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The difference between a perfect game and a one-hit shutout is negligible. But the emotion we pour into that tiny difference is immense.

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For all the criticism he took, Commissioner Bud Selig will be hard to replace. Here’s what made him successful — and here’s why his successor’s job won’t be easy.

It’s not the destination that matters, the author finds. It’s the journey.

In the first of two parts, the author finds more that matters than list prices.

We’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to using PITCHf/x data to tell us about hitters.

Diving back into the effects of extra-long games — before noticing someone drained the pool.

For the impatient hitter, it’s not letting a good first pitch go by. For the patient hitter, it’s not swinging at a pitch until you see something you like.

Minor league baseball. Multiple countries. Visas. Former major leaguers. What could go wrong?

As quickly as I had gone from excitement to disinterest upon first laying eyes on the southpaw, the reverse occurred.

Just in time for the holiday weekend, we reach back in time to reminisce over some more great throws.