoff time nears

Today is better than tomorrow for streaming