Around the Majors: 4000 SO for Randy Johnson

1) Diamondbacks P Randy Johnson reached 4000 career SO.

After 2.32 ERA/62 RSAA and 4.26 ERA/6 RSAA seasons, Johnson’s off to a 3.04 ERA/20 RSAA start in his first 17 starts. He has a 3.10 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.35, and 481 RSAA in 471 games.

Johnson was the 4th to reach 4000 SO and ranks 2nd vs. the league average.

1    Nolan Ryan                 5714   
2    Roger Clemens              4200   
3    Steve Carlton              4136   
4    Randy Johnson              4000   
5    Bert Blyleven              3701   
6    Tom Seaver                 3640   
7    Don Sutton                 3574   
8    Gaylord Perry              3534   
9    Walter Johnson             3509   
10   Phil Niekro                3342   

STRIKEOUTS                      DIFF   PLAYER   LEAGUE   
1    Nolan Ryan                 2536     5714     3178   
2    Randy Johnson              1749     4000     2251   
3    Roger Clemens              1310     4200     2890   
4    Walter Johnson             1191     3509     2318   
5    Rube Waddell               1116     2316     1200   
6    Dazzy Vance                1086     2045      959   
7    Steve Carlton               981     4136     3155   
8    Pedro Martinez              968     2523     1555   
9    Bob Feller                  963     2581     1618   
10   Sandy Koufax                958     2396     1438   

Johnson also recently moved into the top 5 in NL history for SO vs. the league average–

STRIKEOUTS                      DIFF   PLAYER   LEAGUE   
1    Dazzy Vance                1081     2027      946   
2    Steve Carlton               993     4000     3007   
3    Sandy Koufax                958     2396     1438   
4    Nolan Ryan                  896     2359     1463   
5    Randy Johnson               792     1838     1046   
6    Tom Seaver                  784     3272     2488   
7    Amos Rusie                  751     1934     1183   
8    Bob Gibson                  668     3117     2449   
9    Curt Schilling              659     2500     1841   
10   J.R. Richard                575     1493      918   

He’s also 5th in AL history–

STRIKEOUTS                      DIFF   PLAYER   LEAGUE   
1    Nolan Ryan                 1640     3355     1715   
2    Roger Clemens              1279     4099     2820   
3    Walter Johnson             1191     3509     2318   
4    Bob Feller                  963     2581     1618   
5    Randy Johnson               957     2162     1205   
6    Rube Waddell                951     1965     1014   
7    Lefty Grove                 844     2266     1422   
8    Sam McDowell                827     2267     1440   
9    Bert Blyleven               679     3179     2500   
10   Pedro Martinez              667     1553      886   

2) The Whitesox moved into a virtual tie, with the Twins, for 1st place in the AL Central. The Whitesox lead in PCT.

3) The Yankees recently moved C Dioner Navarro and 2B Robinson Cano to AAA and scouts from the Diamondbacks, Pirates, A’s, Indians, Reds, Redsox, Phillies and BlueJays showed up for their AAA debuts on Monday.

4) According to the Dayton Daily News, the Reds have spoken to the Mets about 3B Ty Wigginton, but the Mets want pitching and the Reds don’t have much to spare.

5) According to the NY Times, the Mets are scouting Pirates P Kris Benson.

6) According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, rumors that the Indians are interested in Benson are heating up and, while they are interested, the Pirates are asking for too much and the Indians are also more interested in Kip Wells.

7) According to the Los Angeles Times, several teams, including the Mets and Orioles, and interested in Angels P Ramon Ortiz.

8) According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the Padres are interested in Diamondbacks CF Steve Finley and think he’ll waive his 10-and-5 rights and agree to a trade.

9) The Astros placed P Wade Miller on the 15 day DL and called up P Jeremy Griffiths.

Miller has a sore shoulder. After 3.28 ERA/19 RSAA and 4.13 ERA/7 RSAA seasons, Miller is off to a 3.35 ERA/8 RSAA start in his first 15 starts. He has a 3.87 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.32, and 54 RSAA in 127 games.

Griffiths had a 7.02 ERA/-13 RSAA in 6 starts (9 games) with the 2003 Mets and was acquired in the recent Richard Hidalgo trade.

10) Astros 2B Jeff Kent had to leave yesterday’s game, due to a pulled right hamstring, and could be headed to the DL.

