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In this article reprinted from The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2015, the authors take the first steps toward building better major league equivalencies.

Outstanding performances aren’t always compensated at the same time those performances occur.

See just how important pitch sequencing really is for pitchers and hitters.

Whetting your appetite with some select passages from this year’s Annual.

Sometimes, unorthodox mechanics are a good thing.

What if someone as bonkers as Mike Veeck created bobbleheads for MLB teams?

The corporate branding and annexation of the man cave

As fans, we reveal a lot about humanity in the way we root, root, root.

One of the best catchers in the majors plays for the Padres, and you don’t know who he is.

This is one that everyone can wrap their head — and arms — around.

We can’t get all the calls right, but there is a subset of calls where baseball can do better.

Take a look back at some of the top plays of this year’s postseason.

The World Series went seven games, but it might not have been as exciting as the rest of the playoffs.

Let’s stop talking about home-field advantage in the playoffs as if it means something.

Even the big league team next door can jilt an affiliate.

Mike Norris was the best pitcher in the AL in 1980. Just a few years later, he was injured and out of baseball. What happened during his fabled 1980 season, and where did he go from there?

Reliving the Grand Tour on the Field of Dreams, and creating unforgettable memories.

The story of the franchise’s eight titles is replete with oddities, colorful characters, and some of the best players ever.