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The strike zone has morphed in a way that is less equitable to certain hitters.

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In his new book, Big Data Baseball, Travis Sawchick not only recounts the events and people who shaped the 2013 Pirates, but also pens a love letter to sabermetrics.

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if you want to understand Statcast, you need to know a little bit about radar.

When the time came for peace between the leagues, surprisingly, the AL had most of the leverage.

The author remembers a chance meeting with Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart.

Yes, we still have more answers than questions.

This in-depth look at run values examines the value of each ball not put in play, and thus, the value of catchers who know how to frame.

Before moving to Baltimore, the Orioles/Browns franchise often played to a nearly empty ballpark in St. Louis.

Changing speeds and location? More questions lead to … more questions.