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Whose “Homer at the Bat” team would have won a theoretical softball game — Mr. Burns’ crew of sepia-toned Hall of Famers, or Mr. Smithers’ team of early 90s All-Stars?

Baseball players have received a dwindling share of revenue. Will that change in the near future?

Analyzing the cost per WAR from several different perspectives, including incorporating draft pick compensation.

Before diving in with updated calculations, we first take a step back and see how we set things up.

Jonah Keri’s new book, on his beloved Montreal Expos, is a fantastic read for any baseball fan.

Zack’s team ties the game on the field, but inside Zack is still tied in knots reminiscing about his father.

Baseball in Australia has a long history, but it’s changed drastically in just the past few years.

Finding a scapegoat can be a difficult, but gratifying process.

Digging in deeper on manager ejections, including Joe Torre and another famous New York Yankees manager.

It takes courage and resolve to stare down terminal cancer.

Can we predict what type of pitches certain pitchers will throw?

Not all ISOs are built the same.

Knowing how to talk about a subject can be just as important as the subject itself.

Putting normalized stats into context.

Digging into “Baseball GPA” and “The Sabermetric Revolution.”

Debunking the myths on why southpaw catchers can’t succeed in the majors.

How do we best get a handle, really, on the American Pastime?

Father-son duos are prevalent in baseball, but the “Bing” and Kurt Russell duo was about as unique as it comes.

Back in the day, the role of the commissioner was created to help clean up baseball. Baseball no longer needs cleaning up.