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

After 46 RCAA/.933 OPS and 13 RCAA/.860 OPS seasons, Kent is off to a .507 SLG, .348 OBA, .855 OPS, 4 RCAA start in his first 72 games. He has a .856 career OPS, compared to his league average of .769, and 229 RCAA in 1704 games.

11) The Diamondbacks team record losing streak reached 11.

12) The Orioles placed RF Jay Gibbons on the 15 day DL, called up OF Chad Mottola and moved OF Marty Cordova from the 15 to the 60 day DL.

Gibbons has a strained hip flexor and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. After 2 RCAA/.792 OPS and 9 RCAA/.786 OPS seasons, he’s off to a .345 SLG, .290 OBA,. 636 OPS, -15 RCAA start in his first 53 games. Gibbons has a .768 career OPS, compared to his league average of .763, and -5 RCAA in 422 games.

Mottola has -5 RCAA/.593 OPS in 43 career games, which most of them (35) coming with the 1996 Reds and he hasn’t been in the majors since 2001.

13) The Indians called up OF Mark Little and P Bobby Howry, sent P Cliff Bartosh to the minors and designated P Jack Cressend for assignment.

Little, who hasn’t been in the majors since 2002, has -9 RCAA/.704 OPS in 137 career games.

Howry has a 3.92 ERA/32 RSAA in 318 career games.

Bartosh had a 7.56 ERA/-3 RSAA in his first 18 career games.

Cressend has a 4.20 ERA/5 RSAA in 122 career games, including a 6.32 ERA/-3 RSAA in 11 games in 2004.

14) Reds RF Austin Kearns will need surgery to remove scar tissue from his right thumb and is expected to be out for at least another 4-6 weeks.

Kearns was placed on the DL on June 8, retroactive to June 2.

15) The Rockies designated P Kevin Jarvis for assignment and called up C J.D. Closser.

Jarvis has a 5.93 ERA/-127 RSAA in 174 career games, including a 10.80 ERA/-11 RSAA in 10 games in 2004.

Closser is only expected to be up for a day and then P Dennis Stark will take his spot on the roster tomorrow, with Stark moving into the rotation.

16) Reds CF Ken Griffey Jr. was scratched from yesterday’s lineup, due to cramps in his left calf, and was able to be used as a pinch hitter.

After -2 RCAA/.784 OPS and 11 RCAA/.936 OPS seasons, Griffey is hitting .509 SLG, .342 OBA, .851 OPS, 10 RCAA in his first 72 games. He has a .937 career OPS, compared to his league average of .759, and 545 RCAA in 1986 games.

17) Indians P C.C. Sabathia was diagnosed with merely a sore shoulder. He’ll miss his next start, but won’t have to go on the DL.

18) The Whitesox designated P Vic Darensbourg for assignment.

Darensbourg has a 5.07 ERA/-25 RSAA in 282 career games, including a 0.00 ERA/1 RSAA in 2 games in 2004.

This move makes room on the 25 man roster for both Freddy Garcia and Ben Davis.

19) Giants P Jerome Williams was scratched from yesterday’s start, due to tendinitis in his shoulder, and is expected to be able to start on Sunday.

After being a very highly rated prospect, Williams started his career with a 3.30 ERA/14 RSAA in 21 starts in 2003 and is off to a 4.48 ERA/-2 RSAA in his first 15 starts in 2004.

20) The Twins activated INF Nick Punto from the DL and sent P Matt Guerrier to the minors.

After starting his career with -6 RCAA/.544 OPS in 64 games with the 2003 Phillies (he also played in 13 games in 2001-02), Punto is off to a .268 SLG, .388 OBA, .656 OPS, 0 RCAA start in his first 22 games.

Guerrier had a 6.00 ERA/-1 RSAA in his first 2 career starts (3 games).

21) Phillies LF Pat Burrell had to leave yesterday’s game, due to a mildly strained right groin, and is day to day.

After 44 RCAA/.920 OPS and -15 RCAA/.713 OPS seasons, Burrell is hitting .498 SLG, .391OBA,. 889 OPS, 13 RCAA in his first 71 games. He has a .828 career OPS, compared to his league average of .776, and 53 RCAA in 640 games.

22) The Reds sold minor league P Mark Watson to the Hiroshima Carp.

Watson has a 10.95 ERA/-8 RSAA in 11 career games.

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