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The metrics for catcher defense have expanded in recent years. Are they all telling the same story?

In Chapter Two, the game on the field begins, as does Zack’s quest to remember positive memories from childhood.

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An initial look at identifying baseball’s most argumentative managers.

Introducing pBABIP, a stat that simplifies the process of predicting batting average on balls in play.

The optimal strategy for challenging calls might surprise you.

With the increase in the three true outcomes and the rise in infield shifts, is infield defense as important as it used to be?

Teams are often lambasted for paying high price tags for “proven” closers. But in some cases, doing so helps teams save a good deal of money.

It is often said that to succeed, you want to hit the ball on the ground and put pressure on the defense. But does that maxim hold up to scrutiny?

Labels have real power. Phrases like “million dollar arm” can be descriptive, but they can also be dangerous.

Come for the fabulous correlation tool, stay for the advanced batted ball analysis.

In this first look at new Inside Edge hang time data, we explore many topics, including Juan Lagares, Fenway Park and Jeremy Hellickson.

The story of a man who used to go by a different name and a team which almost played in a different city.

A continued exploration of what kind of attributes make a hitter appear more or less consistent throughout the season.

These days, it can feel as though we know every player’s story, past and present. But sometimes, a player slips through the cracks.