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For the first time online, here is Dan’s essay from THT 2017.

The minor league broadcasting ranks can be a road to nowhere.

Both men broke important barriers for both baseball and beyond, but only one is recognized for his efforts.

Scrapping historical precedent and starting over with the name game.

For the first time online, here is Jeff’s essay from THT 2017.

“I don’t buy any of that crap.”

A surprising team has the most commonality with baseball’s most recent World Series champions.

Creating the best team of Mariners’ players possible.

There is no right way to get 3,000 hits.

Why the traditional, scary team nickname is a thing of the past.

With the 2016 season now over, it’s time to incorporate the season’s statistics and see what changes are afoot.

Let’s make baseball the reason to entice women to come to a baseball game.

If a hitter can hit for power in the minors, what does that say about his potential major league success?

What happens when air decides to get a little pushy?

There’s no ignominy in making the last out of the World Series. Some very good players have done it.

Looking back on the show’s first nine episodes.

We’re running out of new things to learn from available injury data.

Did you hear the one about the humor writer?

It ought to be the easiest position to fill, but Cleveland has historically had trouble with the initial sack.